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Intelligent Ringer Dynamically Tweaks Android Ring Volume Based On Ambient Noise

So you’re driving, listening to your favorite tracks and have just reached your destination. You pick up the phone and realize you have a bunch of unattended calls, consequently realizing the phone was on silent and the vibrator buzz was just not loud enough in all that music. This has happened to me a lot, and there are plenty of other moments it skips one’s mind to turn of the silent mode, or even turn it on – which can be embarrassing at times. Enter Intelligent Ringer – the app that adjusts your phone’s ring volume based on the ambient noise level, and uses the proximity sensor to detect a pocketed phone to enable the maximum ring volume. The app is a breeze to set up as well, and you wont get lost in a heap of complicated settings. Read on after the jump to see how well the app fares and what more it has to offer.

Holo anyone? The look is appealing but we’re beginning to see a lot of Holo themed apps now, so I won’t be going there. There ‘Settings’ menu let you tweak a few options regarding the ringer volume adjustments in response to the ambient noise level, and it’s a good thing that the developers have kept it all simple.

Intelligent Ringer 10 Intelligent Ringer 11

Before you begin, make sure to hit the ‘Calibrate’ button at the bottom of the settings menu. As obvious from the prompts seen in the screenshot above, you will need to take the device to a noisy environment first, followed by a silent one for optimum calibration, and there is no way around that.

 Intelligent Ringer 07 Intelligent Ringer 08

Moving on to the settings, Pocket factor defines the amplification applied to the prevalent volume level, as adjusted by the app according to the ambient noise level. Accuracy needs to be adjusted carefully here; if you set it too high, the change in ambient noise level may make the app take it’s time to adjust a precise volume level, so things can go wrong if you have an incoming call while the app is deciding on a more accurate setting. You can adjust the mic’s sensitivity for measuring the noise level using the Sensitivity slider. Do note that changing this sensitivity will result in your calibration being reset. Minimum and maximum volume level controls are self-explanatory, and act as upper and lower constraints for the automatic volume adjustment done by the app.

Intelligent Ringer 06

After you’re done tweaking the settings to your taste and have calibrated the app, go back to the main page and simply hit the start button. Once started, the app will add a persistant notification to the status bar in order to keep it running in the background all the time, and there’s no way to remove that notification.

While the app does work as it’s intended, there’s a concern for battery given the constant use of proximity sensor and the camera mic. Apart from that, it’s a handy app for anyone who often forgets to change the phone’s volume level according to the situation or environment.

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