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Quickly Access & Filter Recently Visited Pages From Omnibar [Chrome]

Want to quickly access your recently visited webpages? Recent is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find pages that you have recently visited. The extension is simple but useful, as it lets you access recent pages without having to navigate away from the page and open the history for Chrome. All you need to do, simply type the keyword Recent in the omnibox, hit Tab and the results will instantly be displayed in a drop-down list. With it, you can quickly filter down omnibar results and glance at your recently visited pages.

Recent makes full use of Chrome’s instant search feature, and as you type only a few letters of your query, results are retrieved from the history.


Recent gives Chrome better search capabilities, and can come in quite handy especially for people who want to have instant access to their recently visited websites. Visit the link given below, try it out and drop a comment.

Install Recent For Google Chrome

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