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RoundIt: Give Your Images Rounded Corners In Batch Operation

Image editing can prove to be quite difficult if you don’t have to the right tools for performing the required functions. Massive and feature-laden tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, provide users with extensive options to perform every type of photo editing, but at the same time are also complex to learn and use, and don’t come cheap. Previously, we have covered some very useful image editors for both Windows and Mac, such as Artweaver Free for Windows with layer support and SketchBook for Mac OS X. However, all of these applications offer advanced image editing features such as layer support, wide variety of brushes, effect filters, configurable editing tools, image color settings etc., which not every body actually needs or understands. If you want to perform a small specific editing task, it is advisable to use a small software, which performs the required function in order to avoid cluttering up and slowing down your system with memory intensive applications. If later is supposedly the case, then RoundIt is probably what you have been looking for. It is one such application that allows you to quickly make images rounded in both single file and batch operation. A unusual idea perhaps, but unique too. Keep reading to find out more about RoundIt.

The interface of RoundIt has a blue color scheme to it. It has File, Corners, Background and Borders menus at the left side with options, such as corner radius, transparent or colored background, border color and width. The changes made to the image can be viewed in real-time on the image appearing in the right side.

To make the edges of your images round, click Select file or folder button after choosing Single file or Batch mode depending on your preference. Specify the background choice and choose the color and width of image border (you can also select no border). Once all settings are done, select Save from the File menu to save the rounded images.

RoundIt - DWallpapers

As the name implies, the sole purpose of RoundIt is making your images curvy. If you wanted some more options, then you may feel fairy disappointed with its limited functionality. The application works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download RoundIt

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