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SoundCloud Downloader Downloads MP3 Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud provides an option to download music directly but sometimes songs are not officially released for download, and in most cases users reach their download limit. In such situations, users looking forward to download music can try out SoundCloud Downloader, which is a free desktop application that allows quick downloading of songs, one at a time.

Copy the SoundCloud song URL and paste it in the application. Hit Suche (which is German for “Search”) and it will automatically list all downloadable items that are found. Double-click the song (usually the first one) from the list, select an output directory, and it will start downloading right away. The application interface is in German but that won’t be a problem since the usage is very straightforward.

Soundcloud downloader

soundcloud download mp3 music

The developer has created a short video demonstrating the working of this application.

While testing we found that it downloaded songs in high quality (the voice was very clear when listening to the song), which is impressive for an application that is only 100Kb in size and portable. It works on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download SoundCloud Downloader

[via Caschy]


  1. Have your tried Allavsoft?

    It can easily downloads MP3 Music From SoundCloudI prefer its batch downloading function

  2. You may follow this simple guide to download and convert SoundCloud songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, at Allavsoft

  3. I found a new browser that has a media grabber that worked great. If you go to Soundcloud from this browser then you can use the media grabber and download the song directly from it. It’s called Torch: www.torchbrowser.com

  4. Here’s something that works for me, because I had the same issue with Chrome, where a video player would come up instead of the file automatically DLing.

    I get the same link from the source code, open it in Windows Media Player (File > Open > Open URL). Once it’s playing, do File > Save As (you might have to add the .mp3 extension to the file name when saving). From what I can tell, it’s downloading the file in high quality.

  5. After i tried this i found this video which explains how you can use the Soundcloud Super +2 Firefox add-on to download tracks from Soundcloud.


  6. The SoundCloud Stream Loader offers ID3v1 song tagging and album picture tagging. Take a look:


  7. Here’s the thing, you guys. All of the fast, easy tips you’ve all listed have worked- the source code trick, the browser plug-ins, the couple of websites that grab the files. They all get the song for you. I haven’t tried any of the big programs yet, b/c that’s a bigger commitment if they just do the same thing these other things do.

    Which is: they all download the file in 128kbps. I already have Download Helper for Firefox and it’s been doing the exact same thing these things do forever. Here’s the problem- I don’t know about you, but 128kbps is NOT good quality music to me; I don’t like anything below 192kbps, at the least. When songs are available to download in Soundcloud by the uploader, for the most part they are higher than 128kbps. I’m going to assume that the majority of the file were uploaded at greater than 128kbps.

    What I’m looking for is something that will download the files at the high-rate at which they were uploaded, like I am able to do with songs that have a download link. If this doesn’t exist, at least I’ll know, but I’d like someone to tell me whether this is possible or not. Thank you.

    • The problem isn’t with any of these methods, none of them are lowering the quality of the track.

      Soundcloud limits free user account uploads to streaming at 128kbps. All any of these tools/sites are doing is isolating the track being used in the player and bringing you to it. 

      If it’s already being streamed at 128kbps then there’s nothing you can do to improve that barring breaking into the database the original MAY be held at. Not only would that be very difficult and insanely illegal it’s also not guaranteed to work. We can’t be entirely sure if the songs for free users are even saved at the same quality they were uploaded as. The change to 128kbps could be before the song even enters the database.

      That said, I would assume that the version held in the database has the same bitrate as what the author uploaded and the change to 128kbps only occurs while streaming. This makes more sense for Soundcloud because it places more incentive on getting a paid account (you wouldn’t have to reupload all your songs and lose all the comments/views for your old songs to be played at a good bitrate if the database had the original). This is all hypothetical though.

      Bottom line is, if page source methods are giving you 128kbps then you’re fucked. This also applies to songs the author ALLOWS you to download if they’re uploading with a free account. In this case it might be worth asking them for a higher bitrate version of the track by email or something since they’re okay with you downloading it anyways.

  8. Copy below to internet explorer, it will download automatically..


    Then search for solution how to get file from “Temporary Internet Files”..


  9. yes. I copy the text into the URL and the song starts playing with quicktime. It seems to download but I’m not sure where it’s stored. changing the download location in firefox doesn’t make a difference.

  10. seems to work but I can’t find where the mp3 is downloaded to. I’ve checked the default download location in Firefox but the file isn’t there. Any help?

  11. LSDelirious & Tribal Druid are on point. Thank you both for the code. Works like charm. I’m tired of downloading programs anyway.

    Worked fine in Chrome, if you can do HTML, this should be easy. Take your time, code is overwhelming for the unfamiliar.

  12. Apparently it only works in my Explorer browser, not Firefox or Chrome. Otherwise, perfect. Thanks for the tips.

    • I’m trying to do what they said, but when I pull it up in IE it opens up in my Windows Media Player and starts playing. Is that everything that I need to do, or am I missing something?

  13. @Tribal Druid
    Following these instructions opened a new player when pasted in a new tab. If I right click I have the option to ‘save video as’ but nothing else in an .mp3 format. Am I missing something?

  14. LSDelirious has the best advice here. His answer is also the easiest and most practical as it doesn’t involve downloading anything whatsoever. Let me rephrase his answer so readers can understand it:

    Simply right click and choose “View Page Source” on the page of the song you want.

    Hit Ctrl + F in the source code window that comes up (this opens a search bar at the bottom in Firefox and at the top in Chrome)

    Now type in and search for the term “media” within the code.

    Hit the next arrow (down) until it brings up the media link which looks like this:

    http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/(random letters here)?stream_token=(random letters here)

    “random letters here” will be replaced with a set of random letters. There are 3 other similar links in the source code after this and they are not the song. You are looking for the very first link with “media” in it. Just copy that first link as shown above and paste it into the url. Your song download will begin. Rename it accordingly. Enjoy!

  15. Ehi! Mp3 My Cloud is the simplest soundcloud downloader!! You don’t need to install nothings to download your favorite songs!! Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB8a7SurEBE



  16. I found a much easier way to download the tracks: if you use google chrome you can isntall this user script which gives you a extra download button to every track you find on soundcloud 🙂


    on firefox you need the grease monkey plugin before you can use userscripts.

    i think it is more comfortable then starting an extra program. i love it

  17. totally not necessary. Go look at the source code for the page and find the link to the song in the JavaScript Tag, it will be something like: http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/(random digits)?stream_token=(token digits) copy and paste this url in a new tab and your song should download direct to your machine

  18. http://offliberty.com/
    copy and paste url of just the track u want
    works with a wide variety of different content on different sites

  19. This shit doesn’t work any more. The songs I’ve downloaded before doesn’t show in search results, actually the search doesn’t show any of full version tracks located @soundcloud.

  20. Hi,

    Yesterday I released a new version of the downloader. Now it’s avaible in different languages. Hope you like it.


    • Have you ever used it.When I installed it,it was a horrific experience,no functions,I dont remember,but mu experience was pathetic on a healthy machine with several defences

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