CM7 For Kindle Fire With Audio & In-Browser Video [Download & Install]

CyanogenMod 7 ROM for the Kindle Fire now has working audio and video. Earlier we covered a post on CM7 for the Kindle Fire by XDA-Developers forum member JackpotClavin but that ROM had quite some stuff missing, majorly audio and video support. XDA-Developers forum member whisteltop has picked up where JackpotClavin left off, with the intention of working on his build and bringing audio and video to the kindle fire on CM7. He has apparently managed to succeed in doing so and according to him, he had the ROM tested by some users who report it to function without any issues so far.Read More

HP TouchPad Gets MIUI Custom ROM [Download]

The HP TouchPad just received it’s first MIUI ROM, officially supported by MIUI.US. The impressive tablet has gone on sale for as low as $99 since HP decided to drop the entire WebOS platform. But where HP left of, Android was quick to the rescue, reviving the tablet with it’s first Android ROM in the form of the much popular CyanogenMod 7 ROM. Surely that was just the beginning, and well, at least we hoped so. This release of the MIUI ROM has rekindled our faith in the TouchPad, but enough about hopes and faith, we have MIUI running on the Touchpad! The ROM is still a work in progress with quiet a few things missing, but with the MIUI.US developers working on it, all issues will soon be ironed out in no time. For more on the ROM and how you can get it up and running on your device, read on.

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Gain Root ADB Access With Insecure Boot Image For Kindle Fire

The core appeal of an insecure boot image for an Android device, is its life jacket like role for a device that is otherwise irrecoverable. An insecure boot image gives you a degree of recoverability at the very earliest stage of the device boot process, even if the /system partition on your device has been messed up. With an insecure boot image, you stand a chance and connecting your device via ADB to a computer and sort things out to try and recover the device. The Kindle Fire however, was missing an insecure boot image, but not anymore thanks to XDA-Developers forum member paulobrien. More on this after the break.Read More

Install ClockworkMod Recovery 5 On Xperia Phones With Locked Bootloader

Sony Ericsson Xperia users with locked bootloaders lamenting on their inability to install custom ROMs and mods on their devices due to the lack of ClockworkMod recovery support, we've got some great news for you! You can now install ClockworkMod Recovery 5 on your Xperia devices very easily, without having to unlock the bootloader.The method works for devices such as the Xperia Arc, Neo, Neo V, Mini, MiniPro, Active & Live with Walkman. Excited about it and can't wait to get ClockworkMod up and running on your Xperia device? Read on for the complete guide.Read More

Overclock Huawei Ideos X6 To 2Ghz [How To]

Honestly who would have though the Ideos X6 was capable of leaping to a massive, 2Ghz overclock. We’re talking about a budget oriented phone here after all. This comes in from XDA-Developer Napstar who developed a custom kernel for the device that was then overclocked to 2Ghz. Credit also goes to XDA-Developers forum member DoomLoRD.

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Overclock Samsung Galaxy Note To 1.7Ghz [How To]

1.7Ghz on a dual core Android device is simply wicked! The Galaxy Note was already a powerhouse, and this jump to a 1.7Ghz CPU clock is simply insane. The overclock comes in through a custom kernel called AbyssNote, developed by XDA-Developers forum member Chris X. The kernel also includes a few more tweaks that you can check out at the the forum thread, but the most amazing feature of this kernel, is the minimum clock dropping to a minor 50Mhz! Imagine the battery being saved.Read More

Enable Webtop On Motorola Droid Razr CDMA Over HDMI Without Dock

We saw the awesome Webtop technology from Motorola when the Atrix 4G made its debut. This trend has carried on, and now it’s the Droid Razr that carries this technology as well. While the concept of Webtop and its use is superb for the users, it does come at a certain price. Webtop on the Droid Razr or for that matter the earlier devices, cannot be used till you have those pricey Motorola branded docks. However, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Fenny, you can now simply use your HDMI cable to enable Webtop, removing the need for those price docks.Read More

Root Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 3G P6200 [How To]

Samsung is trying to battle Apple head on with it’s variety of Android tablets. With the jailbreak for the iPad 2 still not out, Samsung has released quite a few versions of its new Galaxy Tab Plus, one of which, is the P6200 3G model. There’s never stopping an Android device from being rooted is there? So if you own one of these fantastic tablets, and want to root it, you can thank XDA-Developers forum member bdigitalstudio for figuring this method out.Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 & 5.0 With One Click [How To]

Got yourself one of the new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 or 5.0 personal media devices? Since these media players are running Andriod, you can easily root them like most other Samsung Galaxy series devices, and unleash their full potential to install root-only apps and hacks, access and modify their internal system files, and a lot more. Want to root yours? We've got the complete instructions for you, so just continue reading after the jump!Read More

Nexus S Gets Bravia Engine Port: HQ Images & Movies [Download-Install]

A while back, Android developer zdzihu ported the Bravia engine to the Sony Ericsson X10, which brought about some serious change in video and image quality on the phone. It is basically, a post processing engine, developed for the latest Sony Ericsson mobile devices that surely does enhance the quality of no just videos but images as well. While there are other projects going on as well to port this engine to more Android devices, Nexus S has already gotten there, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member eaglerazor123.

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Root LG Nitro HD On Android 2.3.5 With One Click

We have confirmation that the LG Nitro HD has been rooted! With it’s 1280x720p 4.5” screen, and a pixel density matching that of the iPhone, it is only fair that this wonderful piece of hardware now allows the user total root access. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member cloudraker who went about a hit and trial method ad finally struck gold. For him, it was difficult, but for us, he made it a whole lot easier, especially since the root is achieved via SuperOneClick. If you’ve been using Android devices for a while and have been into rooting them, you would know how this tool makes your life so much easier.Read More

Install Alternate Keyboard Apps On Nook Tablet [How To]

Both, the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire came out rivaling each other and both were rooted almost a few days into their release. That said, both suffer from the same issue, that is refusal on the tablets part to allow the installation of third party keyboard apps. Earlier we covered the installation of alternate keyboards on the Kindle Fire, but the Nook Tablet has not been left behind either, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Robertely, who has devised a method to help you get your keyboard apps up and running on the Nook Tablet. Credit also goes to yaggermr and XIndirect.

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Install Alternate Keyboard Apps On Kindle Fire [How To]

So who knew installing something as minor as a third party keyboard app from the Android Market would leave you in despair, and not work at all on the Kindle Fire. Things seemed to be going just fine for the dual-core powered tablet, but users hit a road block when they realized .that just because they got the Android Market working after root, does not mean the keyboard apps will work as well. Lucky for Kindle Fire users, XDA-Developers forum member vtluu figured out a way around this issue, letting you install an alternate keyboard. However, the method involved isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

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Root Nook Tablet In One Click On Mac [How To]

Earlier we brought you a guide on rooting the Nook Tablet in one click, and while the one click solution worked for users using Windows, Linux and Mac users had to go through a string of ADB commands. While that method wasn’t that cumbersome compared to most roots in the past, Mac users now have the chance to root their Nook Tablet easily, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member t-r-i-c-k .Read More

How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery 5 On HTC Sensation XL

A custom recovery based on the latest ClockworkMod recovery is now available for the HTC Sensation XL Gingerbread device. Earlier we had covered a guide on how to root the Sensation XL, and it was only inevitable that a custom recovery would follow. This comes in from Senior XDA-Developers forum member tenfar who compiled this recovery purely from the ClockworkMod sources and modified it a bit for the Sensation XL. Apparently the feedback on the forums from users who tried it out has been quite positive.

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How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note With One Click On Windows

The Galaxy Note surely is one of the flashiest Android handsets out there with it’s massive 5.3” screen sporting the Super AMOLED HD display. The device surely packs all the elements to to become a media powerhouse for movies, games and music and not to mention editing stuff as well. With it’s full potential unleashed to rooting, if you for some odd reason want to unroot the device, it just got very easy. Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member dr.ketan for packing up the unrooting script. This script is to be used to unroot the Galaxy Note, only if you used the Easy Rooting Toolkit as posted by us.

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note With One Click On Windows

Earlier we brought you a few guides on rooting the Galaxy Note, but none were as simple as what we’ve just received. Yes, since One Click roots are all the hype nowadays, the Galaxy Note has finally received it’s first One Click rooting script thanks to XDA-Developers forum member dr.ketan for packing up the script and of course DooMLoRd, for his invaluable zergRush exploit. The script has been aptly titled Easy Rooting Toolkit and is meant for use on Windows for now, although we’re sure Linux and Mac will follow up soon enough.Read More

How To Unroot Motorola Droid Razr With One Click On Windows

Earlier we brought you a guide on rooting the Droid Razr, before it actually hit the masses. Today we bring you a guide on unrooting the Razr in case users want to revert back to a completely unrooted state for whatsoever reasons. Unrooting your Droid Razr is now as easy as it was rooting it, all packed in a One Click package. The script is by DooMLoRd, the developer of the famous and popular zergRush exploit that has helped root a number of devices. Therefore it is important that the Droid Razr you’re coming from, was rooted using DooMLoRds rooting script or you will end up with a mess on your hands. So if you have the slightest doubt about how your Droid Razr was rooted, do no proceed.Read More

Install T-Mobile Galaxy S II Custom ROMs On AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Those of you with the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket Android device may have gotten root access, but if you were looking forward to custom ROMs for your device, those are still not here as yet. However, there’s no need to be disappointed as XDA-Developers forum member r34p3rex has come up with a solution that lets you run custom ROMs meant for the the T-Mobile Galaxy S II on your Skyrocket. Even better the method involved is actually quite easy, so till the developers manage to release a ROM cooked strictly for the Skyrocket, you can enjoy T-Mobiles custom ROMs! We’ll show you just what you need and how you need to go about it to run those ROMS.Read More

Root & Install Custom Recovery On Motorola Droid Razr With One Click

Earlier we covered a guide on how to root the  Motorola Droid Razr using the exploit meant for the Droid 3 as told by DroidLife. However we still haven’t been able to verify if it actually works for ourselves, but owing to a few comments on that particular post, we have to believe that it isn’t working for most people. Lucky for them and us, XDA-Developers forum member FrAsErTaG has just released a one click root solution that also carries with it a partial custom recovery as well.Read More