AnyMenu: Open Frequently Used Files & Programs via Middle Mouse Button

Shortcuts placed on your desktop allow you to have an easy and quick access to the frequently used applications, files and folders. Right now, when you have to open a program, for instance Skype, you just click either its desktop icon, or taskbar shortcut, depending on where you have placed it. Now, imagine if, instead of just clicking the shortcut, you had to open up the Windows Explorer and locate the Skype installation folder inside the Program Files directory and run the application from there. A lack of shortcuts would have taken a lot of time to perform simple tasks. However, like me, a lot of people like to keep their desktop as clean as possible. Shortcut Managers are a decent solution to this problem. They allow you to have both have shortcuts and keep your desktop clean at the same time. Today, we have a simple, portable application, called AnyMenu, which lets you have a custom shortcut menu that can be brought up by clicking the middle mouse button. You can add custom shortcuts for files, folder and applications, and create submenus for organizing similar shortcuts together. Read More

RapidLinks: Create A URL List & Access It From Anywhere Using An Activator Gesture [Cydia]

It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance and usefulness of Activator. It plays an essential role in the working of many Cydia items, and the latest to benefit from the gesture control tweak is RapidLinks. This new Cydia tweak allows users to create a list of their favorite URLs, which can then be accessed from anywhere in iOS by simply performing a selected Activator gesture. This means you don’t have to launch Safari, tap the address bar and then key in the address of your favorite websites; you just have to use the designated gesture to access them all from one place. This functionality is pretty similar to the Add to Home screen feature in Safari, but the RapidLinks tweak can prove to be more useful than that as you don't have to create separate entries for single URLs, and in addition to that, the gesture control supported by the tweak makes the whole thing more accessible and streamlined, in addition to keeping your Springboard uncluttered. Head past the break to learn all about this time-saving and useful Cydia tweak.Read More

CheatSheet: View A Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Any App In Mac

Shortcuts are remarkably convenient, and discovering a shortcut is possibly the equivalent of panning for gold and finding a large nugget. New and neat tricks in Mac are discovered all the time, since there isn’t a very detailed official manual of all the cool things you can do on your Mac using just the keyboard. The same goes for apps; normally, shortcuts for apps that work in the Menu Bar can be found in their preferences, but that is true only for the select few that are well developed. For apps that work from the Dock, there’s no simple way of finding all shortcuts. CheatSheet is a free Mac app that makes it easy to view keyboard shortcuts for any app. It is particularly useful when you install a new and complex app that will likely take time to learn.Read More

Windownaut For Mac OS X: Window Management via Keyboard Shortcuts

Window management in OS X is something that third-party developers have been trying to fix for quite a while. Assigning apps or windows to desktop spaces is the Apple way of doing it, but honestly, that is focused more on capitalizing on the full screen feature in Lion rather than to help utilize display real estate when working with wide screen monitors. Windownaut is yet another one of those remarkable window management apps for Mac, worth $4.99, which rely heavily on shortcut keys and allow you to define a shortcut for each region that you can move a window to. Understandably, it isn’t easy to remember so many shortcuts, which is why the app has the added feature of viewing the different layouts along a window’s title bar.Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook & YouTube [Web]

Who doesn’t love a nice, convenient hotkey? I personally think the only thing that can replace keyboard shortcuts (on PCs and Macs), could be the ability to transmit commands via brain signals, and that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon. Keyboard shortcuts have transcended beyond desktop, and work on many websites and web apps, making it easier to navigate them. Almost all popular sites support keyboard shortcuts, and the following is a simple compilation of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, and YouTube, some of the most visited and used portals across the world wide web. Since they are shortcuts, there isn’t much of an opinion to have about them, but for what it’s worth, this list is arranged with respect to which site has the best to worst keyboard shortcuts.Read More

CmdTab: Access Useful iOS Shortcuts From Anywhere Using Gestures [Cydia]

Seems like these days, the developers over at the Cydia store are really interested in providing jailbroken iOS users with a lot of handy shortcut tweaks for their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This assertion is supported by the likes of Deck, Appswitch and even Imperium to some extent. Now, another tweak has joined the rank of Cydia tweaks which are focused on bringing shortcuts to iOS devices, and providing users with a replacement for SBSettings. While CmdTab isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive as SBSettings, or even Deck, the tweak has a strikingly beautiful interface and lists some of the most used shortcuts for easy access. CmdTab is compatible with Activator, and uses an Activator gesture to be invoked.Read More

NCSettings: Elegant System Settings Toggles For Notification Center [Cydia]

Designed to let users toggle system settings quickly, SBSettings is undoubtedly one of the most useful Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The tweak is so popular that there are many others that try to emulate its functionality. It is always convenient to have an easily accessible way of using Settings without having to launch the stock Settings app, and navigating through a lot of options. With the release of iOS 5, Notification Center became the most easily accessible area of iOS, other than the Springboard. This is why the new Cydia tweak named NCSettings might prove to be an instant success among users, as it provides yet another way to bring system settings toggles to the Notification Center, and the icing on the cake is that it fits perfectly with the stock UI.Read More

Grid: Snap App Windows To Any Screen Corner via Shortcut Keys [Mac]

Divvy is a very popular app window manager for Mac that costs $14.99, which is more than most people would be willing to pay just to snap their app windows to the side of their screen. The app is definitely feature rich, enough for it to be ported to Windows in the form of Windy, but if you’re looking for a similar app that’s more affordable or free, Grid might be a possible solution. Grid is a free Mac app that lets you use keyboard shortcuts to snap a window to one of four screen quadrants. Unlike Divvy, it doesn’t let you record shortcuts or divide the screen into custom parts for window resizing. It does, however, let you snap windows to the side, and resizes them automatically.Read More

Lightning Dial: Custom Grid Of Shortcuts For Contacts, Settings & Other Actions [WP7]

Even though the Start screen offered by Windows Phone 7 is pretty good, with its big live tiles and metro interface, at times one does tend to wish that there was some way to pin the exact same thing you want to that area. For instance, won’t it be really useful if you could text a particular friend by just tapping a tile? While Lightning Dial is not really an alternative for the Start screen in WP7, it does allow Mango users the luxury of creating customized shortcuts, and then accumulating them in one place for easy access. The app can roughly be compared to a launcher in Android, as it lets users gather shortcuts and app icons in one place without actually disturbing the Start screen. You can use Lightning Dial to easily access Settings toggles and create customized shortcuts.Read More

Reddit Glide: Browse Links Easily With Keyboard Shortcuts [Chrome]

Reddit is quite an entertaining website that lets you find lots of new and funny content, but unfortunately, browsing Reddit can be a hassle, as you either have to open each link in a new tab or in the same tab and then click back or switch tabs each time to go to the main page. Not only is this tiring but if you open all links in the same tab, you might forget what an image caption was or why you found a link interesting. Reddit Glide, a Chrome extension, lets you browse Reddit in a two-pane view with multiple keyboard shortcuts. You can use J/K keys to open links in a new tab, pressing the J/K key instantly opens and rearranges the two windows side by side. As you open new links, the older tabs are automatically closed and replaced by new ones, a maximum of six tabs can be kept open at the same time.Read More

iShortcuts: Create & Pin Settings/Contacts Shortcuts To iOS Home Screen Without Jailbreak

A few days back, we covered the method to get settings shortcuts on your iOS Springboard without jailbreak, but that procedure was not perfect, far from it. Using the unnamed web service involved, you can only pin a limited number of settings shortcuts to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s homescreen. iShortcuts is a new web service that provides similar functionality, but with one added bonus; you can create your own shortcuts with it, and for any part of the OS. Moreover, the list of built-in settings shortcuts is much more extensive.Read More

Pin A Website Logo To WP7 Start Screen With Web2Tile [How To]

One good thing about Windows Phone 7 is the metro interface, and among the things that distinguish this interface from its competitors are Live Tiles. Where all other mobile platforms just have the same old stagnant icons, the tiles on WP7 can give the user quite a lot of information at a glance. The home to these Live Tiles is the Start screen in Windows Phone. On the Start screen, you can pin just about anything, ranging from apps to shortcuts, and even webpages. If you have ever pinned a webpage to your phone’s Start screen, you must have noticed that doing so puts a miniature screenshot of the opened page on the said screen. This seems out of convention with the metro interface that focuses on not wasting even an inch of space on your phone's main screen. Fortunately, you can take matter into your own hands and with a simple bookmarklet, it is possible to pin any webpage’s favicon or logo to the Start screen instead of a small image of the page.Read More

How To Get Settings Shortcuts On iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreak

People having a jailbroken iOS device are always showing off the cool stuff that their iPhone or iPad can do, but most others value their iDevices too much. The fear of voiding their devices' warranties keeps them from jailbreaking them. So it is always nice to see something that only jailbroken users can avail make its way to every iOS user. SBSettings is a Cydia tweak which allows jailbroken users to place shortcuts for different sections of the Settings menu on the Springboard, but now, courtesy of the (currently nameless) web-based settings shortcuts offered by developer Jeff Broderick, users without jailbroken devices can do that too. All you will need to do is to install these shortcuts as certificates to your iDevice, and everything will work out fine from there.Read More

How To Use Siri To Update Your Twitter And Facebook Accounts

Who doesn’t know about iPhone’s latest game-changer, Siri, by now? The voice-based personal assistant lets you perform a variety of tasks on your iPhone 4S without even having to look at your phone’s screen. But still, the tasks that Siri can perform are limited. You can not, for example, ask Siri to go to your Facebook account and update a status for you. Also, there is no direct way of getting Siri to send your tweets to Twitter, either. But we say directly because there is a workaround for that scenario, using which you can simply dictate your tweets or status messages to iOS’s latest addition. You will not need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4S in order to use this method, as this is just a rather clever use of some of Siri's existing functionalities.Read More

Message Icons: Compose SMS & Emails Via Springboard Shortcuts [Cydia]

If you are a smartphone user, you must have realized the importance of performing a task in the least possible steps. To most of the people, it might not appear to be a critical thing if an app takes a few extra seconds to launch, but once this lost time begins accumulating, you are sure to get a bit annoyed at your phone's slowness. That is where shortcuts have the potential to come into play. iOS takes special care to provide its users with shortcuts wherever possible. The popularity of Cydia tweaks like SBSettings is a testament to the usefulness of shortcuts on an iPhone. Back in the days of dumb-phones, shortcuts on mobile devices were pretty common. A tap of the down key would take you to the ringtones menu, or a long-press of hash key launched the messaging options. Message Icons aims to achieve a similar functionality by allowing jailbroken users to compose a new text or e-mail right from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Springboard.Read More

AeroJump Is Jump List Style Tabbed Application Launcher

AeroJump is a Jump List style application launcher to manage and launch application, file and folder shortcuts. You can add an item to AeroJump with simple drag & drop and create multiple tabs with upto 20 shortcuts each (within AeroJump). You create and name tabs which may help you easily locate and launch items. As an example, you can create a tab named Application Shortcuts and add up to twenty frequently used shortcuts to help speed up your workflow. AeroJump requires no installation as it is a portable application. A tabbed application launcher is quite an interesting concept as it enables housing several shortcuts in easy to sort categories and also provides the luxury of not having to allocate additional desktop space for viewing the extra shortcuts within the app launchers interface.Read More

Access Facebook Features Through Home Screen Shortcuts On Your Android

There’s certainly no stopping the consistently growing popularity of the social network giant Facebook; neither on desktops nor on mobile devices. And with quite a few other third party app developers devising Facebook-integrated apps of their own (such as INQ Social Sync and its whole suite of widgets), Android users are certainly never short of options when it comes to accessing their favorite social network client on their device conveniently. While INQ Social Sync allows users to access the Facebook client on their device through different widgets, Facebook Shortcuts, as its name implies, lets them access the Facebook client through multiple (customizable) home screen shortcuts. What better than pre-assembled home screen shortcuts to access your Facebook Wall, Inbox, Friends, Events at al!Read More

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts [With Screenshots]

The new Windows 8 operating system was recently launched with a number of new enhancements. Other than the Metro based interface and other changes, it also came with a slew of new keyboard shortcuts. In this post we will show a number of Windows 8 hotkeys which can help you use Windows 8 more conveniently. These include keyboard shortcuts which are applicable on both the Metro interface and Windows desktop.
Important Update: We compiled this list of shortcuts when Windows 8 Developer Build was released, and since then Microsoft has made some major User Interface changes, therefore some hotkeys may not respond in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and next iterations. We've covered 30 most useful hotkeys for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which you can check out here.
Read More

Add Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts With QuickShift For Chrome

Chrome comes equipped with a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform some basic functions like opening and closing tabs and windows, accessing Chrome options, history, downloads page and repositioning and switch between tabs. However, all these functions are limited to the window you’re working in. QuickShift For Chrome is a Chrome extension that extends keyboard navigation functionality in Chrome across different windows allowing you to move tabs to different windows, merge multiple tabs open in different windows to one window and reposition an active tab using keyboard shortcuts.Read More

Launch Each App In A Different Language With Localized Apps [Android]

Imagine using Google Maps in Italian while the default language of your Android device is set to English. How about going through your news feeds in Finnish whereas the rest of your device guiding you through menus and helps screens in your local language. Such customization is now possible with Localized App for Android and credit has to be given to XDA-Developer’s member thiagolr. Localized Apps is a quick solution for users who prefer apps of their liking to be displayed in a specific language without changing the default language of their device. By placing ‘localized’ shortcuts of your favorite apps on your home screen through Localized Apps, you can always launch them with the preferred language. Exit the app and you are back with the default device language.Read More