Safari For iOS 7 Offers Sleek New Tabs View, Gestures & Social Media Integration

Until recently, it looked like Mobile Safari was losing a significant number of users to Google Chrome on iPhone, but with the release of iOS 7, the scales might be tipped in the default browser’s favor once again. Safari for iOS 7 incorporates almost everything that previously forced users to look for third-party web browsers. The new tabs view makes the previous iteration of Safari look like something from medieval times, the overall UI is great, and there is the new ‘Shared Links’ tab that takes the browser’s social media integration to a whole new level.Thanks to its iCloud Keychain integration, Safari lets users save and sync their personal information, passwords and credit card data in a rather secure manner. You also don’t have to exit the browser every time there is a need to initiate a private browsing session.Read More

OmniTube Shows Search Suggestions From YouTube In Chrome Omnibar

One of the things that keeps me hooked to Chrome over Firefox is the search suggestions I get when I start typing in the Omnibar. Firefox’s Awesome bar doesn't provide these live search results, and I'm too used to them to be comfortable without this feature. Google provides suggestions not only in the  Omnibar and Google's own search bar, but also when you type and search on YouTube. OmniTube is a Chrome extension that lets you search YouTube from the Omnibar, which is no big deal, but what sets it apart is that it also provides search suggestions as you type. This obviously lets you search faster, and at the same time, find popular searches submitted by other users. OmniTube does one more neat thing as well; not everyone who links to a YouTube video adds anchor text to describe it, and some simply add the link instead, which gives no indication as to what the video is about. OmniTube replaces simple YouTube links with their proper titles as they appear on YouTube. Read More

Get Chrome-Like Omnibar With “Find On Page” In iOS Safari

It is a known fact that competition always improves the quality of a product. Ever since the awesome Chrome for iOS came out (along with a slew of Cydia tweaks aimed at Google’s web browser) there have been some pretty decent tweaks for Mobile Safari as well. Most of the recent Safari tweaks are trying to bring Chrome’s features to the stock iOS web browser, but Safari Omnibar does a bit more than that. Admittedly, this tweak borrows the Omnibar from Chrome, but it also adds a new functionality to Safari’s address bar. Safari Omnibar will remove the search box from Safari, and in addition to that, you will also be able to find anything on the current page from the same area of the browser.Read More

Search Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter & Other Websites From Chrome Omnibar

Smarter Search, a Chrome extension, adds extra functionality to the Chrome omnibar and lets you search multiple search engines right through the omnibar. It works for a lot of popular websites, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube and StackOverflow. Instead of opening new tabs, entering a website URL and then a search term, simply type s in the URL bar, hit the space bar and enter your search query. Smarter Search comes with an autocomplete feature that displays a list of websites in a drop-down menu. Select an option from the list and hit Enter to instantly open results for your query in a new tab. In addition to the auto-complete choices, there are a few other domains that can be searched, such as Amazon, Flickr, eBay and Delicious, using special key combinations along with the default s key.Read More

Save Tabs In User Defined Groups For Later Access [Chrome]

Ending up with a lot of open tabs when working online is not a rare occurrence. Not only can this be irritating, but sifting through all these tabs can be a pain. This is where Tab Bundler, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. With it, you can organize and manage open tabs by saving them in user defined groups. For instance, you might have a group of tabs related to music, another group related to work and so on. This extension will let you create bundles by going to a window with all your open tabs and click on the Tab Bundler button in the toolbar. Input a a title for your bundle, and hit Enter to create a new bundle.Read More

Quickly Access & Filter Recently Visited Pages From Omnibar [Chrome]

Want to quickly access your recently visited webpages? Recent is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find pages that you have recently visited. The extension is simple but useful, as it lets you access recent pages without having to navigate away from the page and open the history for Chrome. All you need to do, simply type the keyword Recent in the omnibox, hit Tab and the results will instantly be displayed in a drop-down list. With it, you can quickly filter down omnibar results and glance at your recently visited pages.Read More

GMail Search: Quickly Find Gmail Items From The Omnibar [Chrome]

Gmail Search, a Chrome extension, lets you quickly search through your Gmail account right from the Omnibar. The extension helps you search your emails from your Google accounts directly from the address bar. Once the extension is installed, simple type “gs” in the Omnibar, and hit either the space bar or tab, then enter a query to search your Gmail inbox. The extension will display a list of all the emails and conversations that consists of the search keyword. The instant search feature displays results immediately, and provides users with fast access to currently signed-in Gmail account.Read More

SlashSearch: Quickly Focus On The Search Box On Any Website [Chrome]

SlashSearch, a Chrome extension, adds a simple hotkey that allows you to automatically focus on the search box on any website. When you press the forward slash key (“/”) on a webpage, it focuses on the page’s search box, and in case the website doesn’t have a search feature, SlashSearch renders it own search box, so you can enter a query into the box and start searching the website using Google. Moreover, SlashSearch extends Chrome’s search feature by typing a backslash (“\”) into the omnibar, initiating a search on the domain you're currently viewing. The extension lets you quickly locate the search bar on any website, saving up both time and effort.Read More

Launch Websites From Chrome Omnibar Using Custom Shortcuts

Tired of entering repetitive URLs to access the same website? Shortcuts, a Chrome extension, makes navigation faster by letting you create and customize website shortcuts of your very own choice. With it, you no longer need to type the full website URLs over and over again, neither have to access your bookmarks. The extension lets you instantly create shortcuts for any website from its options. For instance, if you’ve set FB as the shortcut for Facebook, all you need to do, is type >, press Tab, and enter FB. Shortcuts conveniently allows you to get to your favorite websites without wasting time and effort.Read More

Access History, Bookmarks & Search Suggestions From Firefox Omnibar

Omnibar Plus, a Firefox add-on, adds extra functionality to the Firefox Omnibar by organizing links from history, bookmarks and search suggestions. Bookmarks & History links are grouped together, whereas Omnibar search suggestions can be found in a different group. Omnibar Plus also requires another add-on, Omnibar, as a prerequisite. You can also quickly search and switch between different search engines using the shortcut search operator. Hitting F6 focuses the location bar, and a middle click on the search engine opens its homepage. The drop down list is compact, and different styles can be applied to it. Settings and features can be changed from  Omnibar Plus options.Read More

Access Chrome’s Recent History, Closed Tabs & Bookmarks From Omnibar

Recent History, a Chrome extension, displays your Recent History, Recently Closed Tabs, Most Visited Items and Recent Bookmarks in a one-click pop-up. Recent History provides users with a better history manager, and comes with an extensive list of options. You can change the number of items displayed in the pop-up, the pop-up icon, width and theme from options. Recent History lets you view recent history, recently closed tabs and bookmarks right in your browser, without having you to navigate to the full history page. You can also share, pin and delete individual items from this very useful pop-up.Read More

Better Omnibox: Search Bookmarks & History Using Chrome Omnibar

The Omnibar has been one of the distinguishing features of Google Chrome, combining URL entry with instant search and several other useful features. Better Omnibox, a Google Chrome extension, improves upon the existing capabilities of Omnibar and enhances your search results by pulling results from both your bookmarks and browsing history, enabling you to find previously-visited or starred content with even more ease. Better Omnibox is unobtrusive and easy-to-use. All you need to do, is simply type #, hit Space and then enter your query. The extension will display a list of top matches from both bookmarks and history, allowing quicker navigation.Read More

Hide The Omnibar (Address Bar) To Save Space In Chrome

One of the best things about Chrome is it’s minimalistic interface. The browser has great features but its never let any of those features add clutter or reduce the space available for viewing a webpage. When it combined the search and address bar in one, it was undoubtedly a stroke of pure genius and now it looks like we will soon be able to hide the Omnibar; the feature has already debuted in the latest Chrome Canary build which is ready for testing.Read More

Quickly Switch Tabs Using The OmniBar In Chrome

Tabbed browsing lets you search multiple sites in the same window; allowing you to group your work in one window. This works well if you’ve only got a few tabs open and you can see snippets from the Page titles but when you’ve got more than 15 tabs open in any one window, the Page title snippets are no longer visible and that means clicking on each tab to find the page you’re looking for. The OmniTab is a Google Chrome extension that lets you quickly switch tabs using the OmniBar in Chrome.Read More