Instamap For Android Lets You Browse Geotagged Instagram Photos On Google Maps

The release of the official Android client of the popular photo-editing and sharing app, Instagram, has to be lauded as a massive success. In a matter of a couple of months of its release in the Google Play Store, the app has seen an overwhelming response in terms of the number of downloads. In fact, Instagram now enjoys the status of being the best Android app from the social genre. Having said that, you can still find quite a few third-party Instagram clients for Android that focus on the features that the official app is currently lacking in. One good example of such app is Instamap that, at best, can be cited as a fine amalgamation of Google Maps and Instagram. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Instamap lets you explore geo-tagged Instagram photos on Google Maps. Using the app, you can navigate to virtually any part of the globe from where you wish to view various images shared by avid Instagram users. Whether you wish to explore your surroundings through Instagram-med photos, or want to check out the photographic taste of the users from Poland, Instamap is your best bet for now. Read More

Flavour Map: Discover Worldwide Tastes & Eating Places; Contribute With Your Own Findings

Flavour Map is an interesting web application that provides you with a crowdsourced map of tastes and places to dine out from all over the world. Not only does it allow you find new cuisines and flavors, but also lets you pin a flavor, restaurant or street food you’ve tried out lately, using Google Street View. Moreover, you can add descriptions, attach images and write reviews. The service can be searched by location, cuisine, description etc, and serves as a worldwide guide for people looking for taste inspiration. Read More

Photo Timeline Displays Your WP7 Photos On A Map & Calendar

Apparently, the term “timeline” is a favorite among everyone these days. There used to be just a Twitter timeline previously, until Facebook adopted the idea as well. To be honest, arranging your online life in a chronological order does give things a more ordered and neat look, and maybe that’s why the idea has caught on with considerable success. Photo Timeline is an app for Windows Phone 7 that brings essentially the same concept to a much more basic level. The app arranges all the photos in the camera roll of your WP7 device according to the time they were snapped on. In Photo Timeline, each active day has its own slot, with all its photos stacked against it. The app also has menus to let you view your photos on its calendar, or on a map integrated within the app. Read More

Phone Finder: Track Multiple iOS Devices With Different iCloud IDs On A Single Map [Cydia]

iOS devices usually cost quite a lot of money, and that is why it is natural to worry about losing them. This is perhaps the reason tha there are many services which help you track your iPhone in case it gets stolen. The idea of tracking stolen devices got so popular over time, that now there is even an official service by Apple named “Find My iPhone”, which makes use of iCloud to help users view the exact location of all their devices. However, that app has a few limitations. For example, it is not possible to track devices on different iCloud accounts, and you cannot see all your devices on a single map, and have to keep switching between maps to track each iDevice. Phone Finder is a new Cydia app which overcomes all these drawbacks, and shows its users how Find my iPhone should have been in the first place. Read on to know more about this useful app for jailbroken iOS devices. Read More

FlockThere: Real-Time Location & Message Sharing For Meetups [Android]

Merging the concept of real-time location and message sharing, FlockThere is an extremely useful Android and iOS app that helps you learn of your contacts’ current locations who might be on their way to attending an event. Imagine the facility of having an app at your disposal that shows the geographical position of all your invitees/guests on map, so that you know exactly where they are, and when to expect them to arrive at the event location. What’s even better is that using FlockThere, you can stay in touch with all those contacts via chat messages. In short, FlockThere provides you with real-time location of your guests on map, and helps you stay apprised of their progress/journey via text messages; all info shared on the same screen. All you need to do is create and send a new Flock invitation to your contacts via the app, and start tracking them in real-time. Invitations can be sent to the contact’s email ID or phone number, and the best part about the entire deal is that you can keep adding/removing participants from a Flock even after it has been created. Provided your contacts/guests are already on FlockThere, they can reply directly from within the app. Even if they do not have the app on their devices, they can still keep in touch with you via the service’s web-enabled chat interface (requires internet connection of some sort). Read More

SFunKey: Map Keyboard Function Keys To Easily Perform Multiple Actions

The function keys at the top of the keyboard are mapped by default to perform some global functions, such as F1 for help, F3 for search and F5 for refresh, and some application specific functions, like F11 switches browsers to full screen mode. In laptops, and some modern desktop keyboards, extended media controls are also available, which can be accessed by combining the media control key with an additional key, such as Ctrl, Alt or Windows keys (Alt+F4 for closing applications, for example). However, there’s no default option to remap the keys to perform functions of your choice. Today we have an application for you that allows you to remap all the Function keys available on your keyboard and increase their utility for you. SFunKey is a lightweight tool for Windows that allows users to have additional operations for your functions keys without disturbing the default mapping. More on SFunKey after the break. Read More

LocoBuzz Pinpoints Latest News & Celebrity Tweets On Map [Android]

Keeping a close tab on the latest global news of the hour, as well as the tweets flowing in from your trusted sources requires some effort. For one, you must have a capable news reader installed, plus, a Twitter client that can keep you apprised of the required news bits. While you may find plenty of alternatives to serve both said purposes effectively, if working on suggested solutions sounds a tad too hectic to you, then you need to try LocoBuzz - a free location-based Android app that displays some of the top news stories of the hour along with celebrity tweets on the world map. The app’s concept is somewhat similar to recently reviewed Global Feed, which allows users to explore news relevant to their chosen category on a rotating 3D globe. While Global Feed also supported displaying weather conditions of some of the world’s top cities on the globe, LocoBuzz takes a different route by adding a bit of social media flavor with the option to view celebrity tweets and the location where they were posted from. That’s not all, you can tap on any news story of interest to explore it in detail (from browser) or share it on your Facebook Wall right from within the app. Read More

Route 66 Offers 3D Maps & Augmented Reality Navigation On Android

If you love exploring worldwide maps in 3D, or are searching for a truly interactive navigation app for your Android device, then Route 66 Maps + Navigation certainly has plenty to offer than any of its counterparts. Fresh to the Android Market, Route 66 is a splendid amalgamation of comprehensive 3D maps and augmented reality navigation that make driving and map exploration fun and informative at the same time. Apart from featuring highly interactive maps supplemented by 3D content such as simulated structures of famous buildings and monuments, Route 66 provides you instant access to Wikipedia links of popular places, and lets you search/filter map contents by various categories including your contacts, specific address, favorite locations, directions (with TTS support), points of interest (amenities) and much more. Follow Me – the app’s native augmented reality service - can be availed to trace your exact route on road, backed by with real-time graphics and a virtual car that leads you all the way to your destination. Read More

Map Network Paths In Bulk With Network Drive Mapper [Windows]

It doesn't matter which Windows OS you’re using, you just need to take 3-4 steps to setup a network/virtual drive on your system. Even though Windows 7 provides handy options to create a network drive and to setup a FTP/SFTP based connection, there is one limitation for porting all the network connections in bulk to other systems. With Network Drive Mapper, you can import all the network drives to any other system without having to setup each drive manually. Furthermore, as its name implies, it is also responsible to create secured network drives with all the possible options – user-defined drive letters, bulk map all drives, and unmap all drives. Read More

Map A Drive Letter For Frequently Accessed Folders In Windows 7,Vista

Does your most accessed folder lie deep inside folder hierarchies? With the increase disk space we tend to store as much files as we can on our hard drive, we manage these files by making folders and sub folders and even more nested folders, therefore it becomes difficult to access the most accessed folders using Windows Explorer. To solve this problem you can easily map a local folder as a virtual drive letter, in this way it will directly take you to the folder instead of following the nested path. Read More