WPV App Data Backup – Save WP7 App Data & Restore It After Flashing

Windows Phone 7 has just started to come of age and custom ROMs have started to roll out recently. The biggest reason which keeps people from flashing a ROM they really like is the fear of losing all their data during the process. Even if your pictures, music and messages are safe after updating, you will still lose all that progress you made on Angry Birds or all the map data you had cached to your device. Now you don’t need to worry about all that. WPV App Data Backup allows you to save the data of all applications on your device to your computer and restore it later with only a few clicks. Of course it is extremely easy to restore your purchases and other Zune data, but in-app data is the thing that gets affected the most each time your Windows Phone is wiped. This data is what the Homebrew aims to save.Read More

App Backup & Restore For Android – Auto-Backup Apps At Installation

To have a backup of your mobile device’s contents is of great importance these days. Android devices are capable of fully synchronizing and providing a backup for all your contacts and settings but with the growing utilization of device memory and the flooding of alluring apps in the Android Market, one can easily lose track of all the apps one has installed and that can be a hassle upon resetting your phone or switching to a different ROM etc. That's why it is of great importance to have a backup of all your favorite applications securely stored on your SD card for restoring in such cases. App Backup & Restore makes backups of all apps installed on your phone and stores them in a directory of your choice on your SD card.Read More

Encrypt And Backup Data To Amazon S3 With Leo Backup

The importance of data backup cannot be under-estimated in the wake of frequent malware attacks which often render important data useless, cause problems which can only be resolved by a re-installation of the operating system, or restoration from saved system image. Many backup programs are quite complicated to use for amateur user and have convoluted settings which eventually make data backup process confusing. Leo Backup is a simple application to backup data on a hard drive, USB, remote network location, user-configured FTP/SFTP server, and Amazon S3 storage.  It provides encryption for the backed up data for securing your important files, with options to restore them later.Read More

How To Reset Windows 7 To Original Factory Settings [Complete Guide]

We all know that the next version of Microsoft Windows OS - Windows 8 will have an immensely handy option to reset Windows to original state, also referred to as, restore system to original factory settings. Many Windows 7 users feel that it'd be better if there is any tool or system recovery utility which can effortlessly revert the system running Windows 7 back to its original state (provided you have not made a recovery disk). As far as Windows 7 is concerned, there are lot of methods available online, claiming to bring back the original settings of Windows 7 with default set of pre-installed programs, application compilers, and software packages, but sadly, all the contrived methods seem tiring and require a lot of effort, leaving user with no other option than to manually reset Windows to original settings.In this post, we will look at to what extent a Windows 7 user can bring the original settings back to achieve super fast processing speed and best system performance. The process of resetting Windows 7 back to factory settings will ensure that Windows doesn’t contain any invalid Windows registry entries, superfluous Windows shell components and right-click context menu options, files and folders which were created by Windows for processing different kind of operations, bloated Temp folders, empty folders filled with junk files, application cache files, and other libraries which got registered in Windows System32 folder.Read More

Backup Windows 7 Special Folders And Restore Them On Fresh Windows Installation

Windows special folders must be backed up before installing a fresh copy of Windows on the system, as they may contain important files, saved preferences, application logs, game saves, music libraries, and many other types of items which you can't afford to lose at any cost. These folders are generally referred to as folders which are created and managed by Windows, including, My Documents, My Music, My Videos, Common Files, Music Library, Games, Common Startup Menu, My Music, ProgramData and many others. Backing up these folders manually is quite a hectic task, as one has to locate them and then manually move them. Special Folders Manager 2 is a backup utility which capitalizes solely on backing up and restoring Windows special folders.With this application, you wont have to search for special folders, just launch it, specify folders which you want to move, and start the backup process. It will backup all the folders in one go, saving you a lot of precious time and effort. Apart from creating backup, it allows you to instantly restore backed up special folders to their original locations, so freshly installed Windows can detect and fetch contained data automatically.Read More

Easily Backup And Restore Files In Ubuntu Linux With Deja Dup Backup

Deja Dup Backup is a simple tool which can be used to backup and restore specific data from a Linux based operating system. It has an immensely simplified interface which provides easy options for backing up specific segments of your operating system. The files can be saved to a secure location for restoring them if and when the need arises. It provides the option to not just backup data to a system partition but also allows connecting directly to an FTP, web or secure web DAV (HTTP / HTTPS), Windows network share and a public FTP server.Read More

How To Configure Backup Options In Windows Home Server 2011

A new feature of Windows Home Server 2011 is that users can create a backup of the client PC’s backup database. This means that the backup of a system can be further saved to the home server. Furthermore, when the connector software is removed from an old PC, users are given the option to backup data from that system to the home server. In this post we will tell you how to configure Backup for your client system in Windows Home Server 2011.Read More

BOOTICE – Modify, Backup, And Restore Master Boot Record & Partition Boot Record

BOOTICE is a portable utility developed for power users who need to either modify or backup and restore MBR (Master Boot Record) and PBR (Partition Boot Record) of  local drives or removable media including external hard drives, USB drives, etc. For those who don’t have clue of these boot records, MBR is generally referred to as first sector (size : 512 bytes) of any partitioned drive whereas volume or partition boot record holds code to initiate booting and is invoked by MBR.
Warning for beginners: It is not advisable to fiddle around with master boot record or with volume boot record, as it can change system booting process and can leave your PC unbootable. We will recommend that you use BOOTICE with removable media and not with auxiliary storage disks.
Coming back to features, it lets you backup MBR of selected drives (primary or external) and enables you to create disk images (IMG & IMA format), fill up disk space with random data, manage partitions while allowing you to edit Boot Configuration Data (BCD file) to tweak with system booting process.Read More

Backup And Restore Saved Game Progress With SaveGameBackup

SaveGameBackup is a free utility for every gamer out there to easily backup and restore large collection of games. The database is constantly updated by the developer to support latest games, including Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Civilization 5, and many more. The reason behind the development of this tool, according to the developer, is that it makes it easier to migrate saved games to a new computer.Read More

Easily Backup, Transfer, And Restore iTunes Library With TuneSwift

If you’re porting your data from one PC to another, you might be thinking as to how iTunes library are to copied/backed-up without following any lengthy procedure. If you’re not planning to use any of contrived methods available on web, here we have a simple tool called TuneSwift which not only backup and transfer iTunes library but also enable users to easily restore data with few clicks.TuneSwift is developed by CopyTrans which offers many paid iTunes related tools, TuneSwift comes with only one catch and that it is available as free (full-featured) till March 15, 2011. However, the shining aspect is that it provides seamless transfer of data without requiring any sort of conversion whatsoever. Even porting iTunes library from Windows to Mac is handled without causing any disruption from either ends.Read More

How To Backup And Restore Important Files/Folder In Windows 7

In the world of computers, always prepare for the worst. Almost all versions of Microsoft Windows provide some data backup utility but these are limited to some basic features only. Now, Windows 7 provides you with an enhanced utility to backup and restore your important data in a very easy way. Windows 7's Backup & Restore utility can back up files on the basis of the schedule you set. It can back up files to another drive, over network, to a DVD, etc.Read More

Prevent Restore Or Recovery Of Deleted Files In Windows

In the past, we have covered lots of tips on recovering deleted files, but what if you don’t want a specific file to be recoverable? There are certain reasons why some people don’t want their files to be restored, maybe they are selling their computers and don't want someone else to get hold of their data, or perhaps simply because the files are quite sensitive.Read More

Understanding And Customizing System Restore In Windows 7

As you all know that System Restore is one of the important components of Microsoft Windows, it allows you to roll back(restore) system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc to a previous state in case of any disaster. Although Windows Vista provides the enhanced System Restore functionality, the upcoming Window 7 is aimed to improve it more. Now, get ready to experience the System Restore features of Windows 7.Read More

Disk Image – Create Image Of Your Hard Drive And Recover Single Drives

O&O Disk Image is a tool for Windows Operating System that lets you create an image of your entire computer for backup purpose. This image file can be used later to recover/restore any crashed drive.When running this tool for the first time it will install a system file, restart your computer and run this tool again. Now click Create An Image and select the destination where you would like to save the Image file.
Note: Do not save the Image file in the local drive, it is recommended to save the Image file in the USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.
Below is the screenshot showing the various feature of each button.Read More

BackUp/Restore Windows Live Writer Settings, Posts, And Plugins

All posts that are published on this blog are done with Windows Live Writer(WLW). It is one complete tool for bloggers who want to publish articles frequently. You can add plugins, save drafts, and customize any settings easily. But it lacks one important feature: ability to back up your data.Windows Live Writer Backup is a free tool to create a backup of all your WLW posts, settings and plugins with a click of a button. If you want to transfer complete WLW data(settings, posts, and plugins) to another computer, you can do it with this tool. Just make a backup on one computer and restore it on another.Backing UpTo backup, just launch the program, select the Settings, Posts, and Plugins that you want to backup and click Backup button.Read More

How To Remove All Effects Of A Virus From Your Windows System

If a virus attacks your system, the first thing you will do is to remove the virus with an anti-virus software. But what then? Your system will still likely to remain corrupted. This is because some types of viruses usually tweak the system registry and file systems. If you remove the virus, your system registry and file systems will still remain corrupted. Virus Effect Remover is a free opensource tool which helps you to remove the effect of viruses from the Windows Registry and File System easily. Also it can detect the registry error caused by a virus.

You must have noticed that some viruses disable task manger, registry editor, folder options, etc, you can use this tool to enable them back instantly.

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How To Find And Recover Your Lost Files In Hard Disk, USB Drive, Or Memory Card

What if your Digital Camera memory card gets accidently formatted? Or worse an important office file from your hard disk or USB drive gets deleted. Fret not, since these deleted files are still recoverable. DiskDigger is a free portable app that lets you recover all lost files of any type(image, document, video, data, etc).

Run the executable file and you will see the list of drives detected(both internal and external).

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How To Backup, Restore, Create, And Manage Your Google Chrome Profile(s) Instantly

Are you still using Google Chrome and looking for a way to backup, restore, or simply manage the profiles? Your Google Chrome profile contains all information about you, i.e your history, user data, passwords, etc. Google Chrome Backup is a free little tool that helps in creating, restoring, and backing up all your Google Chrome profiles for free. It is a portable app, therefore no installation is required and can be carried anywhere in a USB flash drive.

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Recover Deleted Data, Files Or Photos For Free With Recuva

Did you accidently delete a photo from your digital camera, memory card, or hard disk? Maybe you accidently deleted an important file from your computer? In both cases, you can recover any type of lost data with a free windows utility. Recuva  is a great little application that recovers all your deleted files with a single click, it even recovers the data that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.

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