How To Enter Recovery Mode On Your iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not have a headphone jack. This is possibly the most disturbing change made to the iPhone in terms of hardware. People are so upset with the change they haven't given much thought to home button on the new sets. It is no longer a mechanical button you can press. You now tap it instead of pressing it. This hardware change doesn't call for buying any new accessories and it's fairly easy to get used to. That said, try entering recovery mode on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and you'll find you can't use the long standing method to do so because the Home button cannot be pressed. Here's how to enter recovery mode on your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.Read More

How To Take Screenshots In Recovery & AROMA On Android

A lot of Android enthusiasts use custom recoveries such as TWRP and ClockworkMod for flashing ROMs and mods, taking and restoring full device backups, and even managing their files using the full-featured AROMA file manager. And while most users wouldn’t really need to take screenshots in recovery mode, us bloggers, developers of custom recoveries and AROMA-based apps, as well as designers of recovery themes need this functionality often to showcase what they’re reviewing or working on. In what follows, we will guide you through the process of easily taking screenshots of your Android device while it is booted in recovery mode, regardless of what custom recovery it’s running.Read More

ROM Installer: Easily Find & Install Android ROMs & Recoveries, Perform Backups & More

If you’ve installed ClockworkMod recovery on your Android device and have been into the custom ROM scene, you’re probably familiar with ROM Manager – the GUI app that lets you schedule all recovery operations such as ROM or recovery installation, backup creation, wiping data and cache etc. from within Android so that you don’t have to use the recovery’s interface for them (the operations are still performed in the recovery mode). There’s also GOOManager that makes the same possible with TWRP recovery. While both these apps work great, they both have room for improvement, both in terms of the variety of resources they offer, as well as the quality of their presentation. XDA-Developers Member jrummy has now provided us with an alternative by the name of ROM Installer that does just that, and does it brilliantly. Just like with ROM Manager and GOOManager, the operations will actually be performed in recovery, but you won’t have to do anything while in recovery mode. In what follows, we will take an in-depth look at this app and all its features.Read More

Root, Unroot & Unlock Nexus 7 (2013) & All Other Nexus Devices With Wug’s Toolkit

Earlier on, we covered a guide detailing how to root the new Nexus 7 and the older Nexus devices – barring the Nexus S and Nexus One – on Android 4.3. If you've owned a Nexus device, you probably know how the bootloader unlock and rooting process is pretty much the same across the board. While there are plenty of toolkits available for every Nexus device out there, Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit would be the first one that serves the new Nexus 7, complete with bootloader unlocking, one-click root and recovery flash, and more. Make no mistake, the toolkit has been around for a while, catering to Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, older Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, but it has just recently been updated to include support for the latest Nexus 7 as well.Read More

One-Click Install CWM Or TWRP Without A Reboot Using Recovery Tools

Flashing a custom recovery on your Android device, such as ClockworkMod or TWRP, doesn't take much time if you've got all the required tools at hand and a little bit of spare time. However, the process can be quite cumbersome to new Android users who aren't familiar with technical Android terms, ADB commands and/or the procedure to flash recovery image via fastboot. Thanks to XDA-developers forum member DsLNeXuS, we have a nifty little Android app that makes flashing a custom recovery on your device a one-click-process. Recovery Tools allows flashing a custom recovery without even rebooting the device or using any ADB command. Why would you need it when it can be done using ROM Manager or GooManager, you ask? With this application, you can flash both ClockworkMod Recovery and TWRP (one at a time, of course), though the available options may vary from device to device. Recovery Tools already supports a wide-array of Android phones and tablets, and comprises of a very minimal and intuitive design. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

TWRP Manager App Released For TeamWin Custom Android Recovery

One of the really spectacular things about Android is that users can flash all sorts of custom ROMs, kernels, themes and mods on it through its recovery environment. Don’t like the stock ROM? Fret not! You can always flash CyanagenMod, MIUI, AOKP or Paranoid Android instead. Don’t fancy that ugly Samsung Touchwiz? We neither, so grab a flashable theme and get rid it. Even if you don’t use recovery for flashing anything, it still has other uses like backing up and restoring a complete image of your phone.  When it comes to flashing anything on Android, ClockworkMod Recovey is perhaps the first to come to mind because not even a couple of years ago, it was the sole mainstream custom recovery available for most Android devices. But things have changed quite a bit since then, with TWRP  (short for TeamWin Recovery Project) fast becoming the custom recovery of choice for many. Like ClockworkMod has ROM Manager that lets you schedule recovery operations from within Android that are to be performed automatically in recovery later, TWRP users now have TWRP Manager that does the same for devices running TWRP recovery. And what's more - it boasts an interface identical to that of TWRP itself too!Read More

What Is TWRP Recovery & How To Install & Use It On Android Devices [Guide]

Till just over a year back, ClockworkMod (aka CWM) was the go-to custom recovery for pretty much every mainstream Android device. Things have changed a lot since, with a newer player entering the game and gaining a lot of critical acclaim, as well as a huge user base. TeamWin Recovery Project – or TWRP for short – is a fully touch-based custom recovery that was initially developed for Nexus devices, but has since been made available for countless other smartphones and tablets as well, in form of both official and third-party builds. Just like we took you through a very detailed tour of ClockworkMod recovery and its features, we’re going to guide you through all the features of TWRP right after the jump.Read More

HTC One M7 Toolkit: Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery, Root & More

The HTC One is becoming HTC’s biggest hit to date, and rightly so since the phone is not only amazingly beautiful to look at, but also packs quite a punch when it comes to specs and features. The device was rooted soon after getting released, and we brought you our rooting guide for the device as always, though it required you to do everything manually. If you are looking for an easier way to unlock your HTC One’s bootloader, flash ClockworkMod, TWRP or any custom recovery to it, root the device or any combination of the above, there’s now an all-in-one toolkit available to help you with the process.Read More

How To Root HTC One M7 Using Custom Recovery

HTC One rooted! The device that currently sits on the throne of the Android world has gained root access while the hype from its announcement is still fresh. With its off-the-charts specs and prowess, root access is only going to add to the already-popular device’s appeal. If you are one of those lucky few who somehow managed to grab this device, or are planning on getting one soon, you are in luck. The rooting procedure is fairly easy, though the recoveries needed are not fully functional yet and there have been complaints regarding users failing to boot into a certain recovery. The idea is to flash a recovery, boot into it and install the SuperUser package from within. Not sure whether you should root? Our guide on the top 10 reasons to root an Android device might help you out with your decision.Read More

Make Nandroid Backups On Android Without Booting Into Recovery

Want to back up your Android phone or tablet without having to reboot it into recovery? Better yet, want to do it without even having a custom recovery installed (as long as your phone is rooted)? You can do exactly that now, thanks to a tool that makes them for you right from Android itself, eliminating the step of rebooting into recovery. For more details and the complete method, read on.Read More

All-In-One Toolkit For Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM

The Galaxy S III seems to be making some really fast progress in terms of third party support for software development for this device. Earlier, we had covered quite a few ways of rooting the device, including installation of ClockworkMod recovery as well. For those who fear flashing files via ODIN, XDA-Developers forum member mskip has just released a Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit, making life for inexperienced rooters who just got their hands on a brand new S3, very easy. If you thought the functionality is limited to just rooting, installing recoveries and kernels, the toolkit offers a plethora of functions ranging from installing APK files to pulling or pushing files onto the device. Read on for more information on this invaluable toolkit and how you can use it for your SGS III.Read More

Install CWM Touch Recovery Or TWRP On T-Mobile Galaxy S II & Skyrocket

The official Team Win Recovery, ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, and the ClockworkMod recovery (non-touch) can now be flashed on the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the T-Mobile in a single click or tap. Installing a custom recovery on your Android device is a vital and important step for those with rooted devices. The installation method is not always the same and varies from device to device, such as installing via ODIN (for Samsung devices), flashing via bootloader (HTC devices mostly), or flashing the file via an in the the original recovery. That said, one device often ends up supporting more than just one recovery, and these can adopt different installation methods as well. Given all this, it would be nice to have one app or tool that would flash the recovery of your choice straight away from one place. Easy Recovery Switcher, developed by XDA-Developers forum member starskyrob for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, and the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket is available as an App for Android, and as a desktop application as well. We take a look at how it works, after the break.Read More

AROMA File Manager: Touch-Enabled Android File Explorer That Runs Within Recovery

We at AddictiveTips always love to bring to you apps that provide the users with instant and convenient solutions to their routine technology-related issues. When it comes to Android, things are no different at all. As can be seen in our compilation of 10 best Android file browsers, we have already come across quite a few feature-packed file management apps for the Android platform. Managing your Android’s internal and external storage content from within the OS through a nifty file explorer is one thing, but what if you wanted to avail these tools right from within your device’s recovery? If you often flash custom ROMs or mod ZIP files onto your device, you might have, at least once or twice, forgotten to move the flashable ZIP file to local storage before rebooting into recovery. You can always use your custom recovery's mount USB storage option to remedy such situations, but now, there's a better way to go about it.  Fresh to the arena, AROMA File Manager by XDA member, amarullz, is among one of the very first successful attempts at providing Android users with a fully-functional root-level file explorer that can be operated from within system recovery; a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod Recovery.Read More

All-In-One Hack ToolKit For HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound, myTouch 4G Slide & Amaze 4G

Tool kits for Android devices are a blessing literally. With the abilities to perform multiple functions from one app and mostly via a convenient one click method. XDA-Developers recognized member hasoon2000 has been hard at work developing a toolkit for the latest HTC devices out there, but best of all, he has released versions of the toolkit that are particular to the device at hand. The tool kit covers the recent HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound and the likes of myTouch 4G Slide and the Amaze 4G as well. The tool kit lets you not only root the device, install a custom recovery, flash a custom kernel, but brings with a few very useful extra commands as well. We talk more about it, and how you can use this tool, in detail after the break.Read More

DoomRecovery Brings Touch Based Custom Recovery For Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S gets a touch based custom recovery, called DoomRecovery, based on the famous ClockworkMod Touch recovery, thanks to the efforts of renowned XDA-Developers forum member and developer DooMLoRD. Credit also goes to Napstar from Team UtterChaos for adding in the touch capabilities to the recovery, Frosty666 for the vibration triggers, FreeXperia Team (Bin4ry & jerpelea) and of course, Koush.The recovery is based on the sources from the CWM 5.0.2.x but quite a few changes have been made to bring you the DoomRecovery including some really cool aesthetics. Read on after the break for a preview of the recovery running on the Xperia S and a tutorial on how to get this recovery running on your Xperia S.Read More

Flash ClockworkMod Touch Or Stock Recovery With One Click On Optimus 3D

Custom recovery for a rooted Android device should not be an option, but at times, the procedure involved puts off most users who try and do without a recovery installed. The Optimus 3D is not exactly a new phone on the market, but certainly one of the most popular Android devices out there. For that said device, recovery installation never really came easy, or if it did, you never got the option of 3 recoveries in one package. Yup, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member Paki0402 the device gets a recovery toolkit containing the option to flash ClockworkMod recovery, ClockworkdMod Touch recovery and if things get really out of control, the stock LG recovery. Read on for more on how you can use this app for your Optimus 3D.Read More

Root And Install Custom Recovery On Motorola Droid 4 With One Click

Aptly named Droid 4 Utility Pre-Release for Windows, the tool has been developed for the Motorola Droid 4 and released by XDA-Developers forum member mattlgroff which, as the title suggests, includes more than just your one click root. Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the Droid 4, a solution that was out just as soon as the device was released, leaving Motorola wondering where the lacked in locking down their devices bootloader. While we leave Motorola to worry about that, we’re glad they let their guard down, or for that matter, kudos to Dan Rosenberg for his motofail exploit that rooted the device. Coming back to the multipurpose tool, it also brings along a one click root for the Droid 4 on ICS 4.0.3 even though an update is not here as yet. More on the functions and how you can use this tool, after the break!

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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On MOTOACTV Android Watch [How To]

The MOTOACTV (F100) Android watch gets ClockworkMod recovery 5! The tiny 1.6” screen sized Android device is trying to compete with the big guns here, where it was rooted almost as soon as it came out, and a few weeks later, it gets an Alpha version of ClockworMod recovery 5. Does this spell future custom kernels and ROMs for this device? We wait and see, but for now, if you have the Actv rooted, here’s ClockworkMod recovery for you, courtesy of RootzWiki forum member utkanos.Read More

ClockworkMod Recovery Touch For Nexus S & Galaxy Nexus [Install]

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Koush has been working on a touch based ClockworkMod recovery for our Android devices. Touch based recoveries are becoming more and more demanded since a few have already been launched in the Android world. However, to this date, a lot of users remain committed to the ClockworkMod recovery. So after teasing us with what the Touch based rcovery will be like, Koush has now released the recovery for the Galaxy Nexus (CDMA & GSM) and the Nexus S (GSM), but it’s a beta for now and remains largely untested. So if you own one of these devices, you can flash the recovery to your device quite easily.Read More

Touch Based Amon Ra Recovery For Acer Iconia A500 Tablet [Download & Install]

Touch based custom recoveries are all the hype these days. The Acer Iconia A500, just made the list of a handful of Android devices that had the privelege of getting a touch based recovery. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member drellisidee who has built this from the Amon Ra recovery source. Yup, this is not your ClockworkMod recovery, but the equally popular Amon Ra. Further credits also go to kjy2010 for releasing a flashable zip file for those already running a custom recovery on their device. However, those without any recovery installed, would have to go through a handful of ADB commands and it’s not exactly the method of choice for many users.Read More