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First PDF: Convert PDF To Word (DOC), Text & Several Image Formats

Looking for a PDF manipulation tool that can quickly convert PDF documents into Word and Text format without having to manually configure conversion settings? Try First PDF. It’s a simple, free Windows application that allows you to not only convert PDF documents to DOC and Text format, but also to export them in different image formats, namely PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and Multi TIFF. The application may prove to be extremely useful in instances where you want to convert a PDF file to an editable MS Word DOC file or if you want to embed a specific page of a PDF document into your website, as an image. As far as PDF to DOC conversion is concerned, it has the ability to preserve the text formatting as well as other applied text styles without changing the original structure of the document.

The supported output file formats (Word & Images) are grouped under their respective sections. It houses two main tabs at the top (PDF to Word and PDF to Images). The PDF to Word tab allows you to convert PDF document into DOC (which actually retains all the text format and images in the document) and Text format. To perform PDF to DOC conversion, select Word option from PDF to Word tab, and then drag the files that you want to convert over the List with PDF files section, present at the left side of the window. It will also provide you with a preview of the selected file. Afterwards, click Browse to select your output directory as well as output file name, and click GO button to start the conversion process.

First PDF

Likewise, in order to convert PDF file into an image file, select PDF to Images tab and drag the PDF files over the application. Now, from the drop-down menu to the right, specify your output image format followed by adjusting DPI (dot per inch) value. Once done, Click Browse to select the output directory and then press GO to commence the conversion.

PDF to Image

Although the program successfully converted most of the files we threw at it, it did take a great deal of time while converting some large sized PDF documents into DOC format.  In a nutshell, First PDF is a promising tool that would definitely help you performing most of your PDF conversions. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit OS edition.

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