How To Disable Touch Input On Your Android Phone [No-root]

Touch screens have changed the way we interact with phones. They're easier to use and a physical keyboard or a number pad is no longer a necessity which means larger screens. A touch screen is great until you accidentally tap it at the wrong time. This can be during a Skype meeting or when you're recording a video. An accidental tap can exit an app or end a call. Given how responsive touch screens are, the consequence of an accidental touch will be immediate. Touch Lock is an Android app that can disable touch input on your Android phone. It can also disable key presses on actual physical keys. It does not require a rooted device. Here's how it works. Read More

How To Set Time Limit For Local Accounts In Windows 10

Parental controls in Windows 10 have changed so that they are tied to your Microsoft account. QUite a few features in the new operating system are dependant on a Microsoft account. You can use a local account on your computer but by doing so you lose out on some features, parental controls being one of them. At present, if you want to use parental controls, you need to connect your Microsoft account to the main administrator account and then add child accounts to it. If you'd rather use a local account, setting restrictions can be tricky. There is no GUI to add them but you can use the command line instead. Here's how to set up log in time restrictions for local accounts on Windows 10. Read More

Parental Control App TimeAway Lets You Manage Your Kids’ Device [Android]

When computers first became common, parents were reluctant to let their children use them, fearing the fact that they would spend all their time playing games or surfing the internet. Today, smartphones have the same bad reputation. Apparently, children today have mobile devices with more processing power than all of our childhood technology combined and is a concern for many parents who aren't sure how to curb mobile usage. TimeAway is a new Android application that aims to limit your kids mobile usage and give that control back in your hands. The free app offers plenty of features such as tracking time your kids spend on apps, detecting their current location, and remotely locking and unlocking their phone. Read More

eSafely Protects Your Children From Inappropriate Online Content

As we rely more and more on the internet for everything from work and socialization to entertainment and shopping, we increasingly expose ourselves to the malicious entities on it that are waiting for a chance to exploit as many as they can. This problem becomes especially pronounced when it comes to children, since they are obviously more vulnerable to such threats, along with exposure to information that may not be appropriate for their age. For this reason, it’s extremely important to have parental control over your children’s online activity. eSafely aims to help you with that by making the internet a safer place for your kids. Available as an extension for the four major browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, this handy extension protects your kids against cyberbullying and inappropriate conversations on Facebook, blocks adult content from YouTube and Wikipedia, and redirects all their searches to Clearch – a search engine that only shows results appropriate for everyone including kids. Read More

Remotely Monitor & Manage Your Children’s PCs With Emma Parental Control

Being a parent is no easy business, especially when you’re conflicted between being protective of your kids, or being permissive. “You’re more likely to underestimate them than overestimate” is usually a pretty effective heuristic for bringing perspective to your neuroses. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control of what your children are exposed to, especially online, might ironically make you a more generous parent. Emma Parental Control is a complete monitoring and administrative suite that connects your children’s computers and mobile devices to your online account, which you can then use to set rules, limit access to online content, and view detailed reports and statistics of their activities from anywhere. With a unified view of all your children’s activity, you can look out for them in everything they do online, from talking to strangers to visiting certain types of websites. Emma Parental Control requires no complex configuration and allows you to access the statistics report online from any computer browser. Read More

Hide Or Replace Profane Text On Websites With Word Filter For Chrome

Being online can be a tiresome experience. On a pleasant stroll through the internet, you’re likely to encounter many different shades of cynicism. It’s just too hard to ignore them all. So what do you do? You wear rose-tinted glasses. For all the visual clutter, many use ad-blockers. And for the written pollution, your lens of choice would be Word Filter 4.2, a Google Chrome extension that replaces a list of words with others of your choice on any webpage that you visit. Read More

Verity: Protect Your Kids By Blocking Harmful Websites & Applications

Monitoring the internet use of children has become almost a necessity for parents if they want to ensure that their child is not being exposed to adult or harmful material. Internet is now filled with so much time wasting and potentially harmful content that you can easily lose focus whether your child is doing his school work or browsing around the YouTube or other streaming sites. How much monitoring and control there should be, is, however, a debatable topic. And depends on the country and culture you're part of. Previously, we have covered some nice parental control and monitoring software, such as Qustodio, Weblock For Kids, The Web Blocker, Activity Monitor and Cyberoids Web Blocker. All these aforementioned tools are quite handy to keep your children safe from various forbidden activities on the internet. Verity is another such parental control software that allows you to monitor and track the computer and internet activity of your child. You can block websites and applications with parental controls and track activity by user, program, keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots. It lets you view what you kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non-invasive manner. More on Verity after the break. Read More

The Web Blocker: Block Websites Using Read-Made Category Templates

With billions of webpages, parental control on the internet usage of young kids is a big issue. Many parents are concerned about not knowing what their kids are watching or reading on the internet when they are alone. Other than that, it is very easy to get distracted from the work at hand. It starts with you opening a random link on YouTube or Facebook, and ends with an hour or two wasted before you even realize that you haven’t finished your work. Some months ago, we covered a very good web based parental control application called Qustodio, that allowed you to easily block websites and keep track of your kids’ online activities. Today, we have another website blocker for you called The Web Blocker that lets you block selected websites, and also provides you with built-in templates to block a certain category of websites, such as Social Networking, Adult Material, Games, Videos etc. Read More

Care4Teen: Parental Control Tool That Automatically Creates Screencasts Upon Detection Of Inappropriate Content

There has always been a debate on whether the internet does more bad than good for the young users. On one hand, the free availability of everything allows kids to research and study articles and news, but on the other, the number of inappropriate websites increasing day by day can really corrupt those young minds. Protecting their children from these websites as they browse through the internet is the responsibility of parents, but to protect them, first they have to know if their curious kids are accessing any inappropriate content or not. Parental control applications are a great way to keep tabs on your kids and restrict what they can access and view online. Care4Teen is an application for Windows that allows you to monitor, control and block the content viewed by your children, even remotely. Read More

Customize Website Access For Your Child With Weblock For Kids

Weblock for kids is a parental control application, which allows browsing only custom approved websites by parents. It can be easily implemented to apply browsing restrictions on children, so that you can customize your child's homepage with the included artwork, defined colors or even your own images. Furthermore, you can prevent access to your computer and other programs by password protecting browsing, and for exiting the “Kid Mode”, which limits browsing sessions. Read More

Activity Monitor: Regulate And Control Online Activity On A System

Many parental control applications are restricted to checking and/or blocking content according to some defined parameters. However, before one can block inappropriate content, sometimes it is necessary to profile the habits of children to find any loopholes that may remain open even after a block is set in place. For example, you might be interested in blocking webpages which may be displaying ads with explicit content, whereas your child might require using the same website (to which the webpage belongs to). SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a free parental control application that records the activity of a system, and allows imposing precise blockage rules to control online content that can be accessed from a computer. Read More

Limit What Your Kids Can Access Online & Monitor Their Activity

The internet can be a dangerous place; you have your phishing scams, your credit card theft, big name services that get hacked, and more. If you look at it from a minor's perspective, the internet becomes all the more dangerous with a need to monitor what content kids have access to becoming all the more apparent. Qustodio is a parental control application to easily block and keep track of your kids' online activities. It lets you create separate profile for each kid, define different web surfing categories and time usage limitations for different profiles. With Qustodio, you can monitor your child’s social networking activities as well as control their online access, receive notifications about suspicious websites visits and lock internet or computer usage once they reach set time limits. Read More

Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity With Social Monitor

As the age of social networking reaches record heights, children are now more vulnerable to internet threats than ever before. Social networking website like Facebook are a major source of scams and criminal elements looking for potential targets. Lately, there has been a lot of concern among parents to get rid of Pedophiles from Facebook. Social Monitor is a Facebook monitoring application, which can download important content regarding your child’s Facebook profile which can help you identify if he/she is being targeted by a harmful source. This not just include criminal elements but also includes groups, friends, etc which may be disseminating explicit content. Read More

Restrict Kids Internet Usage With Nanny Parental Control [Ubuntu Linux]

Nanny Parental Control is a Linux based application that provides a comprehensive set of options for controlling the content and time of internet access for websites, instant messengers and email clients. Internet usage can also be scheduled for specified users. It is somewhat similar to Internet Security Controller, which is a Windows based application that restricts internet access according to a specified criteria and websites. Administrative privileges are required for configuring Nanny settings. In order to benefit from this application, make sure that other users upon whom restriction are applied, should not have administrator password, so that the settings are not altered by them. Read More

Internet Security Controller Restricts Time Spent By Your Employees And Family On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc

Internet Security Controller is an excellent tool for restricting the time spent by people on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Bebo, YouTube, etc on a specified computer (e.g. employees in an office or children at home). It is protected by a master password which can be used to adjust settings. It provides precise day, date and time options to customize access settings. Read More

Exploring Windows 7 Parental Controls

What Is Parental Controls

Parental Controls let parents restrict which games their children can play, which programs they can use, and which websites they can visit ,etc. This feature was originally introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista but was limited to website-filtering capabilities and some other basic features, but the upcoming Windows 7 has added many enhanced features to it. Now, you can easily control and monitor applications, games, emails and instant messaging,  etc. Lets explore how we can use it in Windows 7. Read More