Four Noteworthy Additions To The Messages App In iOS 8

iOS 8 brought with it so many changes that Apple felt the need to include a Tips app just to highlight them all. No doubt the company realized just how complex its OS had gotten and the new stuff would be pretty hard to learn all at once. In iOS 8, the Health app has gotten a lot of attention as has the continuity and handoff feature but this latest version of Apple's mobile operating system brought some great and very welcome changes to the Messages app and here are all four of them. Read More

Contact Center Tries To Make Group Messaging Easier [iOS]

Everyone has one ICE (in case of emergency) number on their phone but we also have a group of people, friends or family, that we need to stay in constant contact with. Call them your in-crowd, call them your nagging parents, or call them your peeps, but you have a need to stay in constant contact with a specific group of people. iOS isn't very flexible when it comes to group messaging which is why you might want to look for a better option for sharing with large groups. Contact Center is a free iOS app that lets you get in touch with your in-group super fast. It lets you send them a group message via the default messages app, a group email, and place quick calls to anyone in the group as well as send them GIFs. Read More

MessageEnhancer Makes Both Cosmetic & Functional Changes To Messages App [Jailbreak]

The Messages app is a popular app in iOS that jailbreakers like to tweak. You will find lots of tweaks like Messages Conversation Photos that make it better. Now imagine everything you wish the Messages app did, everything you wish you could change about it, and whatever else in between that annoys you about this particular app. MessageEnhancer is a Cydia tweak available for free in the BigBoss repository that lets you tweak just about anything and everything in the Messages app that you could ever want. The tweak can enable a fullscreen mode for the app, a dark keyboard, contact photos appearing within conversation threads, wider message bubbles, and more. It can also hide features you don't like such as separators, the camera button, and the delivered label. Read More

Remote Messages For iOS Lets You Send iMessages From Windows, Android & More

As the line between SMS and instant messaging continues to get blurred, a lot of popular texting apps have earned their name on iOS and Android. For most iPhone owners, iMessage is the preferred mode of texting, specially since it is available on all iOS devices and even on Mac OS X. WhatsApp might have a larger user base, but it still doesn't let you text from a computer the way you can via iMessage for Mac. When it comes to iMessage itself though, Windows users are left out of the fun because Apple doesn't have an official Windows client for the service. However, there is a pretty good third-party solution available for this purpose that works via a jailbroken iDevice. Remote Messages has been around in the Cydia store for quite some time, but it has finally been updated for iOS 7 and sports some pretty awesome features. Read More

Change Bubbles’ Color & Add Contact Pictures In iOS 7 Messages App

The interactive notifications offered by biteSMS might be great, but a lot of people use it for its visual aspects, too. The stock Messages app in iOS 7, on the other hand, has been flattened, along with the rest of the UI, but the basic color scheme of the app hasn't changed a lot. If you are getting a bit bored of seeing your texts wear the same, old look every day, then Messages Customiser might be a tweak that can help in this regard. This Cydia release doesn't supercharge the Messages app with a boatload of features, but the changes it does allow users to make are quite significant nonetheless. With this tweak, you get to change the color of the chat bubbles to any shade of your choice, and alter the overall tint of the Messages app as well. It is also possible to tinker with the shape and style of these bubbles, while the tweak’s ability to associate photos with SMS threads makes Messages Customiser a must-have for anyone who has recently gained access to the iOS 7 jailbreak. Read More

PowerLine For Android Adds Bar Indicators To Screen Edges For Battery, WiFi & Several Other Stats

Widgets on your screen take up space that you would otherwise dedicate to your favorite apps. While many beautifully crafted widgets greatly compliment your screen, having way too many can make it look quite cluttered. Widget developers therefore have to get creative with how they design their widgets, and keep a lot of aesthetic details in consideration. If you are a minimalist who wants to keep monitoring key stats of their Android device such as battery level, signal strength, Wi-Fi strength, unread messages, missed calls, memory, processor consumption, internal/external storage space, give PowerLine a shot. It is an Android app that adds on-screen indicators for all these stats in form of entirely unobtrusive colored lines along the edges, meaning you don't have to use any widgets to clutter up your screen for viewing this info at a glance. These lines show whether the item in question is on a healthy level, riding low, or in the danger zone. With the free version of the app, you can add any two indicators on your screen at a time, while the paid version removes this restriction. Read More

How To Send Video Messages To Your Offline Contacts In Skype

Voicemail lets you deflect calls when you’re busy in order to be able to access the recorded messages later. If you've ever thought of having that very same feature in Skype - the leading app for making voice and video calls over the internet, we have some great news for you. Skype has just added the feature and you can now send video messages to your Skype contacts even when they’re offline. On free accounts, a video message can be 3 minutes long, but with a premium account, users can send video messages of any length. The video messages can be sent from both desktop and mobile apps of the service, and can be recorded by front facing or regular back cameras on mobile devices. Read More

How To Add Facebook Chat To The Mac OS X Messages App

Both the Facebook app itself as well as the dedicated Facebook Messenger app allow you to chat with your Facebook friends on your smartphone, giving you two very easy ways to keep in touch with them. When it comes to OS X though, despite Facebook’s integration in Mountain Lion, no native chat feature exists in the OS itself that would allow you to connect with your Facebook friends. If you would like to integrate Facebook chat with OS X itself without having to resort to a third-party app, you need look no further than the Messages app in OS X that is more than capable of acting as a chat client for Facebook. Here’s how you can set the app up to send and receive chat messages from Facebook, Read More

Swipe To Switch Between Messaging Threads In iOS With MessageSwiper

Those of you who like sticking to stock iOS apps unless there is a supremely better third-party alternative available are sure to have been tempted to ditch the Messages app in favor of biteSMS or GO SMS. Having said that, a lot of tweaks in the Cydia store let you improve the stock SMS app on your iPhone. With ImmediateSend and Messages, you can revamp the app and give it a completely new look. Not every tweak has to be as feature-rich as MessageSwiper in order to be useful though. MessageSwiper has just one purpose, but the feature it is offering is sure to come in handy in a lot of situations and for a variety of users. The tweak lets you navigate to different messaging conversation simply by swiping across the screen. This basically means you aren't forced to go to the Messages app’s main screen, from any conversation screen, and can continue going through your texts in a very convenient manner. Read More

Cross Greeting Cards With Time Capsules & You Get Keepster For iOS

It is an emotional moment for most people if they lose their text messages, but times are changing and a lot of our important conversations now reside on the cloud, thanks to services like iMessage, Facebook, Skype and the like. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to keep or share mementos and souvenirs from the past, a simple Facebook message might appear to be a bit too casual for the purpose. Keepster is an iPhone app that makes sure you express the right message at just the right time or situation. The app connects with your Facebook account to let you send visually rich greeting greeting cards, time capsules or location-triggered messages to your friends. You can also use Keepster to send a message (or photo) to your future self. Read More

Hide Sensitive Call Logs & SMS From Stock Android Apps With Shady Contacts

We all have those moments where we know our friends will play around with our phone, and a major concern in such scenarios is them checking out your information you want to keep confidential. If a friend is borrowing your phone for making a call or sending a text, it's nearly inevitable that they will come across your call logs and text messages. If you have an Android phone and don't want that to happen, you can now hide your call logs and messages with a simple and effective tool called Shady Contacts from Droid Mate.  The app does so without arousing suspicion, as it hides call logs and messages from selected contacts. To add to its prowess, it has some very strict security measures, and can itself can be hidden to silently operate in the background as well. Let's take a closer look at its features and how well they function. Read More

How To Disable And Delete Chat History In OS X Messages

iChat, OS X’s stock chat client, became Messages when Mountain Lion rolled out. For the most part Messages is the same as iChat with one major difference; it now saves your chat history and given someone has iOS 6 on their iOS device, you can make / receive FaceTime calls from them in Messages. Chat history was welcomed by many users given old conversations can be revisited, images and files can be sent, and reminders can be created from date and time mentioned in chat. Though chat history is a good feature, there's nothing to say that users wouldn’t like to disable it or occasionally clear their history. The process is extremely simple and detailed below. Read More

Orange’s Libon: Free Messages, VoIP Calls & Visual Voicemail For iPhone

An iPhone might cost a lot more than feature phones, but the presence of apps like Viber, Skype and Tango makes the investment worthwhile in the long run. If you are often connected to the net, or are on 3G/LTE, VoIP services can really help you in saving on calls and texting. There are already some pretty good messengers available in the App Store, but Libon from the popular European carrier Orange is a much more refined choice as compared to most. The app also offers visual voicemail that can be associated with your phone number, and will record messages for you when you are busy. You will not be charged anything for interacting with other Libon users, but making calls to other numbers requires in-app purchases (much like “credits” in Skype). Read More

Reply To Texts From Anywhere On iPhone Without Opening Messages App

GO SMS for iOS shed its beta tag just a few days ago, and I have been using it as the default messaging client on my iPhone ever since. While the app is still full of bugs, the interactive pop-up notifications it offers are extremely handy. So, won’t it be great if notifications like that came without the added baggage of a buggy and rather slow app? That’s what ImmediateSend is all about. This new Cydia tweak for iPhone works with the stock Messages app without messing with any of its existing functionalities. It displays a pop-up whenever you hit a banner notification for a received text message, or tap a message alert from the Notification Center or lock screen. In short, every button or notification that will normally route you to the Messages app brings up the quick reply text box. You will still have to go to the app to create a new message or read old conversations, but replying becomes a breeze. Read More

Add Events To OS X Calendar Directly From Conversation In Messages App

OS X is a very smart operating system and you don’t really realize that unless you start paying attention to the minor details and minute functionalities it has at the system level. One of the intelligent functions you might have observed if you use the stock Mail app is that it detects date and time. It creates a connection between the Mail and the Calendar app and allows you to record an event on the said date directly from the Mail app. This same functionality exists in the Messages app; should you find yourself talking to friends and family deciding dinner, a co-worker discussion a meeting time, or just someone reminding you to take your dog to the vet, if the date and time of the "event’ is mentioned in the conversation, you can create a Calendar event from it within Messages. Read More

Send Delayed Texts via Google Voice From Your Android Phone

It's 10pm. You just got done with your side job and want to let the customer know you're finished. You technically closed 4 hours ago, and it's pretty late. What do you do? You can't call or text them, for fear you would wake or disturb them. You can't email them because you know this customer wouldn't check it for three days. Enter Titan Message Scheduler.

Read More

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Tweet, Update Facebook & Send Messages In OS X

The major difference felt when updating from OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion is the obvious iOS-ification of the system. In addition to integrating several features that were previously iOS-exclusive, Mountain Lion adds greater convenience for social media enthusiasts with Twitter and Facebook integration, making it easier to share links, images or updates with your network. At the same time, you can consolidate your Contacts to include emails and phone numbers from Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The integration is seen throughout all stock apps and in the Notification Center, but what’s been left out are keyboard shortcuts. Mountain Lion lets you tweet or update Facebook regardless of which app or folder you’re working in, but for some reason, you have to always access the two using their respective widgets in the omnipresent Notification Center. Introducing Eggy, a free OS X app that lets you define keyboard shortcuts for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and sending an iMessage through the Messages app. It runs silently in the background without so much as adding an icon to the Menu Bar. Read More

GO SMS Comes To iPhone With Themes, Emoji & Quick Reply Pop-Ups

GO SMS is among the most popular SMS apps for Android, and has successfully turned many people away from the stock messaging app in Android devices. The app offers everything you could ever want in a messaging app, and its integration with GO Messenger is the icing on the cake. Due to Apple’s strict App Store policies, the GO Dev Team hasn’t been able to bring their famous SMS client to the iOS Store, but that’s where Cydia comes into play. The official GO SMS client for iOS has just been released in the Cydia store, and you can start using it on your iPhone right now if you happen to be running iOS 4. We know that most of you have upgraded to iOS 5 and won’t be able to use the app, but GO SMS for iPhone gives the impression of being in a really early phase of development, and we might see major improvements (and the addition of iOS 5 support) in the app in the near future. However, the app is fully functional even now, and has the full potential of becoming a complete replacement for the stock Messaging app for iOS 4 users. Read More Create & Share Short Text-To-Speech Messages On Twitter & Facebook [Web]

Only a few days back, we covered Audiolip, a service that allows you to record micro-podcasts and share them with your buddies on different social networks. is a similar web application that lets you create short voice messages, which can then emailed or shared on Facebook and Twitter. is basically a free text-to-speech tool that transcodes typed messages and generates a unique URL, which changes with every character that you input. This URL can then be shared with anyone through various platforms. When the recipient visits this link, the voice message is automatically played. does not require any login or sign up; all you have to do is type your message, adjust the Amplitude, Pitch, Speed and Word Gap settings, and share it with others. Read More

BurnNote: Send Private Messages That Are Auto-Deleted After A Defined Time [Web]

Not long ago, we covered DUE.IM, a text message service that allowed you to send one-time readable, private messages to others. BurnNote is a similar web application that offers you the same functionality, but with additional options. The service lets you send private messages to others that can only be viewed once and are deleted after a set amount of time. Deleted burn notes are completely erased from the BurnNote servers, so it is impossible for anyone to retrieve them. All you have to do is enter your message (password, number, link, note etc), and the service will instantly generate a private URL that you can share with your buddies. Once the message has been read by the recipient, BurnNote will automatically ‘burn’ it, ensuring that it remains private. That’s how simple it is! Read More