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How To Remove Useless Logon Sessions From Ubuntu 11.10

Over time, the Ubuntu login screen menu can end up having a lot of unwanted sessions. For example, you might have installed Linux Mint on your Ubuntu 11.10 machine that you might wish to remove, or you might be willing to remove the Gnome Classic logon session. In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of these unwanted entries to clean up your logon screen drop down menu.


To get started, open Terminal and navigate to /usr/share/xsessions/ by entering this command:

cd /usr/share/xsessions

Once done, enter this command to list all the installed Ubuntu sessions.



In order to remove a login session from your logon screen menu, you will require removing or renaming the .desktop file. For example, you can remove a session by renaming it or entering its name with the below command (e.g., gnome-classic):

sudo mv gnome-classic.desktop gnome-classic.desktop-backup

Alternatively, you can simply remove the session entirely (instead of renaming it) by entering the following command format in Terminalsudo rm session name.desktop. For example, the below command can be used to remove gnome-classic session from the Ubuntu logon screen.

sudo rm gnome-classic.desktop
[via Ubuntu Sharing]


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