Record Screencast On Your Android Phone Without Connecting It To Your PC

We've covered a lot of screencast tools for just about every platform there is. When it comes to smartphones, screencasts aren't easy to record. In  fact, up until Android Lollipop, there were very few options available for recording a screencast that were super easy to set up, free, allowed unlimited recording, and didn't require a PC or a rooted device to create. If you're looking for a free tool that can record screencasts, supports input from your device's mic, and can be used from just your device alone, give One Shot Screen recorder a try. It fits the bill very nicely. The only annoyance is the marqee like watermark that appears on the notification bar. Read More

Screen Replay: Create Screencasts In Your Monitor’s Highest Resolution [OS X]

Imagine going back to a time when gigantic encyclopedias were required to understand how to use any new hardware you purchased. Even they fell short of fully explaining how something worked. Fast forward to these modern times where we can condense the entire experience into a short video, eliminating room for human error. Being technologists, we are always in dire need of the right tools for the job, since there is only so much you can do with a hand held camera. That is why we have tools like Video Screen Recorder, SCR, Screencast and Recorder and Acala. However, they all seem to pale in comparison when the market has something like the free Screen Replay for Mac. I love it, let me walk you through why. Read More

Recordit: Record Screencasts And Save Them As High Quality GIFs

Creating a screencast is something that we have visited very often with tools for creating screencasts on Windows, OS X, and Android being reviewed frequently. Screencasts are great when it comes to instructional content and they have only have one drawback; the size of a file. You can go for nice HD screencasts for something major like a product demo but for something that's meant to provide quick instructions, you can instead settle for a faster loading GIF. Recordit is a free app for OS X and Windows that lets you record a screencast and turn it into a GIF. The GIF quality is excellent, better than what you would normally get if you used a third party app to create a GIF out of a video. With the app, you can create a 5min recording. The OS X app has a pro version that lets you control the frame rate and password protect your recording. It costs $39.99. Read More

Record Screencasts, Google Hangouts, And Skype Calls On Android – No Root

Recording video calls and screencasts on an Android is really really easy... as long as you've rooted your device. No root and it seems as if it isn't possible. You might find some solutions that let you record a screencast on an unrooted Android but require the device be connected to a desktop system which might not suit your needs. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can record your screen but it comes with the following caveats; the video will have a watermark at the bottom, you will be able to record sound as well as video, you will need to connect your phone to a desktop once to set the app up, this method is 100% free. Read More

TinyTake: Capture Screenshots And Record Screencasts, Share Them Online

For many Windows users, taking screenshots is an activity that’s performed several times a day. If your work involves visual representation of ideas to your clients, or you constantly need to give visual assistance to customers over the internet, then a screenshot tool provides a definitive solution to accomplish this task. Fortunately, there are a ton of Windows applications that let you capture and save on screen activity any time but if you need a tool that lets you capture screenshots and record screencasts, annotate them on the fly and share them online in the simplest way, then TinyTake might be what you’re looking for. The application has been developed by MangoApps, and boasts many great features that streamline your screenshot sharing experience. Read More

Record A Video Of The Current Tab In Chrome With Screencastify

There are various screencast software, both free and paid, that allow users to record on-screen activity within a web browser. Screencast-O-Matic from Big Nerd Software, for instance, is a perfect example. The popular web-based app lets you create screencasts, add narration, and upload the output to Screencast-O-Matic or YouTube, or simply save it to your local drive for offline viewing. Recently, I stumbled upon Screencastify, a lightweight extension that offers similar functionality on Chrome, and found it worth sharing with our readers. The dead-simple tool enables recording screen activity within a Chrome tab or on the desktop. It also carries options for configuring screen resolution and frame rate. Read More

Mirror By Koush: AirPlay Mirroring & Screen Recorder For Android 4.4.2

Just yesterday, we wrote about CyanogenMod Screencast by Koush that allowed users of the most popular custom ROM for Android to easily record their on-screen activity in high quality, complete with sound from the phone’s microphone. The only limitation of the app was that it required the latest nightly of CyanogenMod to work, leaving users of other ROMs and stock Android out of luck. Don’t fret though; the same developer has also released another app by the name of Mirror that carries the same great screencasting functionality, and in addition, also supports mirroring your phone or tablet’s display to Apple TV or any third-party AirPlay Mirroring implementation. While not restricted to CyanogenMod, the app still requires a rooted device running Android 4.4.2, but the developer is working on adding support for Jelly Bean, and removing the root requirement. Read More

Record Your Android Screen In CM11 With CyanogenMod Screencast

While Google added native screen recording support in Android 4.4 KitKat, the feature didn’t come with any native user interface to trigger it from the phone itself; it could only be triggered by users over ADB from a computer, or by developers in their apps. The ability to record a screencast of the activity on our devices can prove to be very useful, especially when preparing tutorials and presentations or writing reviews. CyanogenMod has always been about making the most useful features a part of the custom ROM’s experience, and with the CyanogenMod 11 nightlies, that includes the ability to record your device’s on-screen activity, thanks to CyanogenMod Screencast app by Koush (the developer of the famous ClockworkMod recovery). Currently in beta, the app requires the latest CyanogenMod nightly ROM to work, but works wonderfully without a glitch. In addition to recording just the screencast, it also records voice using your device’s microphone. Read More

X-Mirage Lets You Mirror & Record Your iOS Device’s Screen On Mac Over AirPlay

AirPlay has been around since June 2004, then known as AirTunes. It allowed you to stream your music from anywhere within your house, but it was later enhanced and rebranded as AirPlay in September 2010, which allowed all media to sync across platforms. Since the introduction of the concept, third party apps have come out that allow you to stream media from your iOS device to a larger display such as your Mac, Windows and Apple TV; AirPlay servers the likes of AirFloat, AirServer and SharePort4w, to name a few. Until now, the only way to record a streaming AirPlay device was to use additional screen recording software. It was not an elegant solution. If you are interested in recording the display of an AirPlay-enabled device from your Mac, X-Mirage is an app that allows you to do exactly that, all within the click of one button.

Read More

Create Mouse-Chasing Screencasts With Audio & Add Effects To Them

Recording on-screen activity of computer has never been a difficult task. You can download numerous free and paid apps that allow you to quickly capture or record screencasts. We have also covered plenty of such tools for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms such as Screen Video Recorder, Adobe Presenter Video Express and Kazam Screencaster, among many others. The one that we're about to discuss today is a Windows screen recorder that not only lets you capture screencasts, but also allows you to overlay various filter effects on them, in addition to recording audio. Screen Recorder Free sports a decent design and effective features for capturing screencasts according to your requirements. It lets you record a selected window, a particular screen area, a specified region around the mouse cursor, or the entire screen. Read More

Adobe Presenter Video Express For Mac Lets You Capture, Combine & Upload Videos And Screencasts

We’ve reviewed a few screencasting tools for Mac, of which the free Ripcorder Screen is a favorite. Users can turn to QuickTime, a stock Mac app, that lets you create screencasts as well. New on the screencasting front is Adobe Presenter Video Express, a free Mac app from Adobe that lets you record both screencasts and videos. You can edit videos, add closed captions, and view screencasts and recordings side by side. The final project can be uploaded to both YouTube and Dropbox, though it cannot be saved to your local drive; however, if you go for Dropbox, it'll get synced to your computer anyway. Read More

Screenbird Is A Java-Based Screen Recorder With On-The-Fly ‘Do Over’ & Online Sharing

One good web app can often end the whole ‘which platform has better apps’ debate, and Screenbird is arguably one of those apps. It's a screencasting tool that runs entirely in your browser and allows you to record anything and everything on your screen. Unlike most browser-based screen recording tools, Screenbird is not restricted to recording inside the browser window. The recorded videos can be saved locally and uploaded for sharing as well. The service’s free version allows you to upload up to 150 minutes of videos to the cloud. That isn't Screenbird's best feature though; it has a 'do over' feature whereby you can select any point in a recording and re-record from that point onward. The portion of the video before that point remains intact, while the rest is overwritten. Read More

oCam Makes Capturing Screenshots & Screencasts A Snap

The use of screenshot and screencast tools has seen exponential rise during the past few years, the reason being the availability of high-speed internet in most parts of the world, allowing people to easily and swiftly share screenshots and screencasts over services like YouTube and Imgur. While we've covered a multitude of screen capturing tools in the past, only few that boast screen recording and screenshot capture under one package. oCam is one such application for Windows that's both powerful and easy to use, thanks to its simple design. It lets you overlay a capture box on your desired area of the screen, and records any on screen activity within that box. Let’s see how it works. Read More

Capture Audio & Video From Desktop Or Webcam & Stream It To Another PC

We cover a lot of screenshot and screencast utilities here to help you capture and share your on-screen activity with others. Most screencast tools are limited in the sense that they only allow you to capture the screen video, and you have to use other software to record any audio over it. Today, we're bringing you a screen recording application called Shoot Your Screen that allows you to capture video from your screen and webcam, as well as the audio feed from a built-in or external microphone. You can choose a specific screen region for capturing the video feed and stop the capture after required number of seconds. Moreover, the application allows you to stream the feed over the internet without using a third-party streaming tool. Read More

Screencast Capture Lite Is A No-Frills, Free Screen Recording Tool For Windows

We have covered a lot of screencast applications that allow you to to create good quality screencasts, and each one of those provides you with a different collection of options to choose from. Some let you change the frame rate for the screencast, while others allow you to choose different resolutions for the video. In all cases, each tool has its own positive and negative points and, it is the requirement of the users that determines which tool suits them best. If configuration options overwhelm you and you are looking for a minimalistic, no-frills screencast capturing application, take a look at Screencast Capture Lite for Windows. It is a simple application that allows you to create good-quality screencasts of the entire screen or a selected area, without confusing you with any configuration options. Keep reading past the break for further details. Read More

Record PC Screen The Simple Way With VidShot Capturer For Windows

Screencasts are video recordings of the computer screen primarily meant to help us in creating video tutorials for assisting others or demonstrating some computer activity to them. They are superior to screenshots in situations where you are trying to explain a complex step-by-step guide to perform a difficult operation, and providing screenshots of each step is not enough. Video hosting websites such as YouTube have a large collection of such screecast-based guides that help you through performing various tasks on your computer. A problem with some of the free tools that allow you to create screencasts is that they overlay a watermark in one of the corners (or worse, in the very center) of the resulting video. Today, we are bringing you a simple and completely free screencast tool called VidShot Capturer that lets you create good quality screencasts without any limitations, and does not add a watermark to them. Read More

ActivePresenter Is Probably The Best Free Screencast Tool Out There

If capturing screencasts is one of those niches that you frequently perform to create how-to guides, tutorials or other software demonstrations, then a conventional screencast tool would hardly suffice the job. What you need is something more stupendous and feature-rich, such as the Adobe Captivate or Camtasia Studio. Then again, these software solutions don’t come cheap. ActivePresenter is another alternative that you’d definitely want to give a try. Although available in Standard and Professional flavors, the Free Edition will pretty much do for most users, providing almost all the options and settings available in paid variants, with the exception of a few. ActivePresenter’s screen capturing process is not quite different from most other screencast tools that you find on the internet. However, the real fun starts in the post-production of your projects, where ActivePresenter achieves so much more than a conventional screencast utility. It’s a complete solution to capture, annotate, modify and export on-screen activity to high quality video formats. Read More

Framator: Resize Windows With Pixel Precision For Screencasts & More [Mac]

We’ve detailed Mac’s built-in screenshot capturing ability that works with Preview earlier, and no one can say that it lacks full functionality. Compared to it, the screenshot feature in Windows is almost useless, and PC users have to download a third part app to take a half-decent snapshot of their screen. Preview may have screenshot actions covered, but there are multiple other instances where you might need to sketch out pixel specific dimensions on their screen, like when creating a screencast. Framator is a free Mac app that allows you to create a frame and customize its dimensions as per your requirements. The frame can be moved around on the screen, and all icons and windows within the frame can be used normally. The app is free until the end of June, and since the functionality is rather minimal, free seems the best price to get it for. It comes with two frame presets that are ideal for submitting app screenshots to the Apple Store, so developers might be more interested in this app than the casual user. Read More

Cydia App Clone Display Recorder Comes To App Store, Lets You Create Screencasts On iPhone & iPad

iOS was the first major smartphone platform to offer native screen capture capabilities to its users. Screenshots can prove to be a useful feature in a smartphone, and might save you from a lot of trouble in a number of scenarios. However, a still image can never be as detailed and revealing as a motion and audio-incorporating video. For instance, if you just want to boast about your great Temple Run score, a screenshot of the winning moment will suffice, but what if your friends ask you to teach them the game? In the latter. you will need to create a screencast by capturing your iPhone or iPad’s display in the form of a video. Until recently, only Cydia users had the option to record their iDevice’s screen (thanks to Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder app for jailbroken phones), but an app with the same name has been released in the App Store, and now any iOS user can create screencasts and video tutorials on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app looks much more polished than the Cydia one, and you can add your own voice to the screencasts as well. Read More

HyperCam 2: Screencast Recorder With Audio Narration; Now Available For Free

Screenshots are a great way to give further meaning to your words. If you are trying to explain something and there is still some confusion left, an accompanying image can clear any confusion in an instant. It works as a benchmark for people following your guide, in a way that they can compare their own results with those in the screenshot. If you're creating a help manual that includes a step-by-step guide to perform a complex operation, then providing screenshot of each step is not enough. What you need is a screencast application that lets you record the screen output to help your audience follow the steps for performing the required task. Today, we have a fairly well-known screencast application called HyperCam 2 that has recently gone free. The utility lets you choose the entire screen or a selected region to record, select a video compressor, frame compression quality and custom screencast playback frame rate. That's not all; like previously featured Rylstim Screen Recorder (reviewed here), HyperCam also allows you to add audio narration to your screencasts. Details to follow after the jump. Read More