How To Set Up An Email Signature, Mobile & Personal Computer

As soon as humans discovered writing, they invented signatures. The purpose being the identification of the author and possibly a return address. This tradition carried over to emails as well; more out of tradition than necessity people set up email signatures. With the passage of time though, those signatures have grown to have a real purpose. An email signature can convey additional information in terms of job title, a phone number, social media profile links, and even a personal website. Here's how you can set up an email signature on your iPhone, Android Phone, Windows PC, and macOS.Read More

How To Remove The ‘Sent From Mail For Windows 10’ Line

Windows 10 marked a shift in how Microsoft promotes its products. It's gotten quite aggressive with it going so far as to install an app called 'Get Office' on Windows 10. The app periodically reminds you to try Office 365. Windows 10 employs other, more subtle, ways to push its products on to users one of which comes in the form of the default signature in the Mail app. The Mail app is awesome in itself but if you never bother to edit the default signature and used it out of the box, you have been sending everyone you emailed a link to the Mail and Calendar Windows Store page. Here's how you can remove it.Read More

Open, Edit & Sign Documents In Gmail With The HelloSign Firefox Add-On

Ever wonder why signing an online document can feel so primitive? That’s because most of us follow this simple-minded route: download document, print it out, sign, scan, upload, and send to the concerned party. Yep, primitive would be the right term. From the extension of the team behind HelloFax comes HelloSign for Gmail, a Firefox add-on that changes this by enabling users to create signatures on the spot, stick them on any document and send it right from within your Gmail inbox, without soliciting any cumbersome third-party software. If you need someone else’s signature, simply assign a field to the document and send your request to them - it’s that simple! The extension was initially released for Chrome and later, the HelloSign service itself went mobile with the release of its iOS and Android apps.Read More

HelloFax Releases HelloSign Android App For On The Go Digital Document Signing

If you often find yourself in the need to sign important documents on the go and have them delivered to the recipient without wasting much time, there are popular online fax services that will help you do that. However, with the advent of increasingly powerful smartphones, lesser people carry a netbook or a laptop when on the move, which is why Hellofax - the popular online fax service - is available on both web and mobile platforms. The company has just released HelloSign for Android devices – earlier made available for iOS and the web – to help users add digital signatures and a few more elements to any existing document on the go. Better yet, it lets you scan documents from your phone and sign them! We take a closer look at the app after the jump.Read More

Digitally Sign A PDF Document Using Mac Preview & Your Webcam [Tip]

Electronically signing a document is much easier and faster than printing it out, signing it with a pen and then scanning and emailing it. Normally, you would go looking for an app that, in addition to editing a PDF, also supports adding signatures. While you can dish out some bucks and grab such apps from Mac App Store, if you just need a method for adding digital signature, there is already a built-in way to do it in OS X Lion. Preview in Mac is more than just an app for opening files; as covered in earlier tips, it does much more, such as taking screenshots and adding e-signatures to PDFs. All you need is a good webcam - possibly a high quality one - and adding a signature is only a matter of a few clicks.Read More

EasySign: Digital Signature App With Facebook Integration [iPhone]

Gone are the days when you had to rely upon paper copies of documents to put your signatures on them. Now, there are many legally acceptable ways of signing documents digitally, like Adobe Echo Sign for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There is even a fair amount of choice available in this field, with the likes of EasySign for iOS users. The app has been around for quite a while in the App Store, but with its latest update, you can even link your Facebook account with the app, letting you sign and share your documents with complete ease. Read More

DocuSign Ink: Digitally Sign Documents, Upload To Cloud & Share [Android]

Have you ever imagined how much time, effort and money is involved in faxing or mailing a vital document, especially if it is needed to be done on a regular basis? Add to it sensitive documents that have your signatures printed on them, and it becomes risky too. This is where digitally signed documents and emails come in handy. DocuSign is a secure, cross-platform service that lets you store your digital signatures and initials on the cloud. Any document that you wish to sign can be instantly uploaded to the service, from where you can stamp your signature and/or initials on them, and forward them in one go.To cater for the digital signature needs of smartphone users, said service has a mobile client by the name of DocuSign Ink. The app lets you access, sign and upload all your digital documents on the go. Supporting almost all the major media and document file types such as PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG et al, the app makes signing digital documents a breeze. Initially available only to iOS users, DocuSign Ink has recently made its way into the Android Market.Read More

Sign Docs Electronically On The Go With Adobe EchoSign For iPhone & iPad

More and more people are using electronic signatures in the corporate sector for secure transfer of legal documents since it is a much better alternative to sending your documents via courier or air mail, especially if you have offices or clients overseas. Also, electronic signatures are ideal for confidential fax and emails that can easily fall into the wrong hands. Popular electronic signature web service Adobe EchoSign has has released its official mobile client for iOS devices to allow the secure sending and receiving of  important legal and corporate documents from anywhere and at anytime. The app allows you to keep track of all documents that have been signed or are pending for signatures with this app and send electronically signed faxes.Read More

Protocol.By – Let People Know The Best Way To Get In Touch With You

The average internet user has one email account and uses two social networks, which all mean there’s more than one way to get in touch with someone. Whether you send out a lot of email, got an online resume or showcase your portfolio on a blog, you do it so people can find you and get in touch with you easily. Protocol.By is a web service that lets you tell everyone how to easily get in touch with you; it provides you a link to add, to either your email signature, website, blog etc., that lists all the ways to get in touch with you. You can add an email address, phone number, Twitter account, Facebook profile, Skype name, LinkedIn profile, Fax number, Voicemail or Gtalk ID among other ways to contact you.Read More

Add Legal Signatures To Your Important Documents Using SignNow

Adding legally valid signatures on documents that are to be transmitted as soft copies is a huge concern. Documents are not just critical because of the information they contain but also because because they are to be regarded as a transmission of authority. While companies all over the world are trying to reduce the amount of paper they consume, printing, signing and scanning documents to ensure their validity adds up to a lot of consumed paper. SignNow is a web service that allows you to add legal and secure signatures to any document, it allows multiple people to sign a single document and sends the signed document to recipients. Signatures can be added using a pen & tablet or they can be typed in.Read More

How To Add Signatures In Outlook 2010

In Office 2010 the location of some of the previously inherited options are different. If you are familiar with Outlook 2007 and have recently migrated to the Office 2010 then you might be wondering about from where you can add signatures to your emails. Here are the steps to add signatures in Outlook 2010.Read More