How To Set A Music Library Song As Your Ringtone [iOS]

Back when feature phones were mainstream, changing ringtones was easy. If you had an even marginally good Nokia phone, you could set a song as your ringtone. Nokia's OS played nice with  MP3 files. This still holds true for Android phones. There are no hoops that you have to jump through if you want to use a song as your ringtone. It's not the same with iOS. iOS ringtone files are in the M4R format, and you can't just save a file to your device and use it as your ringtone. There are quite a few hoops to jump through unless you have a jailbroken device. The good news is, Apple has made GarageBand free for everyone and you can use it to create ringtones. Specifically, you can use it to turn a song from your music library into a ringtone.Read More

Set Videos As Ringtones, Notifications & Alarms On Android With dodol pop

Most of you would definitely be familiar with creating custom ringtones for your smartphone, but have you ever wanted to have a video clip play each time you receive a call? Because this is what dodol pop is all about. Fresh at the Google Play Store, this Android app lets you set videos as not only ringtones but also alarms and notifications. You can either choose from a bunch of user-generated videos, or create a custom video or sound clip of your own by recording it via the integrated camcorder. You can also edit audio files already on your device to make custom ringtones with the app. Details past the jump.Read More

Make Your Own Ringtones With Ease On Windows For Various Devices

Ringtones are serious business; they are the first thing you as well as people around you hear whenever someone calls you. In the past, we have covered many ringtone creator apps for all major desktop and mobile platforms, and AVGO Free Ringtone Maker is another great option for Windows users. The application enables you to convert your favorite audio or video clips into ringtones for all sorts of mobile phones including the iPhone, Android devices, Windows Phone devices and many other smartphones as well as feature phones that are compatible with one of the ringtone formats the app supports. Over a dozen file types are supported for input, among them .mp3, .wav, .flv, .mp4, .mov, DivX, XviD and 3GP. Ringtones can be created individually, or in a batch of as many as you want.Read More

Easily Convert MP3, WMV & M4A Songs To Ringtones On Nokia Lumia

Just a few days back we discussed #trending, a Windows Phone app that lets you get ringtones of your favorite songs from Twitter's new music discovery service, among other things. While ringtones were just one feature in the #trending app, Windows Phone has had plenty of other apps that focused solely on loading your phone with tons of free ringtones. Trying to find readymade ringtones can be a bit tough though, since you might not be able to find the right tone of your favorite song despite having it in your music library. If you are really desperate for it, there is the possibility of exporting the music file to your computer, and then cutting it to an appropriate length using a desktop tool of your choice. Thankfully, users of Lumia devices have a much easier solution to this problem. The Nokia Ringtone Maker has been around for quite a while, but the beta of its latest version has taken the app to a whole new level. The app can now handle several file formats, rather than just MP3.Read More

Browse Twitter #music On Windows Phone & Download Track Previews As Ringtones With #trending

For some reason, Twitter chose to make their new #music service really tough to access, with iOS being the only smartphone platform having an official client for it. Even Android has been ignored so far, which means there is little chance of #music appearing in the WP Store for a long time. Apart from lack of support for various platforms, there are also a bunch of region restrictions that have so far limited the availability of #music to only a lucky few users when seen at a global scale. Despite all these adversities, a Windows Phone developer has somehow managed to bring an unofficial #music client to WP7 and WP8. #trending displays the latest charts from #music, keeping users in the loop regarding the tracks gaining popularity on Twitter. You can listen to a 30-second snippet of all the listed songs, and even download these samples as ringtones for your device.Read More

Intelligent Ringer Dynamically Tweaks Android Ring Volume Based On Ambient Noise

So you’re driving, listening to your favorite tracks and have just reached your destination. You pick up the phone and realize you have a bunch of unattended calls, consequently realizing the phone was on silent and the vibrator buzz was just not loud enough in all that music. This has happened to me a lot, and there are plenty of other moments it skips one's mind to turn of the silent mode, or even turn it on – which can be embarrassing at times. Enter Intelligent Ringer - the app that adjusts your phone’s ring volume based on the ambient noise level, and uses the proximity sensor to detect a pocketed phone to enable the maximum ring volume. The app is a breeze to set up as well, and you wont get lost in a heap of complicated settings. Read on after the jump to see how well the app fares and what more it has to offer. Read More

Record, Edit & Create Your Own Ringtones On Android With Ringtonium

Just forget what Tyler Durden says in Fight Club; ringtones are cool and dandy, and can leave quite an impression on the folks around you, provided your choice isn't something cheesy. Since ringtones are intended for cellphones, how about creating one directly on your Android device itself? Meet Ringtonium - a snazzy ringtone maker that lets you record any track or voice, edit it and turn it into a ringtone. You can extract your favorite part from the recorded audio, and then save it as ringtone, alarm tone, or notification sound. More details after the jump!Read More

Create Ringtones Out Of Songs From iPhone Music Library Using Rinngo

In the past, getting custom ringtones on an iPhone used to be quite complicated, forcing many people to be content with the few default ones that come with iOS. With newer versions of iTunes however, it has become pretty easy to purchase ringtones and even create your own from the songs you already have in your collection. One thing that you still need though, is access to a computer and iTunes. A lot of people try to avoid iTunes as much as possible, and even if you don’t have a problem with it, it can often be more convenient to do things solely on your iPhone, especially when on the go. Rinngo is a Cydia tweak that allows you to do just that. Thanks to this new release, anyone with access to the Cydia store can create new ringtones by trimming tracks available in the stock Music app.Read More

Freemore Audio Video Suite Is Your One Stop Shop For Media Editing & Conversion

There are countless Audio and video conversion tools out there but with all the available options, it may get fairly tough to look for the right one at the right time. Even if you find the one that meets your requirements, odds are that it would be either be paid or in case of being free, have either way too many configuration options making it confusing to use, or offer too little control at what it does. Freemore Audio Video Suite takes care of this nuisance by amalgamating a number of different multimedia tools into a single freemium package that's easy enough to use for the average user while decently powerful enough for power users. It’s a compendium of various frequently used audio, video and document converters and editors that you would otherwise have to download separately when required. The suite includes audio editor, sound recorder, ringtone maker, MP3 cutter and joiner, audio and video converter, DVD burner, image and PDF converter, and the list doesn't stop here. It’s rare that you find such a huge collection of distinct apps in free software but Freemore not only delivers it; it delivers it exceptionally well.Read More

YouRang Lets You Save Any YouTube Video As A Ringtone For Your WP7

Gone are the days when it was a headache trying to set up a custom ringtone on your Windows Phone 7 device. With the release of Mango, Microsoft made it really easy to download and use ringtones on WP7. However, you still have to look for a good ringtone on any of the available apps, and there is no guarantee that your favorite ringtone will be listed anywhere. YouRang solves this problem by automatically converting any YouTube video’s soundtrack to a ringtone! You don’t need to connect your phone to your computer or go through a lot of complicated steps; YouRang does all the work as soon as you specify a video’s name and choose the part of it that you want to use as a ringtone. More after the break.Read More

Ringtone Maker: Create Ringtones For iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian & Others

Catchy ringtones are a great way of showing off your phone, besides, who likes a boring, old-fashioned ringtone anyway? The beauty of internet is that you can download free ringtones from the lot, whether you want Adele's Rolling in the Deep or the classic Super Mario tone. But If you were looking for a software that lets you easily create some of your own cool ringtones, then look no further than Fried Cookie’s Ringtone Maker. The application offers an elegant interface, simple design and intuitive ringtone creation process, and lets you cook your own favorite ringtones for your smartphone, within a few clicks. It does the job in five simple steps, and can be set to convert the output to formats compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), Android, Blackberry, Symbian and other smartphone platforms. So how does it work? Let's find out.Read More

Set Any Custom SMS Ringtone On WP7 Using MyRingtone2SMS [Homebrew]

WP7 Mango brought some much-needed changes to Windows Phone 7, and also paved the way for many third-party custom ringtone apps in the Marketplace (a feature hitherto inaccessible for WP7 users having non-jailbroken devices). One small thing that most people failed to mention was the fact that the term “custom ringtones” didn’t seem to apply to SMS and notification sounds. There has never been any possible way of customizing the notification and SMS tones on a Mango phone, even if you had full unlocked access. Fortunately, things have finally changed for the better and you can now choose any sound as your custom SMS ringtone if you have an interop unlocked device! Sounds exciting? Head past the break to find out more about MyRingtone2SMS - the Homebrew that has made this feat possible!Read More

ShazamTones: Find & Download Ringtones Of Any Song via Shazam [Cydia]

There aren’t many services and apps that influence our real lives instantly, but Shazam is one exception that is sure to change that. The idea of discovering any music playing around you with an app is so fascinating that you will be hard pressed to find an iPhone user who has not heard of Shazam. Another testament to the app’s popularity is the fact that there are a handful of tweaks which focus solely on Shazam, and ShazamTones is the latest to join their ranks. This Cydia tweak merges the functionality of UnlimTones (a Cydia app offering a multitude of ringtones) and Shazam. ShazamTones adds a new ringtone button to all versions of Shazam, using which you can get the ringtone for any song you might have discovered using the app. So, in essence, you can now just use Shazam to recognize a song playing in your surroundings, and then convert it to a ringtone straight away.Read More

RandomRingtone Automatically Changes Default Ringtone After Every 30 Minutes [WP7 Homebrew]

I am one of those people who just loathe monotony, and a small testament to that is my habit of changing my WP7’s wallpaper every day. Since I have used an Omnia 7 for a long time, and that too with a custom ROM on it, I was pleased when Dynamic Background was released (you can read that Homebrew’s complete review here). Now, if you are interested in getting an app that does something similar for ringtones, one clever developer over at the XDA forum has got the perfect solution for you. RandomRingtone is a Homebrew that automatically changes your device's default ringtone after every 30 minutes. The app works on WP7 devices having root access, and should prove to be really handy if you have custom ringtones stored in your unlocked device.Read More

Set Any YouTube Video As Ringtone On Your iPhone With Vuziq [Cydia]

Many iOS users jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices to get the amazingly detailed customization options the Cydia store has on offer. There are countless themes, wallpapers, fonts and ringtones available in the jailbreak store, but there are tweaks that still venture into unexplored avenues and bring something completely new to the mix when it comes to cosmetic features and customization options. Vuziq is one such Cydia app, and it is designed for the sole purpose of letting users set a video as the ringtone on their iDevice. Not only can you set the video ringtone as your default call alert, but it is also possible to choose separate videos for different contacts. The app uses YouTube as its source, and that means that it has a huge collection at its disposal.Read More

Download Free Ringtones On Windows Phone 7 With Myxer

It hasn’t been long since Windows Phone 7 began supporting the use of custom ringtones (with the introduction of Mango), but already, the Marketplace has become home to a sizable number of apps related to ringtones. Free Ringtone was one of the first of the kind to hit the Marketplace, but its no longer the only free option available to WP7 users for loading up their mobile with the ringtones of their choice. Myxer is a really good-looking app with popular variants for Android and iOS and a pretty decent-sized collection of free tones.Read More

Install 20 Classic Ringtones Pack On Any Android Device [CWM Package]

In case you are a Ringtone buff but don’t want to search and download your favorites one by one, then there is something that can help. SCIENTYREAL, XDA member, has compiled 20 classic ringtones ClockworkMod flashable package for Android that carrier at least a tone to everyone’s rhythm. The ringtone package comprises of classic cartoon tones, TV Shows, movie themes, video games and bits and pieces from other media content. The music flies are in OGG format and can you can unpack the zip archive to listen to these ringtones prior to flashing them on your phone. It’s needless to mention that you need to have root on your phone along with ClockworkMod Recovery installed.

Read More

How To Sync Ringtones With Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango’s beta version has been recently released by Microsoft and is under user-testing and in-depth scrutiny by the smartphone community. Microsoft has promised more than 500 new features coming to Mango. This might look like a marketing strategy or an exaggeration of the facts at first glance, but looking at Mango, doubts have started to evaporate. Features and fixes like multitasking, hardware accelerators, Gyro and instant resume are just a few examples of the true awesomeness Mango has got to offer. But what is a smartphone if it does not allow you maximum customization to make the device truly your own, displaying your signature style on it? A ringtone says a lot about a person’s style and personality and this makes it an important feature for any user. A relatively small feature that Mango offers is the ability to get custom ringtones on your device. Of course things are not perfect for now, and there are limitations related to ringtones on Windows Phone, but still, the basic functionality remains the same and you can now easily flash any ringtone to your device without the need for developer unlock or a third-party app.Read More