Mounty: Mount Disc Images via App-Indicator Menu Applet In Ubuntu Linux

We previously covered an Ubuntu disc mounting tool known as Furius ISO Mount, which mounts virtual discs and provides options for performing checksums to check the integrity of disc images. While Furius ISO Mount is quite an advanced disc mounting tool, one can always benefit from a minimalist disc mounting utility that works from the app-indicator menu. Mounty is one such disc mounting utility, which enables sharing virtual disc images. After installation, Mounty sits in the system tray and provides easy disc mounting options via the app-indicator menu. Read More

Mount Virtual Disc Images In Ubuntu Linux With Furius ISO Mount

Mounting disc images to a virtual drive can help view the data without having to burn the image to disc. Most users prefer disc images in standard formats (such as ISO format) to avoid straining the lens of their optical drive, as running a game, movie, etc  from a CD/DVD drive reduces its life. But, it is not just disc image formats that need to be mounted for viewing their content, most Linux backup tools use the IMG format for creating system backups. Such a format can also be mounted using a disc image mounting application to read the data in image file without having to restore the complete backup. Read More

WinArchiver: Mount ZIP, RAR, 7z Archives & Disk Images As Virtual Drives

WinArchiver Virtual Drive is a disc mounting application for mounting all kinds of CD/DVD images and compressed archives. You can run programs or access the files from a virtual disc without the need to use the original CD/DVD. This can greatly help reduce the strain on the lens of the optical drive, and generally prolong it’s life. WinArchiver Virtual Drive is similar to other applications of it’s kind, such as Magic Disc, with the exception that it can also mount ZIP, RAR, 7Z and other archives as virtual discs. This makes it possible to run compressed archives without extracting them, and also saves hard disk space. For example, you can run a compressed archive containing your files from a virtual drive rather than having to extract the archive, which may consume more hard disk space. Read More

gBurner Virtual Drive: Mount & Read Up To 16 Virtual Disks Simultaneously

Backing up your original CDs and DVDs into ISO form has always been a good idea. You wouldn’t want to buy a disk by paying your hard earned cash, only to get it scratched latter on. If you’re one of those wise folks who keep keep there optical disks as ISO files, or you just grabbed a disk image off the internet and need to mount it as virtual drive, then gBurner Virtual Drive is all you need. This ultra light weight application is designed to lets you create and manage virtual drives on your PC. As most of us only have a single physical optical drive on our PC, this application can be especially useful for users who work with ISO images and need to mount multiple virtual disks at the time. It allows you to access your games, movies and music from your virtual CD/DVD-ROM without burning them on to a physical optical disk. While most of the applications of such nature only allow you to mount images in ISO file format, gBurner Virtual Drive on the other hand supports a large number of CD/DVD image file formats, including ISO, GBI, DAA, ISZ, IMG, DMA, BIN, MDF, VCD etc. You'd be pleased to know that you can create and mount a total of 16 virtual drives at a time, allowing you faster access than using a normal CD/DVD-ROM. Keep reading past the jump for more usage and other details. Read More

Mount Windows System Restore Points To Browse And Extract Files

As many of us know, System Restore is a component for Windows which allows rolling back system files, registry settings and applications to a previous state. Although System Restore has a simple creation and restoration procedure, it does not provide an option to extract specific files from the previously stored system state. This means that performing a System Restore can end up altering settings which you may not wish to change. Read More

eMount Creates And Mounts Encrypted Disk Images & Partitions In Ubuntu

eMount is an open source Linux application to create, mount, encrypt and manage disk images and to create encrypted system partitions. The plain or encrpyted disk images can be created from the following supported formats, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT-16, FAT-32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, ReiserFS and XFS. When creating an encrypted volume, you can password protect it by entering a pass phrase or by importing a text file.  Disk images (plain or encrypted) can be mounted using eMount to access your data. eMount also supports enlarging disk images from ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS and XFS formats. Other than physical disk images, you can also mount ISO images to view and manage the content. Read More

Burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray In Ubuntu Easily With Silicon Empire

Silicon Empire is a complete suite to burn, copy, backup and manage your optical discs. It can burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and can mount disc images from ISO, NRG, BIN, MDF and IMG formats. The main features include, burning, copying, and erasing discs, along with a built-in image viewer and music player. You will find options to copy, burn , erase, and mount discs and disc images on the main interface. All options are separated in convenient tabs for easy management and identification of each available feature. Read More

Run Android Apps Without SD Card By Mounting Cache Partition

Cannot access your SD card on your Android device? Damaged it? No we’re not here to fix it. This guide is intended to help you run apps that require a working SD card. So if you have an Android device with a damaged SD card, throw it in to implement this guide on and let it live! The idea is to mount the phone’s /cache partition as an /sdcard partition. To be able to implement this guide, a basic beforehand knowledge of ADB and Linux commands is helpful, but not entirely necessary. Read on for the instructions! Read More

Quickly Mount And Unmount TrueCrypt Encrypted Drives With MTCrypt

MTCrypt – a complementary tool for TrueCrypt, is out to let users easily mount and unmount volumes without following lengthy TrueCrypt methods. For new TrueCrypt users mounting a volume is a bit lengthy and complex task, as basic understanding of mounting and unmounting a drive is required, therefore, this tool enables user to mount a path easily with few clicks. Since it’s based on TrueCrypt, you need to have TruCrypt installed on your system to work with MTCrypt. It comes with UI essentials which are there in TrueCrypt, allowing you to mount and unmount while using only the relevant TrueCrypt based features. Read More

Create Drive Letter For Any Local Folder On Your Hard Disk

Most users have their folders organized in local drives which can sometime result in an important frequently accessed folder get located deep down the hierarchy. What easier way to access this folder than to mount it as a virtual a drive? There are other situations where one might needs to create a drive of a local folder, like simulating a certain environment or want to create a virtual CD drive.

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Mount Windows Folder As Virtual Drive With Folder Drives

If you access a folder frequently and it resides deep inside various directories, wouldn’t it be better if you could mount it as a virtual drive? In this way it can be accessed more easily since it will be positioned next to other drives inside My Computer. It would also become easier to access from explorer tree view. Read More

Three Ways To Mount/UnMount ISO Images In Ubuntu Linux

There are various tools in Windows that allow you to mount ISO image files easily, we have covered few of them here. But in Ubuntu, using the right tool can be a difficult task. There are a lot of tools that allow you to mount an image to the CD/DVD Drive, but what if you want to mount them to any specified folder and that too quickly? Below, we have covered two methods to mount and unmount the ISO image file quickly. Read More

How To Mount Blu-Ray Image As Virtual Drive

In the previous post we discussed about ripping and burning blu-ray disk, this post will focus on mounting and un-mounting blue-ray image. The tool we will use for this process will also be the same(BDDecrypter). There are various emulation tools that now support mounting of blu-ray image, but we will use this tool since it can also rip and burn blu-ray disks. Thus, making all three tasks possible from within one easy-to-use tool.

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20 Free Software To Create, Mount, Burn, Edit And Extract ISO Image Files

If you are looking for a free ISO software, but cannot decide which one to use? We have compiled a list of top 20 software in random order, each of them have some “pros” and cons”. All ISO software listed here are free and have different capabilities such as to Create, Mount, Burn, Edit(Manipulate the content), and Extract(Copy content to hard disk) an ISO image file. It’s for you to decide which one you want to go for :) Read More

How To Encrypt Your Data Easily

Everyone has some private data that they don’t want other to see. It may be a document consisting of all your login passwords, your bank account information that you want to keep out of  your family or some stalker’s sight. In case you are wondering how to encrypt the files/folders/entire hard drive and keep it safe from prying eyes, here is an easy method.

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