Run Terminal Commands With A Single Tap On Android Using QuickTerminal

Being Linux-based, Android comes equipped with the power of Linux utilities under the hood, though that part of the OS is abstracted from the regular users and all Android apps are java-based, running on the Dalvik virtual machine of the OS. That said, rooted users can enjoy the privilege of using their Android device like a Linux machine, complete with the ability to run shell commands via any terminal app or ADB. Though in this era of GUI, not all users are comfortable with the idea of using a terminal. If you belong to that category of users but need to use some terminal command as a part of some guide or hack and don’t want to install a full-blown terminal emulator or ADB for the purpose, you now have an easy solution in QuickTerminal for Android. It lets you enter a command to quickly execute it as a regular user or root (superuser) and in addition, offers some quick pre-made commands, allows you to add your own commands for quickly executing later, and even run commands in batch using shell script files. Read More

Cinnamon: Gnome Shell Fork With Interactive & Configurable Options

It appears that Gnome shell forks are being updated quite regularly, with new and improved user interface changes that are being designed to deliver the functionality lacking in the original Gnome shell. In a previous post, we reviewed Linux Mint Mate, which is an alternative session for the Ubuntu desktop. Recently, a new version of a Gnome fork was released, known as Cinnamon.  It comes with a Gnome 2 style classic menu and Gnome Shell Activity icon.Read More

JoinEXT Will Join Files via Windows Explorer Context Menu

How many times did you desperately need to join files? Do you use a dedicated tool having too many options & settings to go around with? If yes, take a shot of JoinEXT, which is free Windows Explorer shell extension to let you join files seamlessly. According to the author, it was especially designed for joining MP3s without much hassle & effort involved.Read More

Get Full Control Over Copy & Move Operations With Copy Handler

Copy Handler makes copy and move operations the way it should have been in Windows. Copying and moving multiple files/directories in one go is almost impossible in Windows, it is both time consuming and a headache. Suppose a situation where you want to copy some files and move the whole directory at the same time, and also want the computer to shutdown when the operation is complete? Windows cannot do this by default, but with Copy Handler it is possible.Read More