How To Get The Pixel Phone’s Fingerprint Gestures On Any Device [No Root]

Google's Pixel phones have a unique feature that other Android phones running Android 7.1 will not get; fingerprint gestures. The fingerprint gesture lets you use the fingerprint sensor on a Pixel phone as an input device instead of just a security lock. Now, Pixel phones aren't the only Android phones in the market to have a fingerprint scanner. There are in fact lots of high end phones, including the Nexus 6P that have the scanner built in. Google is effectively locking them out of being able to use this particular feature. Fingerprint Quick Action and Fingerprint Gestures (Beta) are two Android apps that rectifythe problem; they add fingerprint gestures to all phones that have a fingerprint scanner. The do not require a rooted phone to work. Both are still in early stages of development but we found Fingerprint Gestures (Beta) to be far more superior. Depending on which phone you have, you might want to try them both out.Read More

How To Disable Shake To Undo Typing In iOS 9

Shake to undo typing was a feature (gesture?) that I discovered purely by accident and that too after owning an iOS device for a whole year. I've never intentionally used it though it has popped on my screen unwanted by accident. Of all the gestures that iOS supports, not only is the shake to undo one the least I've ever used, it's also the silliest to execute. As of iOS 9 you can finally disable it from the Settings app. Here's how.Read More

How To Control Text Selection By Character, Word, And Paragraph [Windows]

Selecting text is easy. We do it everyday not just on our computers but also on our phones. There is no skill involved, and no training required to learn this skill. You click, hold, and drag until you've highlighted the text you need to copy and then use the right shortcut to copy (or cut) it. You might have noticed that sometimes when you're copying text, it runs ahead of the character you want to limit it to and sometimes, it just snails by when you want it to select text faster. Turns out, there is a small trick to selecting text making it so you can select it one character, one word, or one paragraph at a time. Here's how it works.Read More

KeyCuts: Erase Words, Letters, Add Full Stops & More With Swipe Gestures [Jailbreak]

iOS 8 will allow third party keyboards to be installed on your device which is great news and something people with jailbroken devices know the importance of. KeyCuts is yet another Cydia tweak that aims to make typing on iOS better but instead of changing what the keyboard does, it adds gestures that make typing easier. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository and costs $0.99. By default, it lets you erase one letter by swiping up, jump to a new line by swiping down, delete the last word you just wrote by swiping left, and add a space and period by swiping right. In effect, it renders the backspace, enter, and space bar useless. It supports other functions that can be assigned to these four gestures.Read More

Turn Your iPhone’s Screen On & Off With A Wave Gesture Using WaveOff

Apps like TuneMob and LookAway Player have brought some of the most sought-after Galaxy S4 features to iPhone, but that amazing device from Samsung has a lot more up its sleeve than these. It makes great use of its proximity sensor, offering the ability to control the display by simply waving your hands in front of the screen. If your device is in sleep mode, you can wake it up by moving your hand across the screen. WaveOff is a new Cydia tweak that does something similar for iOS. With WaveOff, you can easily turn the display off by moving your hand across the proximity sensor above the screen. This can be great for situations when your hands are wet or dirty, and you just have to continue reading that lengthy mail you just received. It isn't possible to control anything that’s on the screen though, and the tweak doesn't actually lock your device. That said, it is still useful in its own little way.Read More

Disable Two-Finger Horizontal Swipe Gesture For Chrome Or Any Other Mac App

The swipe gestures in OS X are an impressive way to move between desktop spaces, open the Launchpad, or do a number of other impressive things. Though they can also be annoying at times because they work system wide and there are some apps where a two-finger swipe function wouldn't make sense or even cause inconvenience. Unfortunately, the OS offers no way of customizing these gestures. A common beef that some of you might have is the way the two-finger swipe gesture, when accidentally executed in Chrome, will move you to the next or previous page in your browser’s history. Fortunately, there is a little script to disable it. The method works not only for Chrome, but for any other app as well, only requiring a change in the command to refer to the appropriate app. So, let's get it up and running, and get rid of this annoyance from Chrome on OS X.Read More

Use Hand Gestures To Control YouTube, Netflix, Pandora & Grooveshark In Chrome With Flutter

Flutter is an amazing app available for Mac and Windows that lets you control iTunes, Windows Media Player, Spotify, Powerpoint, Netflix and more by using your webcam and hand gestures. We have previously reviewed both Flutter for Mac and Flutter for Windows, and if you aren’t using this app, you’re missing out on a great ninja-like way to change whatever music you’re playing without even touching your computer. The Flutter desktop app controls desktop apps for the aforementioned services but for those of you who listen to music or watch videos in your browser, there is the Flutter Chrome extension. To use the extension, you must have the Flutter desktop app already installed. The extension allows the app to control YouTube, Grooveshark, Netflix, and Pandora regardless of which tab or window they are open in.Read More

Windows 8 And RT Touch Options Explained

Microsoft’s foray into the world of touch-based devices began a long time ago with Windows Mobile and Windows for Tablet PCs even before iOS and Android existed. Though after failing to compete with these new platforms, Microsoft decided to give Windows a whole new direction, resulting in the creation of Windows 8 based on the tile-based interface first introduced in Windows Phone 7. For devices equipped with touch screen and stylus input, Windows 8 and RT offers Pen and Touch options options in the Control Panel to tweak settings for pen and touch input on the devices. In this post, we will give an explanation of each setting for touch-based devices offered by Windows 8/RT, and guide you on how to change it to your advantage. Do note that pen options will not be available if your device doesn’t come with a pen/stylus.Read More

Use Mac OS X-Like Swipe Gestures To Navigate In Chrome

Compared to a mouse, a trackpad is slightly less convenient to use, particularly the scroll function on some models. Swipe Gesture is a Chrome extension that enhances the usability of the trackpad by allowing you to navigate easily within the browser via multitouch gestures. If you’ve ever found dragging your finger across that trackpad to be counter productive or just annoying, Swipe Gesture will make your life much easier. The gestures it adds are quite similar to those used in Mac OS X. These let you move backward and forward through a tab’s history, swipe to the next or previous tab, open the extension’s settings, reload a page, open a new tab, and close the current tab. Supporting both simple and diagonal gestures, it allows you to customize the gesture actions and toggle flip arrow direction.Read More

Crusper: Perform Simple Tasks By Moving Mouse Cursor Over Screen Corners

Moving the cursor around and clicking programs and files to access them is quite convenient, but if you were looking for a rather quick way to perform simple computer tasks, then you should give Crusper a try. This application has been developed to use screen corners and mouse movements to perform common tasks, ranging from opening a program, file or folder to restarting or shutting down. The utility sits in the system tray and silently tracks every mouse movement, without hogging system performance too much. When you move the mouse to a corner of the screen, it immediately performs the specified task. Moreover, you can create a combination of screen corners, like the top left + bottom right, to perform more operations. Details to follow.Read More

MagicPrefs: Modify What Apple Magic Mouse & Trackpad Gestures Do [Mac]

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is possibly one of the most impressive track pads out there and definitely one you’d want to use with a Mac mini or iMac. What’s most impressive about the Magic Trackpad is that combines a trackpad and mouse into one and you can’t really want more than that. While the hardware is definitely amazing, there are few tings you can do with it using the mouse preferences in OS X and that logically calls for the need of better preferences in the form of MagicPrefs. MagicPrefs: is an app that modifies what you can do with whichever type of Mouse you’ve connected to your system. It changes the default mouse options in System Preferences and lets you remap which functions are performed when you tap, swipe or click the mouse. The app additionally allows you to view the battery status of your mouse and gives you on-screen notifications when turn Caps On or Off.Read More

How To Make iOS 5 iPad 2 Gestures Work With iPad 1 Without Jailbreak

Apple certainly knows how to sell their products. iPad was quite a success as soon as it was launched, but surprisingly, the iOS-based tablet got its second version pretty quickly. Obviously, Apple wants its users to upgrade to the iPad 2, which is why the original iPad didn't get one of the new features of iOS 5's tablet variant. On the iPad 2 running iOS 5, you can use multi-touch gestures to navigate between apps, close an app or bring up the App Switcher, but you can't do so in iOS 5 for the first iPad. Not by default, that is. Using a free tool and a Mac system, you can enable all the iOS 5 capabilities on iPad, without even the need of having a jailbroken device!Read More

RapidContact – Swipe To Call / Text Your Favorite Contact On iPhone

The apps and tweaks on iOS regarding gesture control have seen a sudden resurgence in recent weeks, as you can see from our past posts. Adding to the list of Cydia tweaks that concentrate on gestures for a variety of tasks is RapidContact, focusing on bringing gesture control for quick dialing and texting without going to the dialer screen or accessing your contacts list! The tweak is, of course, for jailbroken devices only.Read More

Use IconCommands To Get More Out Of Your iOS App Icons [Cydia Tweak]

After the release of a tweak to add lock screen gesture functionality to iPhone and iPad, there is now another one which uses gestures to add functionalities to icons in your device’s apps. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game here, as IconCommands succeeds in bringing you tasks related to any app, which previously required you to navigate all over your iOS device. The best thing about the tweak is its rather generic nature, as nothing available in IconCommands is too specific, and it is up to the users to configure the tweak and make things work just the way they want. If you have ever used Activator, you are sure to be reminded of it while enjoying IconCommands. Just like the older tweak, you can choose any app and define the gestures of your choice regarding its working. Some of the gestures available in IconCommands are customizable, while some are fixes. Similarly, you can target certain frequently used apps, or you can define gestures that will remain functional throughout the system. So if you are jailbroken user with access to the Cydia store, you are going to love IconCommands.Read More

Add Gesture-Based Shortcuts to iPhone / iPad Lockscreen With LockGestures

Time is the most expensive commodity these days. In the era where everyone wants to stay ahead of the pack, every second matters. In addition to that there is always a never-ending quest for increase in convenience. These are the factors that have made keyboard shortcuts such a vital and widely used part of our daily lives. Smartphone platforms strive to reach the same level of efficiency as their desktop counterparts. iOS is quite successful in achieving that, but the ease of access just increased manifold thanks to a Cydia tweak named LockGestures, which brings gesture control to the lockscreen of your iDevice. Read More

Gest Now Comes With High Sensitivity And Multi Gesture Support

A few months back we reviewed Gest, which is a portable application for adding mouse gesture support to Windows Explorer. Since our review, Gest has added many new features, such as, improved messages boxe, option to insert unrecognized gestures, GUI menu bar,  Gest launcher, GUI hotkey support, unlimited gesture directions, mouse trail and high sensitivity options, numerous gestures of one action, gesture-based on mouse-over window, etc., while a great number of bugs have been fixed as well. In this post we will explore new features of Gest 2.2.5.Read More

Prox – Control Android Via Proximity Sensor & Accelerometer Gestures

For users who thought pressing keys on mobile phones was tiresome, the tech world launched phones with touchscreens. Even if these timid little taps and touches are feeling too much of a hassle, then you probably need a dose of Prox - an Android app that puts the proximity sensor and accelerometer of your device to good use. Depending upon the orientation of your device, Prox tracks any movements that are made on or over the proximity sensor and triggers a relevant action for you. This way, you can always control various actions on your device without even touching the screen.Read More

StrokeIt Is Feature Rich Mouse Gesture Application

Mouse gesture utilities not only enhance the usage of mouse but they're also responsible to quickly perform an action over active application by just drawing the associated gesture. For instance, with mouse gesture app, you wont have to manually click close button present at top-right corner of window, just draw the defined mouse gesture anywhere to close app window. StrokeIt is by far the most comprehensive mouse gesture application that we’ve seen. It comes with a slew of pre-defined mouse gestures to control different aspects of applications. The supported applications are,  Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Chat programs, Opera, Outlook, mIRC, Winamp, Windows Explorer and a lot more. Additionally, it contains a long list of Global Actions which can be performed on / from multiple types of applications, including, invoking default email client, run web browser, run explorer, print, undo, redo, find, close MDI window, etc.Read More

Mimic Hardware Keys On Android Devices Using Gestures via zMooth

Hardware keys were part of early Android devices, like the much popular and still widely used, HTC Desire. Then we had the versatile HTC HD2 that ran Windows Mobile but can now run the Android OS. The HD2 has hardware keys as well. While newer devices have shifted over to capcitative hardware keys and we all know it’s such a blessing. So for those of you becoming tired of pressing those hardware keys on your HD2 or Desire, XDA-Developers forum member windroidHD brings to you zMooth, an app that mimics your hardware keys via on screen gestures!Read More