Volume Sync For Android Mutes Media Volume When Ringer Is Muted

Do you know that using your Android's volume rocker keys, you can only adjust your device's ringer volume but not the media volume? Often, when you’re at work, in a library (assuming people still go to libraries) or taking a class, you tend to turn the ringer volume all the way down. That takes care of calls and notifications, but if you were to launch a game, you’d be hard pressed to turn down the Media Volume before breaking the silence and turning into the center of attention. Volume Sync for Android is a free, handy little tool that mutes the Media Volume whenever the Ringer Volume is turned all the way down.Read More

QVIVO Media Center Automatically Organizes Your Media Collection

QVIVO is a new media center application that organizes all your media collection into beautiful libraries. The developers like to call it a social media center app. Apart from having aesthetically pleasing user interface, it gives one stop solution for managing media files of almost all types of widely popular formats. It is developed for organizing moves, music, T.V shows, and for streaming online channels with an ability to observe user-specified location(s) to automatically sync the movies, music, and T.V shows list. Leaving further details aside, suffice it to say that QVIVO is out to revolutionize yours media management experience.Read More

FloolaDesktop Brings iPod Style Music Playlist Management To Desktop

FloolaDesktop is a media management utility which offers a simple solution for your messed up media archive. So, how can it organize your enormous media collection? To begin with, it supports almost all media file formats. Be it podcasts, audiobooks, movies, and music files, you can insert any type of file to manage them without much hassle involved. The developer states that it is useful if you don't have an iPod and want to manage music library on the desktop. What it means, in a nutshell, is that it brings iPod style music library management to the desktop.After you’ve inserted media files, it will automatically create 3 categories which are, Genre, Artist, and Album, to help you in finding them with ease. Along with these groups, it also creates sample playlists to queue your favorite media files, latest played, and most recently added items. Read More

VideoSpec Extracts Media File Info, Checks Compatibility With iDevices

We all come across situations where we need to check whether the video file will run without any issues on our iDevice or not. In such situations, we, usually, pick a converter to change the video format in order to make it compatible with our iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We also have a handful of videos lying around which lags on installed media players due to some inexplicable reasons. To deal with these kind of issues, VideoSpec offers a simple solution. It checks a video file compatibility with range of iDevices while telling you which media player(s) should be used to watch the video in question. It is somewhat quite similar to previously covered MediaInfo for Windows in terms of analyzing media file to extract audio and video specific information. Additionally, it has an ability to invoke default media player to watch the video on the fly while letting you evaluate the extracted information. It analyzes the selected media file to give users a detailed insight about encoding profile, resolution, audio channel, audio format, video aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, FPS, bitrate, container and so on.Read More

View And Extract Video & Audio Attributes Of Media File With MediaInfo

MediaInfo is a minuscule application which is written for power users who want to know detailed information about the media file. The application gives an elaborated insight into numerous media file attributes, ranging from media format profile, settings, bit rate, writing application, video profile and settings regarding BVOP, Qpel, GMC, and Matrix, Codec ID, Frame rate, Chroma sub-sampling, Writing library, Bit depth, to Audio codecs used, Mode extension, Audio channels, Compression mode, Interleave duration and so on.The application supports a huge list of media formats including, AVI, OGG, MPG, MP3, WMA, WMV, MOV, VOb, MP4, M4A, M2V, AAC, AC3, Monkey Audio, and many others formats. It integrates with Windows Shell menu, letting user view media information of selected file quickly from right-click context-menu.Read More

Capture Streaming Media Online With Media Sniffer

There is a plethora of free software out there that can download streaming videos not only from a host of sites, for example, FreeMake Video Downloader. Then there are download managers like Orbit Downloader that can do the same for you. However, what if you don’t want to use a dedicated downloader, and are not that much into fancy download managers either. For this kind of scenario, Media Sniffer is the right choice.Read More

Control Windows Home Theater Media PC With Remote Control

Are you a multimedia aficionado? Do you like using home theater PC for watching movies, listening music and the sorts? Are you too lazy to change the volume or resize the screen of your PC while you sitting on a couch eating popcorns? Well, you definitely need a virtual remote control to do all the controlling work for you.Read More

How To Schedule Media Center Downloads In Windows 7

Windows Media Center lets you enjoy videos, music, photos, TV, and much more. You can easily access the latest online videos, movie trailers, sports clips, etc through Windows Media Center on your PC. Now the upcoming version of Windows 7 Media Center will offer many more enhanced feature. You can now schedule Windows 7 Media Center to start downloading data at any specified/preferred time,  thus in this way you can prevent it sapping your bandwidth for the rest of the day.Read More

Installation & Usage Of Top 12 Media Players In Ubuntu Linux

One of the perks of Linux is that it offers a large numbers of free tools and applications. Ubuntu supports a vast number of media players, below we have reviewed 12 of them along with their installation instructions and usage. The benefit of writing the installation instructions along with a short review is that it helps a user to install multiple apps easily without having to visit the product page.Read More

Install and Use Gnump3d Media Server In Ubuntu Linux

Gnump3d is an easy-to-use and free streaming media server for Ubuntu Linux. It allows you to watch and navigate through your media collection via web browser. Since it has a browser interface, watching and sharing media files across the network is a piece-of-cake. It was mainly developed to support mp3 files but now also supports various other audio formats, such as, wav, ogg, au, and mpc. Installing and using gnump3d is quite easy.Read More

How To Find Information Of Any Video/Audio File In Complete Details

MediaInfo is a free tool that gives you complete information of multimedia files. All you have to do is select the file and it will display the full details. You can also select a folder and it will read all multimedia files inside that folder, choose the file from the list to get complete details of that file. You can view the information in different methods, such as: text, sheet, tree, HTML, and Basic viewing.Read More

Convert Windows Media Center(.wtv) Video File To Other Formats

The default video format for recording a video in Windows Media Center in Vista is .wtv only if you have TV Pack installed, also keep in mind that Microsoft has shifted from the old dvr-ms format to the new wtv format. In Windows 7 beta the default recording format is also wtv. There are many commercial software that support converting of wtv to other video format, but unfortunately such feature is not present in any free video converters.So the best way to convert wtv to other video formats is to first convert it into dvr-ms and from there convert it to other video formats such as mpeg, avi, etc. This is a little tricky but an easy way to do it.
Note: You can also convert wtv files using MC-TVConverter.
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How To Autorun Programs From USB Flash Drive And Add Custom Icons

Do you want that a certain program should run when you insert your USB flash drive? Or do you want to add a custom icon for your flash drive? If the answer to any of the question is yes, then you have come to the right place.It is possible to auto run the programs and applications from your removable USB flash drive like the autorun feature in CD/DVD drives. The autorun.inf file is the key to getting your USB drive to perform certain actions automatically and customize it’s look in My Computer. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on how this can be done.
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How To Organize Your Digital Media Using Simple Steps In Windows Media Player

If you have a huge library of musics organizing those collections can be difficult. Using the built-in tools of Windows Media Player you can make the task much simpler. Microsoft Windows Media Player does more than just play. Windows users can use it to import their CD collection into digital music files, burn audio CDs, and organize their music collection by generating playlists and adding album art. One of Winodws Media Player 11's strengths is in organizing music by album; it's simply faster than iTunes(sorry Apple fanboys but this point is true). And browsing albums by cover is, well, fun. Combine it with Vista's search technology, which is built in to the player, and you can cue up any album just by typing in the first few letters in the Search box and then clicking on the familiar album cover.

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Top 5 Desktop Media Players To Organize Your Digital Media

You've collected hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of digital music and videos in the past 10 years, and as your media library has grown, so has the necessity for finding the perfect desktop media player for organizing the data. A perfect music player should not only be capable of playing back digital media , but it also needs to be able to help you search through and find any song or movie you're looking for at a moment's notice. Hit the jump for a glimpse at the five best desktop media players.Read More

How to put your Data on the Cloud using Syncplicity?

Cloud computing is one of the most popular buzz words nowadays. Putting your data on the cloud means syncing your data to Internet servers making it travel with you, where ever you can access the internet. It also means you do not have to rely on physical media, or worry about backups, as the cloud services take care of your data themselves. But you would require a fast internet connection to take advantage of on the fly sync capabilites. Any changes you make to your data would then be reflected immediately on the Cloud, meaning you can just work with your files and not have to worry about saving them on a portable hard disk, USB, emailing it to yourself, uploading to file sharing services and network backups. Read More