Batch-Convert PDFs To RTF & Extract Their Elements With PDF Shaper

PDF is one of the most convenient and secure ways of distributing documents that will always render and print with the same formatting of your choice, and others won't be able to easily modify them. Given such advantages along with the ability to password-protect PDF files, the format is widely used when it comes to sending confidential or important documents via emails attachments, file sharing sites, and through other file transfer mediums. However, at times we do encounter situations when we require to convert a file in to another format such as TXT, DOCX or RTF for the sake of making changes or extracting certain objects from the file. We have covered plenty of PDF converters in the past like 7-PDF Website Converter, PDF24, PDF To Word Converter, Doxillion Document Converter, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a PDF converter that can specifically convert files to RTF, PDF Shaper has the answer. Not only is it capable of converting a full PDF file or selected pages from it, but can also convert a batch of files in one go.Read More

Advanced PDF Utilities Free: PDF Converter With OCR, Split, Merge, Add/Remove Password Options

The PDF format is a widely popular document format that allows users to easily publish and share their documents. Fire up Google and you will find most of the user manuals, reports, drafts, letters, brochures etc., in PDF format. We, here at AddictiveTips, have covered a number of PDF document manipulation tools for our readers, ranging from PDF converters, PDF splitters and mergers to OCR tools. What if, instead of using different PDF tools, you could use multiple PDF tools under one roof? Yes, that’s what Advanced PDF Utilities Free is all about. This Windows application gives you a bunch of much needed PDF tools, all included in one installation package. It contains PDF Preview, PDF to Image, PDF to TXT, PDF Merge, PDF Split, Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF, OCR and a Password Removal tool. Using the tool, you can easily perform different operations over your PDF documents without having to use multiple, dedicated PDF utilities. Furthermore, it sports Office 2010 like UI design, and offers easy navigation controls to quickly find and launch the required PDF tool from within the application window. Let’s find out if it’s worth a spot on your precious hard disk space. Read More

First PDF: Convert PDF To Word (DOC), Text & Several Image Formats

Looking for a PDF manipulation tool that can quickly convert PDF documents into Word and Text format without having to manually configure conversion settings? Try First PDF. It's a simple, free Windows application that allows you to not only convert PDF documents to DOC and Text format, but also to export them in different image formats, namely PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and Multi TIFF. The application may prove to be extremely useful in instances where you want to convert a PDF file to an editable MS Word DOC file or if you want to embed a specific page of a PDF document into your website, as an image. As far as PDF to DOC conversion is concerned, it has the ability to preserve the text formatting as well as other applied text styles without changing the original structure of the document.Read More

FlipPDF To WORD: Convert PDF To DOC In Bulk Or via Hot Directories

The PDF document content can not be altered very easily that is why it's considered to be one of the safest ways of sharing documents, among your clients, coworkers and other associates. Sometimes however, we need to convert a PDF file back to an editable format such as TXT, RTF, DOC(X) etc., in order to make a few changes to the document. FlipPDF To WORD provides this facility and does the job in an efficient manner. The application enables you to convert multiple PDF documents into DOC (MS Word) format, in one go. Aside from the typical conversion, the application also provides Hot Directories Mode, which automatically converts PDF files to DOC format as soon as you place a PDF file in a specified folder. In contrast to the GUI, it also comes with a CLI mode to quickly perform PDF to Word conversions from within the Windows CMD utility. More details after the jump, containing screenshots.Read More

How To Batch Convert PDF Files To Word Format

Not everyone is familiar with PDF documents, take an example of my family members who know nothing about PDF documents but know everything about MS Word document. So when I have to share a document with them, first I will have to convert it to MS Word. Another need to convert it to MS Word arises when you need to edit something from the read-only PDF documents.Last year I wrote about an online service that allows you to convert documents from PDF to Word format. The service instead of converting the file on-the-fly and showing you the download link, will actually send you an email after some time, which in my opinion is not productive. Another downside is that you cannot batch convert the files, instead you will have to repeat the process over and over again.Read More