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Record Continuous Photos With Your Webcam With Prog’z WebCamSpy

Security surveillance systems are, undoubtedly, expensive and one has to fork out hefty amount for deploying one complete security system. If you’re looking for a free, simple, and easy to use surveillance software, give Prog’z WebCamSpy a shot. It is, however, not comparable to previously covered TeboCam and Rise Sun in terms of features and security options, nevertheless, you can use it to focus valuables in your room / office for capturing images after defined interval of time. It was developed to be light on system resources with few image snapping options, including, Continuous Capture, Sequence Capture, and Delayed Capture.

Before launching the application, you have to make sure that Webcam is properly connected with the system and functional. Now launch the application and focus the area which you want to spy on. At the bottom of the window, all the capturing methods are lined up. For taking photos continually, click Continuous Capture.

Prog'z WebCamSpy

If you need to capture photo with some delay, you can either choose Sequence Capture or Delayed Capture, which takes a snap after 2 seconds and 5 seconds respectively.

To set time delay between capturing photo of an area, click Capture Settings from Options menu. Here, you can change image output location, image name and format, time delay for Continuous Capture and Sequence Capture features.


WebCamSpy is small (436KB), lightweight (consumes 3.5 MB of physical memory) and works in silent mode. If you’re planning to take off for vacations, consider deploying this nifty little security system. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Window 7.

Download Prog’z WebCamSpy


  1. I would love an application like this for linux, namely Ubuntu.
    ask at nix site, such as ubuntuforums or LQ, or…
    when you search or post, you could link to this page, or summarize yourself.

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