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SlashSearch: Quickly Focus On The Search Box On Any Website [Chrome]

SlashSearch, a Chrome extension, adds a simple hotkey that allows you to automatically focus on the search box on any website. When you press the forward slash key (“/”) on a webpage, it focuses on the page’s search box, and in case the website doesn’t have a search feature, SlashSearch renders it own search box, so you can enter a query into the box and start searching the website using Google. Moreover, SlashSearch extends Chrome’s search feature by typing a backslash (“\”) into the omnibar, initiating a search on the domain you’re currently viewing. The extension lets you quickly locate the search bar on any website, saving up both time and effort.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simple hit “/” and the cursor will automatically be placed in the search bar on any website. SlashSearch also lets you type a backslash in the omnibar, so that you can start searching the current website using Google.

Slashsearch omnibox

The extension renders its own search bar on websites that don’t have a search option. Simply hit “/”, and a search bar will appear on the webpage, where you may enter your search and Google Search results for the domain will instantly be displayed.

added searchbar

The SlashSearch Options let users change the default hotkey, simply enter a key and click Save and Close.

SlashSearch options

All three search features of the extension may seem somewhat trivial but they will be immensely useful for users who like to stick to using a keyboard exclusively. The slash keys are not some of the more commonly used ones and the extension capitalizes on them (while giving users the option to still chose their own shortcut key). Perhaps the search bar added in the absence of one on a website is somewhat redundant since the feature to search a particular domain will yield more or less the same search results.

SlashSearch enhances the web browsing experience by allowing regular users to quickly locate the search bar on any website. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install SlashSearch For Google Chrome

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