Your Guide To Unlocking The Power Of Spotlight Search In OS X

Any OS worth its salt will feature a search bar, because in this day and age, it is impractical to try and recall file locations through terabytes of data. Microsoft Windows' built in search was easily replaced by the Google Quick Search which is made even more powerful with some power parameters. However, Mac OS X's Spotlight Search has not attracted as much attention since its release in April 2005; possibly because the OS itself is easy to sort or perhaps people simply don't care about it. Though, people really should care about Spotlight search, because it makes navigating the OS an art form; hardened Google search veterans will appreciate this even more. Let us walk you through how. Read More

Get Google Now Launcher Hotword Detection In Apex, Nova, TouchWiz & Sense

Upon releasing Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5, Google decided to ditch the AOSP launcher in favor of its all-new Google Now Launcher, featuring tight integration with Google Now, complete with ‘OK Google’ hotword detection to trigger Google Now voice search right from your home screen without even having to touch your phone. As awesome as this feature is, it’s limited specifically to the Google Now Launcher, and doesn’t work with any other launcher (including the AOSP launcher) even on KitKat. However, if you are using Apex, Nova, Samsung TouchWiz or HTC Sense launchers, you can now get similar voice-activated Google Now voice search capability right on your home screen with Active Searching by XDA-Developers Senior Member sam_0829. Read More

Disconnect Search Comes To Android; Allows Tracking-Free Google, Bing & Yahoo Queries

If you talk to people about NSA’s PRISM program, most will seem disinterested, probably because they fail to realize how much of their data is being monitored. Though, if you're like me, all the hullabaloo that the program's outing caused must have scared you. After all, it is believed to be collecting and analyzing data from pretty much every tech giant (Google, Facebook and the like), and could be listening in on your phone calls, monitoring your emails or checking in on your cloud drives. In October last year, the folks behind Disconnect – a Chrome and Firefox extension that blocks online data tracking – released another tool for the same browsers to protect your privacy while using search engines. Their latest solution, called Disconnect Search, has made its way to Android with the aim to provide a safer search environment on your mobile device by masking your IP address. Read More

CamFind Brings Its Awesome Image Search & Recognition To Android

Taking photos from your smartphone surely sounds fun. Just point and shoot, and you will have the moment stored as a digital image. But what if you need to find more information about a certain subject from the image? Back in 2013, iOS users got an awesome camera app released on the iTunes App Store by the name of CamFind that identifies the subject in photographs, and then searches the web for relevant results like similar images, price comparisons and more information pulled from various sources. CamFind has finally made its way to Google Play Store, bringing its powerful image recognition technology to Android. Read More

Instair Is An All-In-One On-Page Content Search Tool For Chrome

What do you usually do when you come across something online that you don’t know about? I always see this as a learning opportunity, which often ends up in a Google or Wikipedia search, which further leads to endless searches on related stuff, distracting me from what I was doing. Recently reviewed Dictionary Bubble and other similar on-page dictionary lookup extensions can go a long way towards helping you with that, but they are inefficient when it comes to terms and phrases that aren’t found in the dictionary. How about a similar way to quickly search for something on the web, Wikipedia, Amazon and YouTube, Translate it via Google Translate, or even share it over social media or via email, all by just highlighting that text on the page and selecting the desired option? If you are a Google Chrome user, Instair lets you do just that. Let’s learn more about this handy little extension after the jump. Read More

FindIt Offers Unified Search For Gmail, Google Drive & Dropbox On Android & iOS

FindIt, first released for iOS a couple of months back, has now been rolled out to the Android platform as well. As the name itself suggests, the app lets you universally search for all your data in famous cloud services, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox. While services like Gmail and Google Drive do offer their own search functions, FindIt will allow you to easily sift through all three services from one screen. We take a closer look at the app, right after the jump. Read More

How To Use Google Chrome’s New ‘Search By Image’ Feature

Google image search has been a handy feature of the search engine for quite a while, allowing you to upload an image and searching for matching or similar images from around the web. So, it was only fitting for Google to add support for image search right into its own web browser, which was first done in form of a Chrome extension by the name of ‘Search by Image’, and the functionality was later baked into the dev (and later beta) channel of Chrome itself without the need for any extension. With the latest update, this feature has made its way to Google Chrome’s stable version, meaning all Chrome users can now natively search for any image using Google image search without having to install any extension for the purpose. For more details, continue reading. Read More

Get Smart Search Results From Google Knowlege Graph In iOS Spotlight

Quite recently, we covered two tweaks that are based on SearchLoader: SearchAmplius and SearchCollapse. In case you don’t already know, SearchLoader is a developer package available in the Cydia store that allows new categories to be added to Spotlight. Looks like the release of SearchAmplius has triggered some more developers to jump into action as well, as is apparent from the new SmartSearch tweak. It is not exactly as comprehensive as Siri or Google’s smart search results, but it can get the job done and is enough to give you a basic idea of any topic you search for. With SmartSearch, you don't have to launch Google inside a web browser or app to look for one-line answers to simple questions. Whenever questions like “Who was Albert Einstein?” or “How tall is Eiffel Tower?” are typed into the iPhone’s Spotlight, SmartSearch presents the top result or Google’s smart card data on the topic, right within the search area. If you then want more details, you can simply tap the given answer to be taken to the relevant Google page in Safari. Read More

SearchAmplius Upgrades iOS Spotlight Search With Results From More Apps

Towards the end of last year, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of SLightEnhancerSearch, which makes the experience of using Spotlight search even more productive than it currently is. By default, Spotlight can be used to look for results originating from messages, emails, apps and some other areas of iOS. SLightEnhancerSearch makes it possible for Spotlight to look inside additional sources, and come up with a more rich results page. Having said that, the tweak didn't integrate too well with Spotlight, and some of the sections were only shortcuts to the relevant apps. The newly released SearchAmplius, however, suffers from no such shortcomings. The tweak adds results for Cydia, YouTube, App Store, Calculator and a few other sources to Spotlight in a way that seems completely native to iOS. Since this increases the number of sections available in Spotlight a great deal, you may also want to use SearchCollapse in conjunction with it, which lets you minimize any Spotlight category with a single tap. Read More

Guide To The New Unified Smart Search Feature In Windows 8.1

Microsoft initially introduced search-as-you-type functionality for launching apps as well as finding locally indexed files and media in the Windows 7 Start Menu, and the feature made its way to the Start Screen with the release of Windows 8. However, it still had plenty of room for improvement and with Windows 8.1, Microsoft might have just made it about perfect! Dubbed Smart Search, the search feature in Windows 8.1 integrates with Bing to not only let you easily and quickly find and launch local apps and files, but also content from your SkyDrive, and conduct web searches, all by simply starting to type while on the Start Screen. Read More

Search For & Compare Cameras To Find The Perfect One With CameraRocket

Finding the right laptop to suit your needs is difficult, but finding the absolutely perfect camera is near-impossible. Unless you’re a photographer by profession or pursue it aggressively as a hobby, it’s very likely that you do not keep up with every single camera that is released. Even professional photographers aren't walking-talking camera catalogs so when the time comes to buy a new one, you find yourself lost in the different specifications, brands and models. CameraRocket is a website that helps make the search simpler. It lets you find the right camera based on the specifications you need. You can filter the results by price, brand, MPs, weight, and much more. From the results, you can compare in detail any two cameras to make the best decision. The reviews on CameraRocket are curated from all around the web. These include customer reviews from Amazon. Read More

Scroll Over Firefox Search Bar & Context Menu To Switch Search Engines

Ever notice that a lot of other browsers don’t have the switch-search-engine function in their search bar, like Firefox does? Chrome, as Google’s flagship web browser, is naturally more inclined toward googling than surfing per se, for example, but Firefox tends to not think that way. Using the search bar next to the URL bar, you can quickly switch to a different engine, from Twitter to Bing and everything in between. Scroll Search Engines, an extension for Firefox, makes this even more convenient. Now you don’t have to click the down-arrow and select a search engine to go with;  simply hover your cursor over the bar, and use the mouse wheel to scroll through the available option till you have the one you want. Read More

How To Use The New Natural, Google Now-Like Voice Search In Chrome

Google Now is growing in popularity; it started out as a feature in Android but can now be used on iOS as well, if you have the Google Search app installed. Even better, if you’re running the latest version of Chrome, i.e. Chrome 27, you can take advantage of the new Google Now-like voice search feature that lets you ask your browser what time it is in a specific country, what the weather is like, and so on, to receive both an audio answer (limited in response  for now) and Google Now-like cards with your search results. Disappointingly, the voice search feature isn't accessible from the Omnibar, and you have to visit to use it, but other than that, it’s quite good. Here’s how to start using it now. Read More

Search Selected Text On Major Websites From Firefox Right-Click Menu

Did you know that surfing the internet is a great way to achieve flow? That happens when you’re so engrossed in your browsing experience that you’re all but lost to what’s happening around. Agreed, most of us feel guilty about being hooked online for hours on end and learning little more than that a certain celebrity had lived in her car, or that a cat dialed 911. Still, despite its addictions, browsing can be quite the meditative experience, and one way to make it even more so is to make it less visible. With Yet Another Context Search for Firefox, you can search for highlighted text right from your context menu, without the distraction of having to open a new tab and entering your search query there. Read More

Easily Find Words Or Snippets In Text Files On Your PC With Infile Seeker

Have you ever jotted down someone’s contact details on a text file, only to forget that file's name or the location where you saved when you later needed that information? Or perhaps you want to locate a particular phrase or word that's a part of a file's content, and you don’t remember which file it exactly was? Windows comes with a built-in search feature that takes care of it for files in indexed locations, but what if you want something with more flexibility and control over your search? A handy little app called Infile Seeker aims to take care of just that. This tiny Windows tool does a lot more than its size, and can easily help you pinpoint the file containing your required phrase, sentence, number, or pretty much any string of text no matter where it’s stored on your computer. The application can find the text in a multitude of file types, including but not limited to TXT, PHP, HTML, HTML, XML. JS, CSS, ASP, ASPX, CPP and more. Read More

Get Search Autocomplete Functionality In Safari For iOS With Platinum

Google Chrome on iOS comes with a neat feature that autocompletes your search queries for you as you type. Based on what you start your query with, you get real-time search suggestions, and you can select one of them to search for directly or further build on. Now, while Mobile Safari does give you Google-powered search suggestions, it does not let you quickly choose a suggested query to further build on top of. Today, we came across a new tweak that ports Google Chrome’s search autocomplete functionality to Mobile Safari. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Search Major Websites Directly From Google’s Home Page

Google is, without question, the best search engine out there for general web searches, but there are quite a number of other popular services that many users search on apart from Google, often for more specific types of searches. Where Googling gives you a comprehensive list of relevant results from multiple websites, searches on services like YouTube, ebay, IMDb etc. give you more relevant results of a particular nature. You can use extensions like Multi Search to select text from any web page and search for it on different websites from the right-click context menu. Search Switch is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that adds a switching menu to the default Google search page. It allows you to change the search site by scrolling the mouse wheel, or select one from the list that appears when you click the extension’s button. Read More

Niice Is A Unified Search Engine For Behance, Dribbble & Designspiration

The world of digital art is amazing; whether you’re an aspiring designer, or just someone looking for cool posters to hang at your work space, you can go online and lose yourself in the vast variety of images available. Niice is a little web app that you are bound to like if you’re a designer. It’s a three-in-one search engine that displays digital artwork from Behance, Dribbble, and Designspiration. You can search for artwork related to anything from these three sites. The images that match your search are previewed on Niice’s own interface, and clicking any of them opens it at its source. The interface is somewhat like that of Pinterest, without the clutter of social media buttons and comments. Niice isn't built to create any sort of social network; it is rather meant to help you find inspiration art for your projects or everyday life. Read More

[Giveaway] Mention: Google Alerts Alternative With Desktop, Mobile Apps & Analytics

A few days ago we covered Talkwalker Alerts - a free web alerts service that does pretty much what Google Alerts does, by letting you add as many web-based alerts as you like and monitor them via an RSS feed. It’s a good service and a reliable one should Google decide to axe its offering. Mention is a similar service that's more suited for users who use alerts extensively to monitor specific topics being discussed online. The service has both free and premium accounts available, with the free accounts limited to a total of three alerts and 50,000 mentions per month. Mention has apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android that allow you to monitor these alerts as they come. The service does not send email alerts, and your inbox therefore remains clean from the clutter. Mention has its own ‘inbox’ that you can read the alerts in. Alerts can be narrowed down to include or exclude a certain phrase/word, originate from specific source(s), and be in a language of your choice. Mention allows you to view stats for your alerts and download them in report form as a PDF file. Read More

Hide Unwanted Google Search Results In Firefox

If you’ve ever been bothered by unwanted websites or keywords in Google search results, there's now a Firefox extension called Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search that aims to provide a little bit of help by hiding results from particular websites, or any related content that you specify. As its name implies, the extension only filters out unwanted content from Google's search results, so it will not effect any other search engines such as Yahoo! or Bing. According to its developer, the add-on is basically an alternative to Google’s now disabled ‘Block Sites’ feature that kept certain websites or keywords from showing in the results. Since the official offering by Google is no longer available, this add-on can really save the day for those who used that feature and now miss it. Read More