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PullAll Adds Custom-Colored Pull-To-Refresh To Any iPhone WebView App

The ‘Pull to refresh’ gesture has been around in iOS for a long time, but its inclusion in the stock Mail app with the release of iOS 6 showed that Apple knows how much convenience this little gesture can bring to the life of users. Apart from the Mail app, the little arrow icon is also present in various shapes and forms in different third-party apps. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular apps to support ‘pull to refresh’ on their main pages, while a lot of smaller players in the App Store implement it pretty neatly as well. If you really like the gesture, you must have noticed that it could have come in handy in a lot of other apps as well. With PullAll, users of jailbroken iOS devices get to add a customizable ‘pull to refresh’ icon to apps. The tweak doesn’t work with every app you might be using on your iPhone, just any stock or third-party apps built-in WebView, including the likes of Safari, App Store, as well as different sections of Facebook and Twitter (in addition to the default main screen).

PullAll iOS Settings PullAll iOS Safari PullAll iOS AppStore

Much like the previously covered Pull to Dismiss, the new gesture added to iOS by PullAll is not confined to a few apps. The tweak comes into action for any app that uses WebView; you just have to swipe downwards from the top of the screen to see the ‘Pull to Refresh’ arrow icon. We can confirm that PullAll works pretty well with Safari, App Store, webpages pinned to the Home screen and parts of the official Facebook app that don’t usually support the gesture (like the screen that displays webpages within the app).

PullAll cannot be disabled completely unless you uninstall it, but it is possible to add exception for certain apps if you think pull to refresh is disruptive in them. This can be done by heading to the ‘Excluded Apps’ section of the tweak’s Settings menu and selecting the said apps. Other options in the PullAll menu are useful if you want to give the refresh icon a makeover. It is possible to toggle the label that shows up below the icon, and change its color as well.

PullAll is a pretty useful tweak, but comes with a price tag of $1. If you are good with that, go ahead and download the tweak from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Remember, PullAll only works with iOS 6 or above.

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