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Analyze & Improve Your Typing Skills With Typing Stats For Firefox

Typing Stats is a Firefox add-on that generates detailed typing statistics and useful information that can help you improve your typing skills. This handy tool analyzes various aspects of your typing and displays results in various charts and graphs. For instance, you will be able to view graphs for correct keystrokes, corrected characters, a histogram for intervals between keystrokes and much more. By analysing these details, you will be able to find out what exactly it is that you’re doing wrong and how you can improve your speed. Not only does this clever tool generate stats, but also detects the mistakes you make, and displays their distribution by fingers.

After installation, when the button in the toolbar is clicked, Typing Stats opens in a new window. Note that, at first, you might not see any plotted data, as the add-on generates results based on your typing habits after its installation. So, in order to get results, you can start typing and go back after a while. Statistics are divided into two main categories, Charts and Mistakes. The Charts tab is further divided into Speed, Backspace, Intensity and Histogram, whereas the Mistakes tab allows you to view Most Corrected Chars With Backspace and a diagram for the percentage of mistakes each finger makes.


Speed basically represents the number of correct keystrokes per minutes, Backspace displays graphs for corrected characters per minute, Intensity is the total time of typing, and the last category, Histogram, generates results for intervals between keystrokes.


Next, the Mistakes area will let you view characters that you got wrong while typing, and fingers that made those mistakes. To the left, you will find corrected characters with backspace, while the right side visualizes the distribution of mistakes per your fingers. Consequently, once you’ve found out which fingers/characters cause the most mistakes, you can easily get rid of these by focusing on them.


The add-on helps you learn from the mistakes you make, letting you improve your typing skills. Typing Stats can be a useful tool for both regular typists and novices alike.

Install Typing Stats Add-On For Firefox

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