Stream & Purchase MP3 Songs On Your WP7 Using The Official 7digital App

There aren’t many services for Windows Phone 7 that have the potential to challenge the Zune music store, as for now, it remains the the number one place to purchase music if you have a Mango phone. When you look online, or even on other smartphone platforms, there are many stores which offer MP3 purchases. Not the least popular among these stores is 7digital. The service offers MP3 songs, albums and artist collections at pretty decent prices, and thankfully, they have now released their official WP7 client. Mango users have finally got a good alternative to the Zune store (not that it isn’t good in its own right). What’s more, the 7digital app comes with a music player of its own (background play is supported, of course) and will let you stream all of the songs, so you can get a preview before spending any money. If you are already a 7digital user, the app holds even more charm, and you can find out about that by heading past the break.Read More

z33k: Listen/Download Music From MP3Skull Database Or Internet Radio

Everyone loves listening to online radio for a number of reasons. Not only is it free but the library is also huge. Just a few days ago, we reviewed Hypegram, which we found to be one of the best (if not the best) applications available for streaming internet music. It not only had a sleek and stylish looking interface, but also packed awesome functionalities. z33k, is yet another new open source desktop application that might replace your current internet radio.It lets you listen to live internet radios as well as search and download your favorite music from the huge databases of MP3Skull and Dilandau. It is a portable application and is currently in beta version, but still looks and performs excellent. There is not much to talk about aesthetics though as it has a minimalistic looking metallic grey GUI design. More details after the jump.Read More

music2pc: Download Music From A Library Of Over 100 Million MP3 Songs

Whether listening to music while working increases or decreases productivity is a much debated topic. According to some studies, listening to music seems to impair task concentration as well as the ability to remember, while others believe it helps in drowning out the background noise, thus resulting in more concentration and better work performance. Personally, I also listen to music while working, and in my opinion, it allows more concentration as long as the track is not too distracting. In the end, its all about what you are used to while working. If you belong to group that listens to music while working, we have a music downloader for you today. music2pc is a portable application for Windows that allows you to download your favorite music from a massive library of over 100 million MP3 songs.Read More

Discover And Download Music With Mulve

Mulve is a small (2MB) portable music downloader which aims to bring ease with speed in downloading and discovering a wide range of music. As far as music downloading applications are concerned, you may have already got acquainted with many tools, Mulve differs in the context of both downloading and discovering music. The developers behind the application are a bit reluctant in divulging the search sources, but certainly have worked a lot in finding and making them work with this music downloader.Read More

SoundCloud Downloader Downloads MP3 Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud provides an option to download music directly but sometimes songs are not officially released for download, and in most cases users reach their download limit. In such situations, users looking forward to download music can try out SoundCloud Downloader, which is a free desktop application that allows quick downloading of songs, one at a time.Read More

The Last Ripper: Download & Save Songs From is one of the most popular internet radio service out there. Sporting a wide collection of music and various genres, this site becomes a top choice when you want to listen to something online. But what if you find a radio station that you want to listen to again? What if a song inspires you to keep for future listening? does not allow any downloads, and this is where TheLastRipper comes into play. This program lets you save and download’s streams as mp3, alongside album art, ID3v2 tags, and organizing the downloads neatly in Artist/Album/Track order.Read More