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How to schedule sticky notes on Windows 10

Reminders are great but they’re not exactly sticky notes. Sticky notes are generally used as scratch pads but they are an essential tool for a lot of people which is why both macOS and Windows 10 have a Sticky Notes app. These apps are basic though they do have cloud support which means they can be backed up online and accessed from anywhere. If you need to schedule sticky notes so that an important one pops up on your screen at a certain time, the stock app on Windows 10 won’t do the job. Here’s how you can schedule sticky notes on Windows 10.

Schedule sticky notes

In order to schedule sticky notes on Windows 10, you need an app called Stickies. It’s been around for a while and it has some excellent features, including a scheduling and alarm feature. Download Stickies and install it. You have the option to install it for everyone, or for just a single user.

Create a new sticky note and right-click it. From the context menu, select ‘Alarm’.

A new window will open where you can set an alarm. The alarm can be set in relative time i.e., one day from the present, or two hours from now, etc. You can also set a precise time and date for when the sticky note will appear on your screen. Click ‘Set’.

When it’s time for the sticky note to appear, it will flash on your screen. It’s kind of hard to miss and you have to appreciate its persistence.

Stickies can be set to sleep which is sort of like a silent alarm where the sticky note will appear when the set sleep period expires. The notes can be pinned to the top of the screen, they can snap to the edge of the screen, and to each other, there are a bunch of skins that you can use to change their appearance, files can be attached to a note, and you can choose the font, text color, text style, and highlight for the text.

Stickies does more than the stock sticky notes app on Windows 10 but it will not sync them to an online service. For some, that might be a deal-breaker since that means the notes can’t be accessed from anywhere. The notes are stored in a DB file which means syncing it via a cloud service won’t give you access to them either. It only has this one shortcoming but for a lot of users, it means the notes are stored locally.

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