How To Post Playable Animated GIFs To Facebook Using GIPHY

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which makes moving pictures worth millions of words, doesn’t it? That’s why GIF files have been immensely popular over the internet, as they allow us to express our views and emotions in an animated way when a still picture just wouldn’t do, and a whole video would be overkill. While the blogosphere, forums and image boards are exploding with these animations, Facebook hasn’t been too kind to them, as the world’s largest social network doesn’t allow users to post animated GIFs to its timeline. No, Facebook hasn’t started to offer that option and you still can’t post your own GIFs to it, but there is now a way of posting GIFs from GIPHY’s collection to the social network in a playable format. Let’s find out how after the jump. Read More

Create Animated GIFs From Any HTML5 Video Streaming In Chrome

GIFs are sometimes the best response (and even the only response) needed to make a point on the internet. Of course, to always have the right GIF, you must spend a lot of time looking for and collecting them. Another way would be to make or extract them yourself each time you come across a GIF-worthy clip in a video you're watching. Most users might not like this idea since it possibly entails using a web or desktop app to do so, but MakeGIF Video Capture aims to change that. It's a Chrome extension that lets you create a GIF right inside Chrome itself, as long as the video you're creating it from is being played in an HTML5 player. This means you can create GIFs from YouTube, Vimeo and possibly many other resources out there. Read More

MoviePile Is A Great Movie Manager With Support For Extracting Animated GIFs & Short Video Clips

When it comes to movie management and video playback software, there are way too many choices available, some of which are simply great, while others, not quite so. That said, it also comes down to personal taste and preference. We've covered some very fantastic movie managers in the past, such as the excellent jMovieManager and today, we bring you yet another one. MoviePile is a Java-based desktop movie manager for Windows, Mac and Linux that looks great and brings a host of interesting features to the table, the most terrific of which is dubbed Tagmark that allows you to tag specific parts in a video and play them directly with a single click later, or just turn them to an animated GIF. Pretty impressive, right? Read on! Read More

Search, Collect & Share GIFs On Your iPhone Using Riffsy

The internet would be a very dull place without GIFs; you can type out a well worded, excellently phrased comment to an article to express how you feel, or you can say all of that and more with the right GIF. Using GIFs is something of an art, but finding the right one is nothing short of a quest. Riffsy is an iOS app that makes this considerably easier for iPhone and iPad users. It lets you find GIFs categorized appropriately, favorite them, add them to a collection, follow users who regularly create them, and view the video clip that the GIF was extracted from, to learn its context and origin. In a nutshell, Riffsy is like an educational GIF catalog, but the best part is that the link to a GIF can be copied and shared over iMessages as a completely playable animation, meaning your witty GIF replies can now be used in iMessages. Read More

QGifer Is A Video-To-GIF Converter With Tons Of Customization Options

Animated GIFs have become so popular that it’s now hard to browse the internet without coming across them. Although there has been a lot of confusion about the format’s correct pronunciation, we all love creating these moving 8-bit pixels from time to time, as they provide a neat way of telling a whole story in just a few frames. We've covered a myriad of animated GIF creators for Windows in the past such as Beneton Movie GIF, GifCam, and GiftedMotion, to name a few. Fresh out of the oven is another one at your disposal called QGifer. It’s an open-source application that lets you create animated GIF images from videos quickly and easily. You can also overlay captions and images on your GIF and choose a custom duration for the animation. More details after the jump. Read More

Create & Edit Animated GIFs And Apply Custom Effects To Each Frame

Animated GIFs are now more than just a moving sequence of still images; they're considered a fun medium of expression used in social media, forums and comment threads around the web. As much as avid web surfers - specifically active social media users and forum buffs - love good animated GIFs, they also love creating their own. Some extract them from movies and TV shows, while others create something fun out of their favorite images. Beneton Movie GIF is a Windows application that meant for editing and creating GIF files. It boasts a comprehensive set of static and dynamic effects, and sports an intuitive editing workspace for creating GIFs from still images. Read More

Control GIF Animation Playback & Export Frames As JPG Images With 7GIF

How do you pronounce GIF? Is it like the popular peanut butter brand Jif, or more like the 'gif' in gifted? The debate regarding the format’s true pronunciation has been in the limelight for a while now, but we all now have the answer as the creator of the format, Steve Wilhite, denounced the 'gif' as in 'gifted' pronunciation pretty strongly last week. Whichever way you like saying it is entirely a different story, but the use of animated GIFs goes back to as far as the early days of the world wide web. The format is pretty popular on internet forums for sharing funny pictures related to celebrities, tech companies, cats & dogs, and a lot more. We've covered plenty of applications for Windows that let you view (or in some cases tweak or create) GIF files, such as GIFCam, GIF Resizer and GiftedMotion, just to name a few. 7GIF is another tiny Windows app that allows you to view GIF files and control their playback speed. Read More

Record Your PC’s Screeen In GIF Format Using GifCam For Windows

Previously, we have covered some really awesome screencast programs for Windows such as Screenbird, Rylstim Screen Recorder, Acala Screen Recorder and Screencast-O-Matic, each offering its own unique features and functionality. However, most of these screencast tools allow saving output files in video formats like WMV, MP4, MPEG etc. If you’re on the hunt for a Windows app that can save screencasts as GIF files, try GifCam. The application makes it easy for anyone to capture on-screen activity directly to GIF  format instead of having to record the video in another format first and then converting it into GIF via third-party converters. What’s more, it’s a portable application, which allows using it on the move and saves you from any installation hassle. Read More

snaplife Saves Clips, GIFs & Collages Of Best Moments In Videos On Android

It’s been a while since we last caught hold of a noteworthy photography app in the Play Store, but it seems the wait was well worth it, as we’ve just come across a remarkable tool in the form of snaplife. Available for free, snaplife is a multipurpose Android app that automatically analyzes your video recordings to present you with multiple thumbnails of some of the most significant moments in the entire clip, which can be saved as photo collages, GIF animations or MP4 video files. In addition, the app offers plenty of vintage-style filters so that you can make your life’s most memorable moments even more vivid and appealing. The images or video created with snaplife can then be shared with your friends and family members from within the app in just a few taps. Unlike a timelapse-oriented photography app or a routine video recording tool, snaplife puts you in complete control over selection of the moments from your video recordings that you wish to retain. Details to follow. Read More

Create GIF Animations From Multiple Videos & Images With KickMyGraphics

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format image is the most popular file format for simple animated images. It supports a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame, and you can use GIF animation tools like the portable AnimateGIF to create flawless GIF animations with custom frame delay and option to run the animation once or in a loop, or even combine multiple GIF images into a single file. However, if you want to create GIFs from videos, you will need a different tool that can extract the frames of a video for you, and KickMyGraphics does just that. It is a basic tool that allows you to create animations from video frames, while giving you some simple editing options such as resizing the frame size, choosing the speed of the GIF animation, and cutting out unwanted frames. Other than supporting a lot of video formats, it also lets you work with images files as well as existing GIFs. More on KickMyGraphics after the jump. Read More

Create GIF Animations From Parts Of Local, YouTube Or Vimeo Videos

GIF animations are fun. They add a pinch of animated humor to otherwise static content, and are often found at image websites and in comments to add a funny or sarcastic visual element to the topic. GIF are basically animated image files that contain multiple static images and play them in a sequence. Due to their small size, they can be easily shared on websites, blogs, social media etc. If you've been looking for an intuitive app to create GIF files of your own from videos, try Any GIF Animator. It’s a very simple and lightweight Windows program that allows you to trim and crop the favorite part out of a local, YouTube or Vimeo video and convert it to a GIF animation. The output file is then automatically uploaded and published to the growing repository of the AnyGif website. Read More

Easily Create GIFs From Videos With Freemore Video to GIF Converter

(Graphic Exchange Format) files are animated images created by stitching together still images and playing them like a movie clip. The format is widely used on several entertainment websites such as Tumblr, 9gag, Memebase, 4chan etc., as it allows users to create simple animations without having to use a complicated image or video editing application. Previously, we have covered a lot of application that allow you to create GIF images, such as GiftedMotion. However, if you want to create GIFs from video files, you will need a different tool. Today, we present to you an application called Freemore Video to GIF Converter that lets you easily convert video files to animated GIFs. It support a lot of popular video formats including AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MOV, and 3GP. Other than converting the whole video to GIF, you can also select a specific part of the video for conversion. Read More

Draw Your Own Frame-By-Frame Animations With Dink For iPhone

Animations created from photographs have grown in popularity in recent times, owing to the ease with which anyone can make a GIF by stitching a few images together on an iPhone or Android smartphone. There are times however, when what you want to convey can’t be depicted in terms of captured photos, and you are forced to go the old-fashioned way of drawing. Also, a few people are just good at sketching and might want their doodles to come to life by moving them around as animations. While iOS has some decent drawing apps, it may seem almost unthinkable to sketch your own animations on an iPhone. Yet Dink does exactly that by offering a drawing environment where you can sketch each frame separately, before joining them all in the form of a GIF or video. Read More

Falco GIF Animator: Create, Edit & Apply Effects To Animated GIFs

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format image is one of the graphics image formats that can be used to create small animations and video clips. It supports a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame, and you can use a GIF animation tool like AnimateGIF (reviewed here) to create GIF animations. It is a very popular image format on the internet, as it enables users to create animations without using any complicated image or video editing application. Today, we have a tool for Windows named Falco GIF Animator that not only lets you create GIF images, but also provides you with a load of image editing options and tools (Color selection Tool, Fill Tool, Text Tool), Image Improvement utilities (red eye remover, soft glow, motion blur), and Image Effects (grey scale, sharpen, emboss, mosaic etc.). Read More

openAviToGif: Generate Animated GIF Images From AVI Videos

Sharing funny GIF animations has been a popular internet trend for over a decade now. Head over to any (well, most) of the internet forums and websites, and you will see numerous comic GIF animations shared by many different folks. Creating GIF animations is a no rocket-science though, anyone with the right set of tools (and a little bit use of brain of course) can create one of their own. If you ever wondered how to create one of your own animated GIF image files, for let's say, to publish them on internet forums or other websites etc., then give openAviToGif a try. This open source program allows you to convert AVI videos into animated GIF sequences. Along with single file conversion, the utility also supports batch mode, allowing you to convert as many AVI files as you want in one go. You just need to grab both the application and the CODEC pack (which is also available on the developer’s page) to create GIF animations from your video (AVI) files. Read on to find out how the program works. Read More

GIF Scrubber: Media Player For Animated GIFs With Frame-By-Frame Scrubbing [Chrome]

Want to play GIF animations in different speeds, or extract some frames from them? GIF Scrubber is like a movie player for animated GIFs. Using this Chrome extension, you can play GIF animations with various speeds, and automatically scrub GIFs when they are opened. The extension's Options can be set to prevent the automatic starting and looping of animations. It also lets you use the Explode option to directly extract all frames from the GIF file, so you can easily save the frames that you want. Note that once the frames have been extracted, they cannot be downloaded all at once, but manually, one by one. Read More

Gifture For iPhone: Create GIF Animations, Apply Filters & Share, Instagram Style

The popular photo sharing service, Instagram, has had such a huge impact on the development environment for iOS, that there are many apps which copy Instagram’s functionality, while another large contingent of apps borrow the basic idea behind it, but switch a key component with something else. Gifture is an iPhone app that falls in the second category, and is designed to be the Instagram for animations. Animations have always been popular among users, but they weren’t really widespread, as it wasn’t easy in the past to create them. This, however, changed with the multitude of apps that allow easy GIF creation, making it possible for even the novice users to showcase their creativity in this domain. Gifture does that, but that’s just a part of its working. Once you have created animations using the app, you can edit them in Gifture’s own editor, which incorporates a number of beautiful filters, and bunldes the option to choose the frame rate at which the animation is played. Then, you can share the animation over the apps own network, or publish it to other social media. Read More

[Giveaway] Turn Your Portraits Into Facial Animations With LiveFace For iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you probably would have  come across many apps that let you create animations with relative ease. Usually, you have to perform a few steps before the animation is actually created, and then it mostly has a few shortcomings or flaws. LiveFace for iOS  is a fun app that lets you bring your portraits to life, literally. It lets you easily create animations from face shots, allowing you to export the results as GIF, MP4, SWF or JPG files. You can animate faces in photos in several different ways with no more than a few taps, making your friends wink or appear extatic regardless of what mood they were in when the photo was shot. Read More

MoPic For iPhone/ iPad: Create GIF Animations From Videos & Photos

If you are a fan of GIF animations, then iOS is a pretty good platform to be on, owing to the number of GIF creating apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A few months back we covered GifBoom, which allows its users to create GIFs by stitching together as many photos as they want. The output provided by the newly released MoPic is pretty similar, but it comes with the ability to use a video for creating animations, rather than just photos. Most of the times GIF creators are used just for fun, but even if you need an animation for your important presentation, the results delivered by MoPic are good enough. Read More

Animado For Android: Share Animated Text Messages As GIF Files

Even before the smartphones went mainstream, I had this desire of having some sort of mobile app that could repeat/ playback the text that I had fed into the text box. Seems like my wish has been granted. Say hello to Animado - a fun way of sending animated text messages from Android as GIF images. Animado doesn't use any of those commonly used (and rather boring) swivel, slide in or dancing animation effects for your texts. Instead, the app, records whatever you type in its text box complete with all typos and corrections that occurred in between and allows you to replay them later. In addition, the app lets you convert those recorded text messages into animated GIF images and share them with your friends. Read More