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SoundCloud Downloader Downloads MP3 Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud provides an option to download music directly but sometimes songs are not officially released for download, and in most cases users reach their download limit. In such situations, users looking forward to download music can try out SoundCloud Downloader, which is a free desktop application that allows quick downloading of songs, one at a time.

Copy the SoundCloud song URL and paste it in the application. Hit Suche (which is German for “Search”) and it will automatically list all downloadable items that are found. Double-click the song (usually the first one) from the list, select an output directory, and it will start downloading right away. The application interface is in German but that won’t be a problem since the usage is very straightforward.

Soundcloud downloader

soundcloud download mp3 music

The developer has created a short video demonstrating the working of this application.

While testing we found that it downloaded songs in high quality (the voice was very clear when listening to the song), which is impressive for an application that is only 100Kb in size and portable. It works on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download SoundCloud Downloader

[via Caschy]

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