How To Use OneDrive To Search Images And Documents By The Text In Them

OneDrive is built right into Windows 8 and 10. In fact, recent Windows 7 updates brought more or less the same experiences to the older OS. OneDrive offers a reasonable amount of storage space and given it's part of the OS, it has a few advantages over other cloud drives that have desktop apps for the platform. It also has a very neat feature; optical character recognition. It's what lets apps read text in images and documents that don't have editable text e.g. PDF files. Apart from OCR, OneDrive can search text inside a document or even a text file. This means the poorly named vacation photos in your camera roll and the documents that you didn't name correctly are easier to find based on their content. The search feature is available for both the desktop apps and the iOS and Android apps.Read More

Advanced PDF Utilities Free: PDF Converter With OCR, Split, Merge, Add/Remove Password Options

The PDF format is a widely popular document format that allows users to easily publish and share their documents. Fire up Google and you will find most of the user manuals, reports, drafts, letters, brochures etc., in PDF format. We, here at AddictiveTips, have covered a number of PDF document manipulation tools for our readers, ranging from PDF converters, PDF splitters and mergers to OCR tools. What if, instead of using different PDF tools, you could use multiple PDF tools under one roof? Yes, that’s what Advanced PDF Utilities Free is all about. This Windows application gives you a bunch of much needed PDF tools, all included in one installation package. It contains PDF Preview, PDF to Image, PDF to TXT, PDF Merge, PDF Split, Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF, OCR and a Password Removal tool. Using the tool, you can easily perform different operations over your PDF documents without having to use multiple, dedicated PDF utilities. Furthermore, it sports Office 2010 like UI design, and offers easy navigation controls to quickly find and launch the required PDF tool from within the application window. Let’s find out if it’s worth a spot on your precious hard disk space. Read More

OCR To Word: Extract Text From Scanned Images & Save As MS Word (DOCX) Or TXT File

Many of us are waiting for technology smart enough to let us download a car, but in the meanwhile, we’ll have to settle with taking pictures and printing them or scanning our old photographs to preserve them beyond their physical existence. For most people who own a scanner, its use is limited to scanning items. Scanners are, however, smarter than that. More specifically, scanning or image reading applications are much smarter. OCR To Word is one such application. The application lets you extract text from a scanned image, subsequently giving you the option to save the extracted text as either a MS Word document or a text file. It does not connect directly with your scanner so you don’t have to worry about your model being supported or not. The utility can communicate with your scanner via the default scanning application and can scan and import an image, which is then converted to text.Read More

Free Document OCR Uses Optical Character Recognition To Extract Text From Images

A few days back, we reviewed SuperGeek’s free JPG to PDF converter that allows you to not only convert various image file to PDF format, but also transform images into PS (post script) format. Today, we will take a look at another tool from SuperGeek, named SuperGeek Free Document OCR. If your aren't familiar with the term OCR (Optical Character Recognition), it is a technique to convert scanned images or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is quite useful if you occasionally need to rewrite scanned text documents and use them in emails, drafts, reports etc. The application recognizes images with great accuracy, and supports all the major image formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, EMF, PCX and so on. Moreover, it has the ability to import images from any local location, and fetch scanned images directly from the scanner.Read More

Bing Translator Now Allows Offline Translation Via Text, Speech & Camera [WP7]

The quality of translation apps in the Window Phone 7 Marketplace is pretty good in general. In addition to a host of third-party apps from the genre, there is one developed by Microsoft itself. We are talking about the Bing Translator app, of course. This Mango app has been around for about as long as WP7 itself, but now Translator just became a whole lot better, to compete with apps like previously reviewed Babylon. Translator now has the ability to work offline for some languages, and lets you provide input in the form of text, through speech or by scanning an image of text using the camera using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Imagine the usefulness of that feature, as now you can take your WP7 along on trips as your personal translator without having to worry about internet connectivity. After the break - an overview of the app's new and old features.Read More

Capture2Text: OCR Tool To Easily Extract Text From Images

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of text into machine-encoded text. It has a wide usage for converting books and documents into electronic documents and to computerize a record-keeping system in offices. For instance, what will you do if you have the hard copy of a form and you want to enter it in to your computer. Most probably you will end up typing the whole form into your computer manually. OCR allows you to save time in such tasks by automatically picking up text from images. This means that when using OCR, instead of typing down everything by hand, all you have to do is scan the document and convert the scanned image to text with the help of an OCR application. Previously, we have covered a lot of OCR applications, including Ground Truth Text, OCR Terminal and OneNote 2010. Capture2Text is an open source OCR application that allows you to quickly snapshot a portion of the screen, convert it to text and save the result to the clipboard. This simple tool can be used to quickly convert the text in images into editable text and copy it from the clipboard to any text editor. More on Capture2Text after the break.Read More

Office OneNote 2010: Extract Text From Image [OCR]

OneNote 2010 is one of the best application when it comes to note-taking, it gives a flamboyant look of your notes, includes lots of features; from recording videos to drawing, creating tables, etc. One of its feature which has been overlooked is the ability to recognize text from images. It has inherent OCR (Optical Character Reader), which immediately extract text from any image file format.Read More

How To Extract Text From Images And PDF Files

OCR Terminal is a free online ‘Optical Character Recognition’ tool that can convert scanned images and PDF files into searchable text. In other words, it extracts text fro any image or PDF file.Just select the PDF file or an image from where you want to extract the text and click Upload. Once you have uploaded the PDF file or an image, it will show you the preview window from where you can verify the uploaded file.Read More