Change Windows 8 Logon Screen Background Color Separately

Even though Windows 8 offers a lot more customization options in terms of visuals than the previous versions of Windows, we have still seen many tools such as Custom Tiles Maker, Charms Bar Customizer and Skip Metro Suite that allow us to customize the UI even further. The Lock Screen and Logon Screen are two different interfaces in Windows 8; the former allows you to app view notifications, current time and date, internet connectivity and battery status, while the latter lets you choose an account for logging in to the system. By default, Windows 8 allows you to change the Lock Screen wallpaper (check out our guide here). However, there are no options to tweak the Logon Screen and it's set to be the same as the background of your Start Screen. In this guide, we will show you how to change the color of the Logon Screen independent of the Start Screen background color, using  a Windows Registry hack. Read More

Completely Customize Windows 7 Logon Screen With Logon Workshop

Most of us don’t really like sticking to one thing for a long period of time; it gets boring gradually. Similarly, watching the same logon screen every time your PC starts up can get monotonous. Unfortunately, Windows does not provide any native tool for customizing the logon screen, but there is a wide range of third-party applications for this purpose, with different customization options like changing the logon screen background, logon button set, text and branding. However, not all of these tools come packed with every one of these options. Logon Workshop is a logon screen customizer for Windows that sets itself apart from other logon screen customization utilities with its comprehensiveness. The tool lets you fully customize your logon screen from the wallpaper to the placement and appearance of each screen element. It provides a few sample logon screen design templates that you can use to quickly create your own custom screens. Read More

A Comprehensive Tool For Tweaking Windows 7 Logon Screen

One of the most beautiful features of Windows is customization. You can customize and change the look of everything you want according to your own preferences, and even when the native settings don't offer you customization options for something, third-party tools fill in the gap. Apart from Wallpapers or Icons, one element that most folks love to customize is the Windows logon screen. No one would want to gaze the same boring Windows 7 logon screen everytime they turn their PC on. Here at AddictiveTips, we also love customizing our Logon screens and we have covered some very effective Windows 7 logon screen editors, including Pulse that periodically changes the logon screen background, and Windows 7 Branding Changer to change the Windows 7 branding logo. Another logon screen customization utility that we stumbled upon is Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker, a portable tool that allows you to change the User Picture, Logon Screen Background, Logon Button Set, Default Logon Sound, Logon Text Branding etc. In addition, the application lets you remove certain items from the logon screen, including Easy of Access button, Logon Text Branding, Shutdown Button and add Custom Logon Screen Message. The application also has a built-in Default button to revert back any changes. Let's take an inside look to see if it stand out from our previously covered apps. Read More

How To Remove Useless Logon Sessions From Ubuntu 11.10

Over time, the Ubuntu login screen menu can end up having a lot of unwanted sessions. For example, you might have installed Linux Mint on your Ubuntu 11.10 machine that you might wish to remove, or you might be willing to remove the Gnome Classic logon session. In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of these unwanted entries to clean up your logon screen drop down menu. Read More

Capture Windows Logon Screen Screenshot With Win 7 Logon Screen Capture

We come across hundreds of software every now and then, but sometimes a small tool resolves the most common annoyances. The Ease of Access button on the Windows Logon Screen is although quite useful for people with disabilities, but it is seldom used by most people. Which begs the question, why not utilize it for something more useful? Perhaps transforming it into a screenshot taking button for the Windows 7 Logon Screen. Win 7 Logon Screen Capture allows transforming the Ease of Access button into a screenshot taking utility. Read More

Customize Mac Logon Screen With Ravissant

Users of Windows 7 can tweak and customize logon screens via various applications. Ravissant, however,  is an application that lets you customize Mac logon screen by adding specified logo, OS text, welcome text, and background image to it. It enables you to customize logon screen within moments - you can add your own picture, name, or any random message as easily as you type in a text file. Read More