How To Save & View Sticky Notes With Windows Ink In Windows 10

Windows ink is a new feature coming to Windows 10 in the Anniversary Update. Among other things, the feature will make it easier for users to interact with supported apps using a digital pen connected to the system. If you don't have a digital pen, Windows Ink isn't going to be of much interest to you but it does have an exceptionally awesome feature that you can and should check out. Windows Ink comes with a Sticky Notes feature. Unlike the sticky notes that existed as widgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7, these notes are part of the Windows ink workspace. You can create as many notes as you want and switch to the workspace to view them. The notes are not omnipresent on your scree like the widgets were in Window Vista and Windows 7. The feature has already made an appearance in Preview Build 14332. Here's how to use it. Read More

Floating Stickies Brings Omnipresent Sticky Notes To Android

AirCalc was one of the first floating Android apps that we came across and since then, there’s been a surge of floating apps in the Play Store, ranging from floating audio and video player, web browsers and task managers to dictionaries, app switchers and YouTube clients, to name a few. Floating Stickies is another handy floating app that allows you to jot down multiple colorful and animated sticky notes to your Android device’s screen from virtually anywhere within the OS. In addition to being completely resizable and moveable using easy gestures, each sticky note comes with basic clipboard management tools that allow you to copy and paste text with with ease. Read More

Add Custom Notes To Lengthy Articles For Easy Scrolling [Chrome]

Sometimes, while reading lengthy articles online, we scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and tend to lose focus from the last read sentence. In such situations, it can be quite difficult and tiring to skim through articles to find the part where we left off. This is where Annotated Scrollbars, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool remembers the position of your latest browsed articles, so that you can come back to it and continue reading with ease. Annotated Scrollbars helps you navigate through important sections of a lengthy documents by allowing you to mark specific parts of an article, so that you can scroll back to them at a later time. All you have to do is add sticky notes to the scrollbar using the context menu, and navigate between the notes by clicking them. Read More

GloboNotes: Sticky Notes With File Attachments & Group Support

The reason for covering so many applications of the same kind is that each user has a different requirement, and every application offers something different with respect to its features. In the last few days, we have covered quite a lot of application that allow you to place and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop. Well, we are not finished yet. Previously, we have covered Sticky7Notes, hott notes, and Stick A Note among many others. Today, we have another open source note taking application called GloboNote that lets you add and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop. It is a platform independent application and can run on any operating system that has Java 6 or higher installed. It allows you to set alarms for a note, sports a built-in calculator for performing simple calculations and has the capability to attach files with the note and paste images in it. Keep reading to find out more about GloboNote. Read More

hott notes: Message, Checklist & Drawing Notes With Alarm Support

These days, you can find a lot of applications that perform the same task, and some of them are really also really good at what they do. So, how can one software set itself apart from others which have the same functionality? There are several options that developers can choose from for having that individuality, while retaining the basic purpose of the tool and providing utility to the users. Differentiation can be achieved though different elements, such as a better interface for making the application user friendly, or an extra option or two for increasing its utility. In the end, it’s the users that decide if a tool is good or bad, complete or requires improvement. Due to the same reason, we see lots of third party software perform the functions that are already included in Windows; they provide something extra to the user compared to the default application. One such application of Windows, Sticky Notes, was massively praised by the users due to its usefulness, as well its simplicity. Previously, we have covered some alternatives to Sticky Notes, such as Sticky7Notes, Stickies and Stick A Note, which allow you to perform extended functions during and after creating a sticky note. Today, we have another application, hott notes, that lets you create checklist notes, draw pictures on notes and set alarms on them. Read More

Stickies: Attach Notes To Specific Programs & Recur After Specific Time

Most of us have been in a situation where a random but really important thought crossed our mind but we did not have anything to note it down at that moment, and it slipped out before we could note it down. The default Sticky Notes gadget of Windows comes pretty hand in such situations, and has found a lot of utility in both office and home computers. It allows you to save and quickly access important information. If you are “go green” type of person, using virtual Sticky Notes instead of the real Post-It notes can also help in conservation of the environment, since it is becoming a big issue. More and more trees are getting cut down to meet the world demand for paper. However, the problem with Sticky Notes is that there is no unified interface to manage the sticky notes that you have placed on your computer screen. Some days ago, we covered Sticky7List, an application for Windows that lets you manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. Stickies is another utility for Windows that provides you with extensive options to create and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop. Read More

abc Notes For iPhone: Virtual Notice Boards For Sticky Notes & Checklists

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you must be aware of the fact that there are many note-taking apps in the App Store. Even the stock Notes app is sufficient to jot down thoughts in a hurry. Similarly, you will find a lot of  iOS apps that will allow you to create checklists with ease. So, won’t it be nice if you can perform both these tasks within the same app? Enter abc Notes. This beautiful app will let you manage, create and share notes easily, and supports syncing of data between multiple devices. abc Notes isn't just practical and simple to use, it looks remarkably good too. Read More

Sticky7Notes Lets You Search & Manage Windows Sticky Notes Database

For people who often forget their ToDo's of the day or want to keep reminded for something pivotal, the Sticky Notes feature of Windows is definitely something to commend about. It is pretty handy and has a lot of usage both in offices and for personal work. It allows you to quickly jot down important information, which you would want to keep in front of your face at all times. It is a very good replacement for the PostIt notes that have been in use for more than 2 decades. Since conservation of environment and specially the trees is becoming a big issue around the world, virtualizing common tasks previously done on paper allows us to waste less paper resulting in less trees getting cut down for paper making. However, there is one problem in using Sticky Notes on your computer, i.e., how to keep track of and find the notes stored on your computer when you have a huge amount of items noted down? Apparently, a third-party application that you can use is Sticky7List. It is an application for Windows that allows you to manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. It has an easy to use interface and contains handful of different options and settings. Read More

Page Stickies: Add Permanent Sticky Notes To Any Webpage [Chrome]

Do you often forget important tasks because you're always busy working online? Page Stickies, a Chrome extension, allows users to add colorful sticky notes to any webpage, so they can use them as reminders for various tasks. These notes remain visible even when you open the browser the next time. Page Stickies lets you create stickies on any webpage and save them to cloud. You can add notes of five different colors. The notes are resizable, editable once saved and can be placed anywhere on the webpage. Read More

Create & Manage Password Protected Post-It Notes With Secret Notes

When the Post-it Notes were first developed in 1968 by 3M, they failed to catch anyone's attention, and took some good years (and i literally mean good) to make their mark. Years after years passed, and finally, their success came to prominence. Now its a time when Post-it Notes have become a must-have item for every office and workplace. Apart from tangible sticky notes, they have made their way to PCs as well. When Windows Vista came out, amongst all its flaws and debatable issues, there was an awesome app called Sticky Notes, imitating the Post-it Notes in the virtual workspace. That brought the use of sticky notes to mainstream and now there are various third party tool available that provide the very same, in one way or the other. Sticky Notes come in very handy for noting down important information that you need to keep in front of you at all times. Have a meeting with boss early morning? Sticky note it. Don't want to miss doctor's appointment at 10 am? Again sticky it. Well, do you remember Memo? An app for Mac that lets you create memos on your desktop and password protect them. Secret Notes provides almost the same functionality on Windows, allowing you to create notes for noting down important information and locking them with a password. More on Secret Notes up ahead. Read More

Note&Do: Take Notes And Maintain To Do Lists In Microsoft Office [Add-In]

While working on computer, it is not unusual to forget about something you had to do. It often happens that while working on a document, we get brilliant ideas to add to it, but can't recall them later. The usual thing to do is to either get a sticky note and jot down the idea on it, but finding a sticky note and pen or a pencil can take a lot of time, and distract you from the task at hand. If you create a text file on your desktop, there’s a fat chance that you will completely forget about the file after some time. Note&Do is an add-on for Microsoft Office that integrates with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, & enables a Notes and To Do bar in the right side of the applications, allowing you to take quick notes by typing or dragging & dropping text, noting down tasks that need to be performed. Each note and task is universal, in the sense that when a note is added to one application, it is viewable in all supported four Microsoft Office utilities. Read More

SBStickyNotes: Pin Notes To Your iPhone Springboard [Cydia Tweak]

If you happen to be a bit forgetful, you must find the use of sticky notes a pretty useful idea. As they prove to be such productive tools in real life, why not bring them to your iOS device as well. Windows 7 has a pretty neat implementation of the concept, and now you can do the same in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, with the freshly launched Cydia tweak, named SBStickyNotes. The tweak will let you customize and pin any note to your iPhone’s Springboard. The notes pinned to your Home screen can have any color of your choice, and the formatting options available are pretty nice as well. Read More

Add Notes & Reminders To Application Windows With Stick A Note

Sometimes, random thoughts cross our mind during the most absurd moments. For instance, while working on a project, you will suddenly remember that you had to make a phone call. Note-taking applications like Sticker (a portable and light-weight application for taking notes on desktop) and Stickies (a clone of Mac's popular tool for note taking) allow you place sticky notes anywhere on your desktop, but what if for some reason you cannot afford to minimize the application? Stick A Note is portable application that enables you to stick notes to windows of active applications using hot keys. You can add relevant information particular to each application, such as project completion time, outline of an article you are writing, an important email address, etc. The application allows you to add the sticky notes in four different colors, and change the hot key to enable the sticky note. Read More

StickyTiles: Pin Up Two-Sided Sticky Notes To WP Mango Home Screen

It is pretty ironic that some of the features that bring Windows to your mind as soon as you hear their name, are absent in Windows Phone 7. The Sticky Notes feature gained popularity through Windows 7, but it’s a third party app which finally brings it to WP7. Sure, you can pin Office’s OneNote to your Start menu but that does not show its contents on the live tile, just the note’s name. StickyTiles for Mango does the trick by attaching a whole note to your start screen so that you can view what you wrote at a glance. Of course you can only write a small amount of text on such a note, but that is the whole point of the app. StickyTiles is equally useful for reminders, small notes and to-do lists. Read More

Pin A Sticky Note To iPhone Spotlight Search With ToDoNotes

There are quite a few platforms (and apps) that allow you to pin virtual sticky notes to your desktop / home screen. Some people might argue that you can achieve the same functionality by saving any text file and keeping it opened indefinitely, but sticky notes streamline the whole procedure, and provide a rather attractive interface. Now, iOS users can get this handy little feature on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and that too for free! One catch though - you need to have a jailbroken device, as the feature can be used through ToDoNotes, which happens to be a Cydia tweak. Read More

Add Sticky Notes To Any Web Page In Firefox With FloatNotes

We have already reviewed Note Anywhere, which is a Google Chrome extension that allows posting sticky notes on websites. FloatNotes is a Firefox extension that allows adding sticky notes to a specific webpage or the overall browser. These notes remain constant and visible (unless removed) even when you open the browser the next time. FloatNotes is an easy and fun way of keeping track of important tasks, adding foot notes for research purposes and for saving information in the shape of sticky notes. Read More

Desknotes: Create And Manage Sticky Notes, Sync With Outlook

Desknotes is a freeware that lets you create sticky notes on your desktop. You can use it to take important messages, reminders and to-dos on your desktop. The desk notes that you create can also be configured to display a reminder when the time for a particular event lapses. Lastly, this tool also enables users to sync their notes with MS Outlook. Read More

Stickies For Windows Brings Yellow Sticky Notes On Desktop

Stickies for Windows is the clone of Mac’s popular note-taking application, ported to Microsoft’s operating system. A welcome addition to our arsenal of note-taking applications, Stickies lets you place yellow-colored sticky notes anywhere on your desktop, with some decent formatting and customization options. Read More