How To Remotely Control Any IR Device (Like An AC) With HTC One

Smartphone manufacturers have began incorporating newer and newer hardware features in their offerings that keep expanding the horizons for what your device can do. When Google introduced NFC as a native protocol for Android, a lot of useful apps popped up that let you take full advantage of the new feature, from instant payments to dead-easy media sharing with other capable devices. These days, another feature that we see in some of the latest flagships is a built-in IR Blaster, allowing the device to double as a remote control for TV, Home Theatres etc.While it’s a mighty useful functionality to have, considering how many IR devices we usually come across in our daily life, the problem is configuration. HTC One, for instance, is a flagship that comes with a native TV app to make use of the IR Blaster, but the default options are limited to TV, Cable box and Home theatre. Technically, an IR Blaster means that the device should control pretty much anything that requires an infrared beam, but the phone won’t let you do that. The good thing is, there’s a way to configure any IR device to work with HTC One, and I’ll show you how. Read More

RealVNC Makes Its $10 PC Remote Control App ‘VNC Viewer’ For Android Completely Free

RealVNC has always been one of my favorite VNC tools to remotely access my computers via the internet, or just helping a friend by remotely troubleshooting their computer. It’s a great tool for anyone looking for an easy solution to access and control Mac, Windows or Linux computers from any of the supported platforms without shelling out your hard-earned cash on expensive equipment or software. But that’s not all; RealVNC also has an Android app called VNC Viewer for remotely accessing and controlling your computers from Android. The company has recently dropped its price to free from a whopping $10, making RealVNC all the more appealing over its competitors. The Android client gives you full remote access to a PC right on your smartphone or tablet, all from an intuitive UI that just works!Read More

Remotely Control Word, Excel & PowerPoint From Windows Phone With MS Office Remote

Microsoft Office has been the productivity suite of choice for many over decades, and is still going strong among its fans and those simply stuck with it alike, especially in the corporate sector. One major use of the suite is for presentations, but it isn’t always too convenient to manage the slides through the PC itself while giving a presentation. There are many tools out there to remotely control your presentations, both in form of dedicated hardware as well as apps for popular mobile platforms out there. If you are using  a Winodws Phone device, you no longer have to rely on any third-party tools for the purpose, as Microsoft has just released an official Office Remote app for Windows Phone that lets you remotely control Word, Excel and PowerPoint right from your phone.Read More

Roccat Power Grid Is A Customizable PC Remote Control, Gamepad & System Monitor For Android & iOS

Roccat is a popular name among PC hardware enthusiasts. The Germany-based company is completely focused on developing accessories for computer gamers and keeping a close connection with them as one of their strengths, which enables them to produce high quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets that meet the requirements of their users. The company has built an app by the name of Roccat Power Grid that enables you to manage your PC from Android and iOS. It’s a fully customizable PC remote that lets you create custom controllers to monitor your system and even play games without touching the keyboard or mouse.Read More

How To Remotely Ring, Wipe & Lock Your Phone Or Tablet With Android Device Manager

In this age, we rely heavily on our smartphones for getting a lot of things done. While this certainly has its productivity benefits, it renders us pretty much handicapped when we can’t recall where we last left our device, or worse, if the device gets stolen. We’ve seen several apps for Android such as Comodo Anti-theft, Advanced Mobile Care, Easy Finder and TheftSpy that help you remotely trace your lost or stolen phone’s location, wipe it, or even get a picture of the person who uses it.While all these services offer a lot of benefits and control over your device once you have installed and configured them, many of us start thinking of such solutions once it has been too late and we’ve already lost our device. Those at Google must have that in mind when they rolled out the Android Device Manager, letting users remotely ring, lock and even erase their device without having to install a separate app for the purpose. Let’s take a look at this service in detail and how it works, right after the break.Read More

Remotely Run Commands On Android Via Text Messages Using SMS Tasks

One of the best things about owning an Android smartphone is the plethora of things power users can do with it, especially after rooting their smartphone or tablet.  These include tweaking its complete user interface beyond what's possible with launchers and lock screen replacement apps, and running certain apps that require root access to perform a wide variety of functions. Developed by XDA member jkok, SMS Tasks is a tiny app that lets you remotely execute commands on your Android phone by sending it an SMS. The commands can range from rebooting your phone and toggling its different features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data etc.) to executing any terminal commands on it and more.Read More

myControl Offers Remote PC Control From Android With Script Support

So the battery of your wireless mouse battery has died and you don't have any charged ones handy? Need to free up a USB port but don’t have a wireless mouse to replace your regular one with? Want to watch a movie on your computer's screen from a distance but your mouse cord is acting as a shackle? If you have an Android device, myControl is the answer to all these problems. The app works with a desktop client available for Windows and Linux that connects your phone and your computer, and provides you control over the latter from the former with right and left mouse buttons, a scroll bar, a trackpad area, a keyboard, voice input, special keys, and the option to run scripts for launching services like Google Search, Hulu, Netflix, etc. The app can run in the background on both your device and your system, and a connection is maintained between the two even if you switch to a different app on your phone.Read More

Popular VNC Client TinyVNC Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is becoming a pretty decent platform for anyone who has to frequently access a computer via remote desktop tools. The release of Splashtop 2 and TeamViewer in the WP Store has contributed towards making WP8 a smartphone OS that can be used to carry out serious business. TinyVNC is another option that many users would appreciate having on their device. It might not be the most feature-rich app of its kind, but it is really easy to use. The biggest plus of TinyVNC is that it is not tied to a single server application, and can be used with almost all the popular VNC clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. So, if you want to quickly access and control your computer using your mobile device, there is no need to go through lengthy configuration procedures for a particular desktop client, as TinyVNC can establish a connection in merely a few seconds. Read More

PC & Mac Remote Control App Splashtop 2 Comes To Windows Phone 8

When it comes to apps that let smartphone users access their desktops remotely, Splashtop is sure to be among the first names that crop up. Splashtop became available for iOS quite a while back, and the Android app wasn’t too far behind. After some time though, the company behind the awesome remote access software decided to revamp it and came up with Splashtop 2. The new app became popular for its better streaming quality, and audio support. However, Windows Phone users could only watch in jealousy as their friends on other platforms went around using Splashtop 2 for playing PC games on their smartphones. Finally though, the situation has suddenly changed for the better. Despite the fact that the WP Store did not have the original Splashtop app, it has directly received Splashtop 2! The app isn't too different from its Android and iOS counterparts, but does have a few features designed exclusively for Windows 8 and WP8. Read More

[Giveaway] Play PC Racing Games With Your Android Or iPhone Using Tilt Racer

Though the trusty old keyboard and mouse combo works well for almost all PC games, the avid PC gamer never settles for anything less than what fits each genre the best, like the arcade fighting stick does fighting games and the Sidewinder does the racing genre. However, if your enthusiasm for PC games isn't at the point where you'd want to spend the dough required to buy a separate controller, you can always settle for using your smartphone or tablet as one. There are now more than just a couple virtual gamepad apps available for both Android and iOS; some meant for all genres - such as DroidPad and WiFiPad - and others, like FlyPad for iPhone, that are focused on racing games. New to the market, Tilt Racer for Android and iOS aims to improve upon the latter with a better control scheme. Join us past the break to learn what it has to offer. Read More

Get Screen Standby & Remote Control On Android When Connected To External Display

If you often connect your Android device to a TV or monitor, chances are you don’t want the device to keep its screen on throughout the time it's connected to the external display. Mirroring the device's display on a separate screen for watching a movie or playing a game nullifies the need for the device’s screen to stay on, as it drains the battery. Enter Screen Standby - the app that puts the screen of your rooted Android device to standby while the device remains fully active and continues it’s normal functioning. Screen Standby offers automated functions as well, including auto detection of attached screen(s) via USB, HDMI, Bluetooth etc. and activation upon launch of a defined app. You can even turn the device into a touchpad while the screen is off. If you want to remotely control another Android device, you can not only turn that device’s screen off, but also launch apps on it, control its volume and much more. More on the features of this app after the jump.Read More

Remotely Control Mac Brightness, Volume & Media Apps From Android

There are quite a few apps available in the App Store that allow you to control your Mac. Likewise, there is an equivalent number of apps in the Mac App Store that allow you to control your iOS device. We have covered a fair number of both, but if your desktop computer is a Mac and your preferred phone runs Android, you might not find many apps to bridge this gap. Mac Remote is an Android app that lets you control iTunes, VLC player, iPhoto, Spotify, Quicktime, MPplayerX, and Preview on your Mac. You can also use it to put your Mac system to sleep, shut it down, and increase or decrease its brightness and volume levels. Mac Remote works over your Wi-Fi network and requires you to manually connect your Mac to the app. No Mac app is required in the process.Read More

TheftSpy Has Everything You Need In An Android Anti-Theft & Remote Management Tool [Review]

We have previously reviewed quite a few remote device management, location tracking, and anti-theft solutions for Android, but it’s hard to recall a tool that matches the proficiency of TheftSpy. Fresh to the Play Store, TheftSpy (Alpha) is a multipurpose Android tool offering web-based remote management, location tracking and anti-theft features. Besides offering services like remote contact list, call logs & message inbox access, location tracking via GPS, data wiping, device locking, and system rebooting & shutting down, the app brings several relatively new features to the table, such as the option to remotely take device screenshots, snap images via front-facing camera, push custom text messages as full-screen pop-up alerts, toast messages or as Text-To-Speech (TTS), encrypt entire mobile content, read & delete WhatsApp messages, secretly record audio via your device’s microphone and lots more, all from your desktop web browser. Read More

Xbox SmartGlass Brings Live ID Management & Remote Console Control To iOS

There aren’t many apps that come to Windows Phone, or even Android, before iOS, but Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass has taken that particular path. This Xbox remote controller and companion app was first released for Android, and recently, its integration with Windows Phone 8 was announced. To ensure iPhone users don't feel left out, the Redmond has just released an iOS version of the app. It is possible that you own an Xbox 360, but don’t know anything about SmartGlass. We can’t say that you will be missing anything important if you don’t have this app, but it is sure to make your gaming experience much more streamlined and manageable. The management options for Xbox Live are pretty great, but they don't even make up for half of what the app is capable of. Xbox SmartGlass can turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote controller for the console, so that you can stream content, launch apps or even play games using your device! Plus, it offers exclusive supplementary content for games.Read More

Retune Allows Remote Control Of iTunes Playback From Android

The Digital Audio Control Protocol (DACP) introduced by Apple allows iDevice users to remotely control the desktop iTunes application from their mobile devices over a shared WiFi network. Wish you could do the same through your Android device as well? Fresh to the Play Store, Retune allows Android users to remotely control the iTunes desktop application. There’s no need to install any additional desktop server apps or bear the hassle of manually configuring extensive remote connection settings. All you need to do is make sure that your computer as well as Android device is connected to the same WiFi network. The app pairs both devices via a unique pairing code, after which you can remotely control music playback & volume levels on your iTunes, view playlists, iTunes U content & Genius mixes, select your favorite radio channels, control your iTunes DJ, make iTunes stream to Apple TV, and search your iTunes library for required media.Read More

Remote Desktop App TeamViewer Touch Comes To Windows 8

Remote desktop applications are a great way to diagnose and solve problems on other computers over the internet. Remote access can be of multiple types; some connections allow you to just view the desktop screen, and whatever is happening on it, while others equip you with the ability to control almost all the aspects of a remote computer, letting you access different software, open menus, and perform actions as if you're physically present in front of it. People who frequently have to deal with complex computer issues can benefit from such solutions by providing remote access to someone who knows how to fix such problems. One of the most famous remote desktop solutions out there is TeamViewer, which is currently available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Using TeamViewer, you can remotely control your computer from any Teamviewer-configured system. Today, TeamViewer has released the preview version of TeamViewer Touch, a Modern UI app that will allow you to remotely control computers from your Windows 8 and Windows RT-powered devices.Read More

Control The Camera Of One Android Or iOS Device Using Another With Remote Shot

Just recently, one of my AddictiveTips colleagues covered WiFi Camera, an iOS app that, by pairing a couple of iDevices together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allows one to snap photos with the camera of the other. As is often the case, whenever an interesting app arrives on one platform, users across the other platform tend to become curious about the availability of similar apps for their devices. While it is unknown whether or not WiFi Camera will be made available to Android users, we do have a very fine alternative for our readers. Remote Shot is a free Android and iOS app that works in almost the same way as WiFi Camera, meaning that you can remotely view and capture whatever the camera of the other device is looking at. However, connection can only be established over Bluetooth. Once paired, you have complete control over the camera of the target device, including toggling between front and rear camera view, capturing images or videos, selection of flashlight mode, and triggering the self-timer or burst mode.Read More Remote Android Management & Control Suite With A Spy Camera

When it comes to remotely managing an Android device, most users prefer AirDroid or Moborobo over any other alternative solution. With both said solutions being so comprehensive with their respective set of features, it is somewhat hard for a new entrant to impress the masses. That being said, there are still some areas of interest that can be tapped to present users with a rather different and refreshing solution, and this is exactly what does. Fresh to the Play Store, this free Android app lets its user remotely control as many as five different aspects of their device from their desktop browsers. It supports managing text messages & contacts, viewing, editing & sharing Gallery photos, tracking lost device, triggering alarms, activating spy cam, capturing screenshots, and lots more, all completely wirelessly. Connection between the browser and the device can be established over Wi-Fi, as well as 3G, and the beautifully crafted layout of the web app makes accessing the required features a breeze. In addition, unlike most similar solutions, it supports multiple connection/pairing modes: using Facebook or Google ID, or by scanning a QR code from your device. Read More

PocketCloud For iOS: Mac & PC Remote Access App With VNC Support

There are more than just a few iPhone or iPad apps out there that let you remotely access and control your PC or Mac. However, most such apps are nothing more than a novelty, and it is usually pretty difficult to really do anything useful on your computer using your iOS device. The reasons for that can be manifold, like the lack of the ability to run applications on your computer and inconvenient controls. PocketCloud is an iOS app that counters all these issues in an efficient manner. The app truly lets you access all areas of your desktop. You can use it to surf the web through your computer’s web browser, or even to run applications or games. Imagine using Photoshop on your iPad! In addition, the app has support for VNC/RDP, which means you can directly connect to computers without a companion client by specifying their IP addresses.Read More

Comodo Anti-theft: Remotely Track Your Lost Android Phone Through Simple SMS Commands

Privacy and data security is one of the major concerns among smartphone aficionados. Our phones now carry so much of our credentials and personal information that we simply can’t afford to lose them. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and whether you forget your phone at your local bar or someone intentionally steals this precious thing out of your pocket, all your personal data is compromised within a few minutes. Luckily enough, there are now various third-party apps available that give you the ability to pin point a stolen phone’s location, alert the surrounding folks and even remotely wipe-off your personal data from a stolen device. We have covered a number of such apps that provide device tracking and data protection facilities for your Android, including the popular TekTrak (reviewed here). Although this renowned app was shut down, you need not worry, as there are other alternatives to it, like Plan-B (reviewed here) or Bitdefender Mobile Security (reviewed here). Now, computer software security giant Comodo has come up with its own flavor of anti-theft technology, employed in its new app, Comodo Anti-theft. Read on find out how it works.Read More