How To Pay Your iTunes Subscriptions From The Desktop

The great thing about services that have iOS and/or Android apps is that they integrate payment via iTunes or the Google Play Store. If you're trying to subscribe to a service that won't accept your mode of payment, iTunes and Google Play Store are an easy way to circumvent this. At times, iTunes simply refuses to accept your payment method despite it being valid. The safest bet in either case is to use the iTunes app on your desktop to make a payment. Here's how you can pay your iTunes subscriptions from the desktop. Read More

How To Download Movies In 1080p From iTunes In Windows

iTunes has HD movies that you can rent or buy. HD movies are available in two resolutions; 720p and 1080p. By default, when you download movie from the iTunes store, it downloads the 720p version even when there is a 1080p version available. It doesn't prompt you to select the resolution you want to download the movie in. Instead, it assumes you want the movie HD but in the lowest resolution available for HD. To download movies in 1080p from iTunes, you need to tweak its preferences a bit. Here's what you need to do. Read More

How To Manage Subscriptions In iTunes On Your iPhone

iTunes isn't just for buying music; the iTunes app, together with the App Store app allow you to purchase apps, make in-app purchases, and subscribe to services. The services you subscribe to are managed entirely from iTunes; you can upgrade or downgrade plans and you can cancel subscriptions. Managing your subscriptions in iTunes is fairly easy if you know where to look. Neither the iTunes app nor the App Store app on your iPhone have an option for managing subscriptions. The options are tucked away in the Settings app. Here's where you need to look. Read More

Use iTunes Home Sharing To Stream Music From The Desktop To Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone model with low storage, it's likely you cut corners to manage your space better. You likely have to keep space free for the apps you need and thus have to keep fewer photos and music files on the device. One way to conserve space on a device is to use apps like Spotify to fuel your music needs but if you're mostly working next to or near a desktop, you can use Home Sharing to get music from your PC on your iPhone without needing any extra apps. Here's how. Read More

Fixing The ‘iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone’ Error

Backing up, and syncing data to your iOS device from a PC or Mac is really easy and taking a regular back-up is a great idea. That said, it's not always an error free experience and the 'iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone' error is one of the more common ones to occur when you connect your iOS device to your system. What's more is that once you start getting this error, it appears repeatedly. It prevents your phone from charging and from syncing which means no backups can be taken and no music can be synced to your device. It's not the most pleasant of errors but here are a few ways for you to try and fix it. Read More

Uninstall Or Disable iTunes On Mac OS X [Guide]

 iTunes has been the backbone of media management on Apple devices since January 2001. It is the default music player for a Mac as well as a library for your iTunes purchases, it even has a significance on Windows 8. To the dismay of numerous iOS owners, you cannot transfer media without it at all. However, there are those who do not rely on iTunes' services for their media needs. To them, iTunes is merely an affectation, an extra appendage with no useful function. If you can relate to that sentiment and wish to rid yourself of this complication, we can tell you how to remove iTunes from Mac OS X.

Read More

Import iTunes Playlists To Modern UI Music App In Windows 8

Apple is not going to release a Modern UI app for Window 8, it’s the desktop version or nothing. If you use an iPhone, or if you’ve switched from an iPhone to a different smartphone, or from a Mac to a Windows 8 computer, your music was probably painstakingly moved to the Modern UI Music App from iTunes. Sadly, there is no way to make the transition easy. Assuming that you’ve moved your music to the new app, you might also want to import the playlists you created in iTunes and thank fully, it is a painless process. Read More

Record iTunes Radio On Android With doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder

iTunes Radio is pretty fantastic for listening to an endless stream of free music. The service carries countless radio stations that provide users with non-stop music access to a wide variety of genres, albums, artists etc. You cannot, however, stream on-demand music in a manner similar to Spotify, nor does iTunes allows recording the music on your PC, iPhone or iPad. doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder is a new app for Android that lets you record any music being played on iTunes via AirPlay . All it requires is a a device with iTunes (such as a PC, Mac or even a smartphone or tablet with AirPlay streaming capabilities) and an Android device, both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The app is fairly easy to configure and use. Continue reading to learn more about how it works. Read More

Browse iPhone Backups, Manage App Data & Media Files With iBrowse

iTunes might provide the only official way of managing data on your iOS devices, but there are many third-party desktop tools that do the same with a lot less hassle. iPhone Explorer and iDevice Manager are just two of the alternatives iOS users have for iTunes. Thanks to such software, you can drag and drop media, app data, notes, and contacts to your device without having to figure out the complicated syncing hierarchies that can make using iTunes a real pain in the neck. iBrowse is yet another tool that offers iOS file access, but it is unique to some extent, too. With iBrowse, you get to go through the backup data stored on your computer, without having to restore it to a device. When an iPhone is connected to your PC or Mac, iBrowse also shows full app data, along with the usual photo and video files. Read More

New In iTunes 11.1: iOS 7 Support, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle & More

iTunes 11 was released more than a month after iOS 6 came out, but that wasn’t really a big deal because users were able to continue syncing their iDevices without any problems, and none of the existing features were affected. With iOS 7, however, it is a whole new story. iTunes 11.0.3 does not recognize devices running the OS’ latest version. Some users who immediately updated to iOS 7 hours ago after seeing its new features were left feeling somewhat stuck for the short period of time that iTunes 11.1 was failing to download. The download page seems to be working fine now, though, and not only can you use it to backup/restore your iOS 7 device, but it also has iTunes Radio built into it! Another major addition is ‘Shuffle Genius’, which makes sure that even when in shuffle mode, your playlists are created intelligently. Read More

Hands-On With iTunes Radio & Its Unlimited, Free Music Streaming On iOS 7

The days when the big players of the tech industry could prosper by specializing in just one business are long gone. Apple might have started as a computer company, but with the passage of time, it has grown into something much more universal. The iPhone revolutionized smartphone technology, and now it looks like the company is looking to reach out even further. iTunes Radio is not strictly a hardware or mobile venture, but it has the potential to beat Pandora and become the next big online radio service. Of course, there is stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google in form of Xbox Music and Google Play Music All Access, but anyone who is already in the iOS fold is sure to prefer Apple's offering. iTunes Radio doesn't have many flaws to speak of, and its seamless integration with the iPhone makes the service close to perfect. It offers unlimited song skipping, custom radio stations, intelligent suggestions, and playback control via Siri. Read More

Let’s Loop: Social Music Discovery Powered By Almost All Popular Streaming Services

Online radio and music discovery services try to be social, allowing you to share your favorite music with your friends and at the same time, gauge just what kind of music you like. Most services start out first as online radio stations and add the social factor later on. Let’s Loop does it differently; it is social network for music in itself that lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter account with it. You can find music you like by becoming a fan of your favorite artists and follow users who share your taste in music.The service finds music from a large number of other services including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Rdio, Vimeo, and more. It features top charts by tracks and artists, allows you to interact with other users much like you do with people on Twitter, and also helps you find events happening close to where you live. Read More

iTunes 11.0.3 Brings Revamped MiniPlayer & Better Album Management

Forget its status as the iOS management suite; iTunes is among the most popular music players on desktops. After all, not many players let you purchase songs and albums from right within them. When it comes to features, iTunes is good enough to hold its own against any competitor. The only area where it was slightly lacking was the interface, but that issue was addressed pretty efficiently in the iTunes 11 visual overhaul. The MiniPlayer was among the features that got a complete makeover in the November update, and people liked it so much that there have even been attempts to emulate MiniPlayer view on iPhone and iPod touch devices. Apparently, even the existing MiniPlayer wasn’t good enough for Apple, despite its popularity, and that is why it has been tweaked a little more in the latest iTunes update. There can be no denying the fact that MiniPlayer changes constitute a large part of the iTunes 11.0.3 change log, but there are other changes as well, including more efficient management for albums with multiple disks and and a ‘Song View’ that looks better than ever. Read More

MiniPlayer Is An Always-On-Top Floating Music Widget For iPhone

Looks like the developers over at the Cydia store are looking to fill the Home screens of all iPhone owners with interactive widgets today. The much-anticipated Velox came out earlier, and a unique (albeit less feature-rich) tweak by the name of MiniPlayer is sure to ‘wow’ a lot of people as well. Apple revamped the iTunes interface in its latest version 11, but the feature that has garnered the most praise is the mini player widget. The widget is great for controlling music if you are using multiple applications simultaneously, or are just too lazy to go to iTunes to merely pause playback. The MiniPlayer tweak brings the same widget to iPhone, letting users keep an eye on their playback even if they are playing a game or using an app on their device. The widget can be hidden when you are not using it, making it perfect for everyday use. Read More

Remotely Control Mac Brightness, Volume & Media Apps From Android

There are quite a few apps available in the App Store that allow you to control your Mac. Likewise, there is an equivalent number of apps in the Mac App Store that allow you to control your iOS device. We have covered a fair number of both, but if your desktop computer is a Mac and your preferred phone runs Android, you might not find many apps to bridge this gap. Mac Remote is an Android app that lets you control iTunes, VLC player, iPhoto, Spotify, Quicktime, MPplayerX, and Preview on your Mac. You can also use it to put your Mac system to sleep, shut it down, and increase or decrease its brightness and volume levels. Mac Remote works over your Wi-Fi network and requires you to manually connect your Mac to the app. No Mac app is required in the process. Read More

Stream AirPlay Audio On iOS From iTunes, Apple TV & Other iDevices With AirFloat

AirPlay has been around in iOS for so long that at times it tends to get ignored when people are showing off all the great things their iPhone can do. Siri, iCloud and even the chameleon status bar get mentioned more than AirPlay, but that doesn’t diminish its usefulness and importance. Apple has kept things pretty simple with AirPlay while keeping it quite efficient at doing its job of streaming media to other iDevices in the vicinity. Maybe this near-perfection is the reason not many Cydia developers have thought about making changes to AirPlay’s default functionality. AirFloat, however, goes against this trend and demonstrates that AirPlay can be improved. The app that was taken down from the App Store in 2012 has returned to iOS via the Cydia store to provide you with an easy way to convert your iDevice into an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to play audio streams from iTunes, Apple TV or any other iDevice. Read More

How To Create A Smart Playlist For Multiple Artists In iTunes

A smart playlist in iTunes is better than several regular ones for the simple reason that you can set parameters for the list to update itself. As opposed to being dependent on you for manually updating it, a smart playlist will maintain itself automatically. It can be created based on multiple parameters and this post details how you can create a self updating playlist of your favorite artists. It requires nothing more than your music collection and iTunes. Any version of iTunes should work but we’re using iTunes 11.0.1, (the latest one) so if you’re on an older one, you might see options appear slightly differently. Read More

How To Bring Back The Shortcuts Sidebar In iTunes 11 For Windows & Mac

Let's face it, iTunes hasn't really been known for changing with times and adapting to newer UI trends. So it came as a rather pleasant surprise when the new iTunes 11 finally shed all its extra baggage and came up with a neat interface. Having said that, many users have become so accustomed to the older way of doing things that this update has really left them feeling lost. The biggest change in the interface is iTunes’ apparent breakup with the sidebar view. By default, the sidebar that houses all the important shortcuts in older versions of the suite is no longer there in iTunes 11. If you are really missing it though, you will be pleased to find out that Apple has just hidden it instead of removing it altogether, and you can easily bring it back just the way it was before. Read More

Hands-On With New Features In iTunes 11 [Review]

In what might be the most delayed iTunes release from Apple ever, iTunes 11 was finally bumped to the users a few hours ago. The management suite’s major revamp was announced with the release of iOS 6, but it took a few months for it to actually become available. iTunes has always been unpopular, even with the most loyal Apple fans. With the recent update though, it is nice to see that almost all the issues that caused many horror stories of data loss and syncing failures have been addressed in the revamped interface. A lot of unpopular features (like Cover Flow and iTunes DJ) are gone and replaced by things that actually get the job done. Although still not perfect, iTunes’s iCloud integration is now much more comprehensible than before. In iTunes 11, Gift Cards can be scanned using a Mac or PC’s camera, which will surely save users a lot of bother in the upcoming holiday season. Read More