Forward Multiple Ports And Create Simple Rules With Smart Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is required to accept an incoming request TCP-IP package from remote computer(s), so that communication between originating and target sources can be initiated. Port forwarding applications do nothing excepts simplify the whole process of creating a port forwarding rule. Like the previously reviewed Simple Port Forwarding - a tool which shortens the steps involved in forwarding port for listening incoming connections, Smart Port Forwarding is another application which promises the same functionality in a much simpler and smarter way.Read More

Simple Windows Port Forwarding Tool Goes Portable

Back in 2009 we covered Simple Port Forwarding tool. The application has come a long way since then. The latest version offers portability with a complete UI overhaul.Port Forwarding helps in instances when you’re using applications which requires you to forward port for easier data conversations and need firewall or router to send/receive data correctly to the right place. Manually setting up port forwarding is rather difficult and can be tiresome for novices as it requires advance knowledge. Simple Port Forwarding is built to bring ease in whole procedure of defining forwarding of ports without directly configuring your router.Read More