Easily Hide Your Sensitive Files In A Password-Protected Hidden Folder With Sneaksy

Personal privacy is considered one of the basic human rights, and has been an important concern in pretty much every walk of life. Whether you are sharing a computer or are concerned about people who occasionally have access to your machine, you may want to store your sensitive information in a safe place so nobody can mess with it. If you're looking for a freeware solution for Windows that can help you easily hide such data from prying eyes and don't want to have to deal with complex encryption methods, Sneaksy might be something you're looking for. There can be numerous situations where this little software can prove to be really handy. For instance, you can use it to hide your username and password lists, your financial information and the like from anyone who uses your computer. More details about usage of the app right after the jump!Read More

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders With A Hotkey In Windows 7 & 8

Operating systems are designed to keep various system and other critical files hidden from the user. This helps to keep those files safe from unintentional deletion, thus preventing any system failure or data corruption. Almost every major mobile and desktop platform uses this feature. But this doesn't mean that you cannot access those files and folders. For instance in Android, various third party tools allow access to hidden files. Similarly, Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu, Fedora etc, allow you to toggle viewing of hidden folders on and off through a simple shortcut key – Ctrl+H. However, to perform the same function in Windows, i.e., show or hide hidden files, one has to open Folder Options and navigate to View tab to hide/unhide files and folders. Wouldn’t it be better, if you could hide and unhide files and folders via a hotkey combination akin to Ubuntu? This can save a great deal of time. Moreover, if you frequently find the need to toggle the hide/unhide option, simply pressing Hotkey is ten fold better than hopping onto Folder Options every time. One third-party tool that provides this facility is ToggleHiddenFolders. It is a miniscule, AutoHotkey-based application designed specifically for Windows that silently runs in the background and allows you to hide/show hidden files and folders using Win + H shortcut key. Keeping reading to find out more about ToggleHiddenFolders. Read More

Save iOS Photos/ Videos In Pattern Or Password Protected Secret Folder

Privacy is an issue which is considered pretty important by most iPhone owners, but for many, the lock screen passcode is enough. However, you might have to hand over your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to someone who wants to make a call, or go to some lesser private area of iOS. In such cases, there is no way to define security levels for different locations in your iDevice. Enter The Secret Folder, which is a free app for keeping your media safe, and away from prying eyes. Read on to find out all about this handy little app.Read More

Reveal Files Hidden By Malware (Using System Attributes) In USB Drive

Certain types of malware can hide your files and folders on a USB drive, resulting in data loss. Unhiding these files can be quite a hassle as the attribute is set as system instead of hidden. USB Hidden Folder Fix is a portable application, designed to thoroughly scan folders on a USB drive to unhide them. This can help you to regain access to your data and scan with your default anti-virus suite (i.e. if it fails to scan them in hidden form). Hence fixing the problem of hidden folders with infected files.Read More

How To Securely Hide Your Private Folders In Windows

Do you want to hide your files and folders securely so that it cannot be accessed by anyone with any software? There is a freeware security software called Free Hide Folder that hides your folder and makes it fully secure from unauthorized access.

There are many software out there which can hide your private folders, but there are equal number of software available that makes it possible to access such hidden folders, thus making your hidden folders vulnerable. Free Hide Folder is a great tool that I have been using to keep my folders hidden in a very secure manner, it makes it impossible for people to find your hidden folders, let alone accessing it.

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