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FilerFrog: Brilliant Windows Context Menu Shell Extension That Is Now Free!

FilerFrog is a brilliant context menu shell extension which was formerly a commercial product but is now a free open source software. It integrates with Windows shell to provide you the most important tools for performing routine file/folder manipulation actions easily and efficiently. The application facilitates user with exhaustive file-specific functions, some of which includes, Files extraction to/from folder, Copy/Move Files and Folders, Delete empty files and folders, Bulk renaming, File encryption/decryption, File split/join, Image manipulation, and Album creation.

All the above mentioned tools, along with some smaller tools are disposed under different menus and sub-menus in the right-click Windows Explorer context menu.

File And Folder Organizer

From Organize submenu, all the files can be extracted to and from a specified folder. You can quickly copy/move the content to even some far flung folder, because it brings up navigation dialog to select a target folder. It also allows you to delete all the empty files and sub-folders included in the selected folder and copy the folders path to clipboard.

file org

File Listing

List Of Files submenu includes tools to generate a complete list of all the files and sub-folders in TXT/HTML format. Once the required option is selected, it will bring a dialog box to specify format type and name of file.

FilerFrog - Enter File List File Name

File Security – Encryption/Decryption

Going ahead, Security sub-menu includes simple encryption and decryption operations. Select file(s) you wish to encrypt and select the respective option from sub-menu. It uses a staunch RC4 encryption algorithm which is equivalent to SSL level security to provide utmost security layer over file(s). You can also apply encryption over a non-empty folder to secure all the included files.


File Splitting & Joining

Splitting & joining files is a cinch, select a file you want to split into chunks and click Split, from the Split and Join sub-menu. You can either choose the chunk size from pre-defined list or enter a custom size with size unit to cut file into specified pieces.

split& join1

To join files, select the files to be joined and click Join from Split and Join sub-menu.


Bulk File/Folder Renaming

Renaming files and folders in bulk has never been easier before, under Rename sub-menu, you are provided with whole lot of different tools to manipulate file renaming. It offers wide range of options to put pre-fix, post-fix with file name and to truncate a specified character from the files. You can also auto-number a set of files and alphabetize all the included files. The Find and Replace tool will let you replace file/folder name with specified title.

file renaming1

Image Manipulation Options

It also includes a couple image manipulation options. You can quickly resize images by pre-defined percentage or select a Custom Resize option to resize the images. You can convert the image files into JPEG format and put a logo on the image. Using Custom Resize option, it lets you compress images. Another Image-specific option is Image Album which allows user to create album of selected images in a PDF format.


Desktop Organizer

Furthermore, there is an exclusive option to sort desktop icons for arranging them into different categories. Just choose a theme to let it show categories on the desktop.

blue sky1

Custom option takes sorting desktop to the next level, where it offers multiple ways in which your desktop icons can be grouped. You can customize groups’ colors, font family and size, and border color.

FilerFrog - Sort Desktop


All-in-all, it is an awesome Windows shell extension, encompassing every option, tool and feature which brings ease in performing daily file/folder operations. The developers believe that FilerFrog should be build-in as part of Windows and we tend to agree. Considering the application size (5MB) and comprehensive array of functionalities, it is a must-have application.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported). Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download FillerFrog (Codeplex Project page)


  1. not able to see filerfrog in my context menu at all
    OS : Windows 7 64 Bit and
    I installed the 64 bit version of the software

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