RAW: Easily Create Visually Stunning Graphs From Spreadsheet Data

Infographics are just fancy charts, right? I mean sure, they've had some nice thought put into making them and they are excellent at visually representing data but  in the end, that's what they are representing: data. Now, it isn't easy to make a great infographic but likewise, it shouldn't be a chore to use your own data in some of the nice layouts that modern graph designs have brought us. Meet RAW, a simple web app that lets you copy paste data, select from a rich list of graphs, and assign your variables to get a great looking graph in the end. Read More

Analyze & Improve Your Typing Skills With Typing Stats For Firefox

Typing Stats is a Firefox add-on that generates detailed typing statistics and useful information that can help you improve your typing skills. This handy tool analyzes various aspects of your typing and displays results in various charts and graphs. For instance, you will be able to view graphs for correct keystrokes, corrected characters, a histogram for intervals between keystrokes and much more. By analysing these details, you will be able to find out what exactly it is that you're doing wrong and how you can improve your speed. Not only does this clever tool generate stats, but also detects the mistakes you make, and displays their distribution by fingers. Read More

Grafikal: A Free, Comprehensive Graphing Calculator For iPhone & iPad

Everyone who has ever studied mathematics in college (or even high school) is sure to have come across the dreaded topics of integration, algebra and functional calculations. Regular calculators can help you to some extent, but not if you have to plot elaborate graphs or solve long equations by performing integration or differentiation. For that, you need graphing calculators, which aren't all that cheap. Grafikal is a free app will let you perform just about any fundamental mathematical operation, no matter how simple or complex, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app takes a graphical approach to most problems posed to it, and presents answers in the form of plots, allowing you to even perform further actions on those graphs. So, are you an Engineering student or working in a field where you have to perform lengthy calculations regularly? Whatever the case may be, Grafikal could prove to be a good option for your requirements. Read More

[Giveaway] Mailsum: Mac Email Client That Tells You How Well You Handle Your Mail

If you’re someone who operates more than one email ID, and most people usually juggle a work and personal ID, you know that it isn’t always easy to manage the two side by side. Additionally, email is one of those things that just eat away at your time; if you don’t read/answer email, your work gets hampered, but if you set to answering every single email, you might just end up neglecting other important tasks. It’s one of the double-edged swords of modern day. Mailsum is a Mac app worth $4.99 that might help you manage your email better; the app gives you insight into how you handle email on your Mac. It gives a detailed account of how often you send and reply to emails, how much time you take to respond to an email, how many go unanswered and much more. Read More

Collusion: Visualize Online Tracking & Cookies In Real Time [Firefox]

If you’ve enabled cookies on your browser, the online activity undertaken is usually sent from websites to third-party tracking websites. This creates a network of company-tracker linked list, which can be used to construct your long-term usage history. Although this is a major privacy concern by some, Collusion, an experimental Firefox add-on, lets you access this information for better and safer activity. Moreover, understanding the concept of intricate dependencies within websites has been simplified by the user-friendly animated layout coupled with relevant information displayed on the sidebar. Using this add-on, you can easily identify websites using third-party cookies, to track your activity while monitoring a spider-web of data dependencies, which motivates you to further pursue your online interests. Read More

Easily Plot Functions & Equations With Color Differentiation Using Graph.tk [Web]

Graph.tk is a free web application that allows you to plot simple to intricate graphs using multiple equations and functions. Graph.tk works perfectly and can instantly plot single or multiple scientific or mathematical graphs. The app comes with a grid, colored lines and numbering. The lines represent various equations that can easily be edited, whereas the mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out of the graph for a more detailed view. The service adds functions to the graph by default and plots them automatically. It is quick and reliable, and can be used to cross check mathematical results. The web service performs quick computations and generates accurate results. Read More

StatTrends: Plot And View Numerical Data In Interactive Charts & Graphs

Graphs are a great way to simplify all those difficult-to-understand statistics. A graph is used mostly when two or more values that are taken under different conditions, or information about the same subject in different points in time needs to be represented in a visual form. For a common man, comparison of numbers and percentages become a lot easier to understand and analyze when it is displayed in graph or chart form. For instance, if you are trying to analyze the financial data of a company before buying its shares, the balance sheets and cash flow statements are sure to confuse you. However, if the same data is plotted in a graph, it will be a lot easier for you to understand how the company has been performing financially. StatTrends is a portable application for creating interactive charts and graphs. More on StatTrends after the jump. Read More

Google Correlate: Draw Graphs And View Corresponding Search Trends [Web]

Google Correlate is a new search analytic tool from the internet giant allows you to draw graphs and search queries that follow a similar trend. You can search trends over time by drawing a curve, and in addition to that, can also download the results as CSV file. Basically, it checks which queries best mimic the curve that you've drawn. Using Correlate, you can upload your own data series and see a list of search terms whose popularity best corresponds with that real world trend. If you don’t have your own data, you can simply enter a query, and Google will show matching patterns. Just draw a graph and hit the Correlate button. Examples of usage include, but are not limited to, if you want to find out queries whose search activity rapidly decreased in May 2010 and increased exponentially in October 2010, then this is the tool that will come in handy. Read More

TDP x-Ray Lite: View And Manage Hard Disk Contents Through A Pie-Chart

It is important to know about the files and folders are consuming your hard disk space. If you have a big hard drive, you might not care about duplicate files stored in your computer, but if you have limited disk space, storage memory management can have a lot of importance for you. TDP x-Ray Lite is a disk space management tool that displays the memory information in a colorful pie-chart, both in window and full-screen modes. The pie chart is divided into pieces of different sizes and colors, according to type of files and the space consumed by them. The application allows you to navigate between the files and folders, and displays the contents of each folder in a graph sized according to the content within them, and is optimized to work with large hard disks with millions of files. TDP x-Ray Lite allows you to open a folder in Windows Explorer, move a file or folder to Recycle Bin and clear the contents of your Recycle Bin from within the application. Read More

NodeXL Creates Graph Of Your Social Network And Local Email In Excel

NodeXL is an open-source template for Excel 2007 and 2010 which provides the utility to create a hierarchical network edge list. With NodeXL, you can create a customizable hierarchical network graph and zoom, scale, or pan it for a more refined look of added data. Networks can also be imported or exported to a variety of file formats. For example, you can create a graph displaying a company’s chain of command and structure of subordinate employees. NodeXL provides the convenience of eluding difficult applications, arcane file formats and programming language for creating such graphs. You can even import a list of your Twitter followers or YouTube and Flickr connections, to create graphs representing your social network. Read More

Create Professional Charts And Plot Graphs With Graph Made Easy

Undoubtedly, graphs and charts provide the best way to summarize a large set of data values. Charting out data values from a lengthy spreadsheets and data grids is a cumbersome and time wasting task, as one have to excavate deep into the data sets to extract those values which are to be plotted on graph. If you've ever found it difficult to create a chart, give Graph Made Easy (GME) a shot. It is an application for creating a wide range of graphs and charts by entering minimal set of data entries. With this app, you wont have to specify the labels, design gridlines and fill out bloated form for entering chart data. It had been developed to keep creating and designing charts, overly simple. Read More

Analyze Your Data By Creating A Graph From Data Files In Text Format

YoshinaGraph is a free scientific graph utility for data analysis and presentation developed by a Japanese guy named Harukazu Yoshino. According to him,

yoshinoGRAPH has been developed just for myself to handle data of transport phenomena of organic conductors but I wish it also assists you to proceed your own research.

You can make 2D and 3D graphs easily from data files in text format. It is a small file but includes many basic and advanced features. To run this program you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.

Read More