ContaCam: Create Surveillance System With Webcams, WDM And DV

ContaCam is a simple tool for creating your very own video surveillance mechanism. This application can turn a webcam into a motion detection camera with customized alerts. It can monitor the area within camera view, and auto-start recording once it detects motion. The recorded cam videos can then be saved in AVI or Flash video formats. Additionally, you can also upload the video to an FTP server or send it via email. ContaCam is also capable of capturing still images at regular intervals, and creates a thumbnail history log, which can be remotely accessed. Other than video surveillance, ContaCam can also function as a DVR for manual recording and scheduling on-demand recording. ContaCam supports numerous advanced configuration options, including customizable detection zones, snapshot editing, various video settings, detection scheduling, network based streaming, audio recording, and the like. ContaCam is capable of supporting Webcams, WDM, DV and other devices.Read More

Forevid Lets You Analyze And Render Surveillance Videos With Ease

When analyzing surveillance videos, one often lacks the knowledge to use professional software for editing and rendering the footages. For example, lets say you have setup a camera in your office as a surveillance tool, or would like to analyze the feed of a forensic camera installed in your office. In such a case, it might be hard for you to use a video editing application as advanced as Premiere Pro. Furthermore, such applications are often paid. Forevid is an open source software for the forensic analysis of surveillance videos. It has been specifically designed to offer a free and easy-to-use mechanism for common users to analyze surveillance videos with benefits similar to a commercial software.Read More

WebCamImageSave: Capture Still Images Periodically From Webcam

Ever wanted to keep an eye on valuables in your room via Webcam? WebCamImageSave is a portable application from Nirsoft, that lets you capture still images from Webcam after defined number of seconds and save them at any local or network location. The utility supports JPG, BMP and PNG image format and overlays current date and time stamp on captured images. You can choose to add custom label text to images, define label font family, and font size and style. WebCamImageSave is, by default, set to capture Webcam images after every 60 seconds in JPEG format. However, you can change the time duration or manually capture an image from within the application.Read More

Record Continuous Photos With Your Webcam With Prog’z WebCamSpy

Security surveillance systems are, undoubtedly, expensive and one has to fork out hefty amount for deploying one complete security system. If you’re looking for a free, simple, and easy to use surveillance software, give Prog’z WebCamSpy a shot. It is, however, not comparable to previously covered TeboCam and Rise Sun in terms of features and security options, nevertheless, you can use it to focus valuables in your room / office for capturing images after defined interval of time. It was developed to be light on system resources with few image snapping options, including, Continuous Capture, Sequence Capture, and Delayed Capture.Read More

Free Video Surveillance Security System Software

Do you go out frequently on business trips or on vacations and need an elusive video surveillance over specific valuables in your home or room. As thieves are constant threats to your households and lurking everywhere trying to break-in anytime. You might not like to give them an open space for pouncing on your home and do an act of vandalism. TeboCam is a full-featured free video-surveillance system that only requires single peripheral with your system - a Webcam.Read More

Rise Sun – Turn Your Webcam Into Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Are you leaving your office or maybe planning to take a vacation. Security is something that everybody considers strongly. Instead of purchasing expensive video surveillance systems, you can now convert your webcam into a motion-sensing security camera without paying a buck.Rise Sun is a free webcam motion-detecting software for Windows that can turn your computer into a video surveillance system. The motion sensing is so accurate that I couldn’t resist trying it on myself. You can manually adjust the Sensor Sensitivity, Camera Performance, and Trigger Threshold. For the program to detect the motion more accurately, you will have to set the Trigger Threshold to medium.Note: Rise Sun for Windows has been discontinued. You can check out previously featured TeboCam and Forevid.Read More