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Install CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Tab

 Android 2.3 Gingerbread based CyanogenMod 7 is here for the Samsung Galaxy Tab! While this tablet already has the inherited performance gains of Froyo over Eclair, custom Android development doesn’t have to stop and that is why if you have this Samsung Galaxy S Series tablet and want to give it a taste of Gingerbread, please read on for more details.

Before you proceed, you should understand that this is a beta CyanogenMod 7 build for the Galaxy Tab and the project is still under development, so bugs are to be expected as is the case with every early custom ROM. The build has been shared with us by XDA-Developers forum member Technomancer and utilizes Heimdall – a tool that has been specifically designed for the purpose of cross-platform flashing onto Samsung Galaxy S Series devices.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Download and install Heimdall Suite on your PC and reboot your system.
    MAC OS X Users: If you’re having trouble starting Heimdall on your machine, it can be resolved by installing the QT files available here.
  2. Extract the downloaded ROM to any folder on your PC.
  3. Run Heimdall and click the ‘Browse’ button to add the components present inside the extracted ROM folder.
  4. Now power off your Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  5. Press and hold the Home and Volume-Down buttons, then press Power button and keep holding all three buttons until you get into download mode. (If this doesn’t work, you probably have the 3 button combo broken. Go here for the fix.)
  6. Now connect your tablet to your PC via USB. (Wait for the drivers to install if necessary.)
  7. Press ‘Start’ button on Heimdall.
  8. Wait for the progress bar to finish and reboot. The device will reboot into recovery and then reboot again into the new firmware. The first boot will take some time – be patient.

Congratulations – you now have Gingerbread running on your Samsung Galaxy Tab!

To report bugs or issues and for future versions and updates regarding this firmware, head over to the XDA Developers forum thread and join the conversation.


  1. Hi, im trying to get sixaxis controller on my galaxy tab but it lacks the bluetooth protocol as others have. this change of rom make my tab up for that app?

  2. Just wait instead of bricking ur precious tab i love this too much to risk bricking sprint has it already i cant wait for tmobile

  3. i just updated the factoryfs file since the others dont work and i get a weird image of an exclamation mark between a pc and a phone.

    anyways, after it says flash complete (using only the factoryfs) my tab reboots into the GALAXY TAB (SAMSUNG) logo and from there on nothing happens. i tried rebooting but i just keep getting this screen

    bricked i presume…any ideas on how to proceed…

    ps samsung KIES sucks big time

  4. i got problem to my galaxy ……firstly it working with gingerbread but now after I’m plug in to my computer my galaxy tab not working any more…….one of the problem the screen doesn’t show up but the light at the back is keep continuing on…….please asses regarding this

  5. I instell the rom bat the bluetooth do work well end i dont see video the camra jamp help ?
    divax vod do work

  6. Wow, great job. need to work through some minor things. had to uninstall a few apps and reinstall and they work fine.

  7. I followed the above steps exactly using the files available in the 6th of march

    I used a Mac computer.

    There were only 4 binary files available in the zip file. I checked the flashme file and this seemed correct.

    I used the gui

    • Now that i am not cut off.

      I used the gui and i got a failed message.

      I then used the flashme shell script and i saw it connecting then said something about handshaking

      after a while it indicated that it had failed (i attempted to post from home but it appears as though that post was not successful)

      My tab then only booted with the image that indicates that the phone needs to be connected to the computer.

      effectively bricked.

    • I just followed the steps exactly as listed. I found 4 files in the download and i associated them with the menu entries that mimiked the command line flash me. I ran the program and it told me it failed.

      I then ran the command line flashme only to get this output

      Heimdall, Copyright (c) 2010, Benjamin Dobell, Glass Echidna

      This software is provided free of charge. Copying and redistribution is

      If you appreciate this software and you would like to support future
      development please consider donating:

      Claiming interface… Success
      Setting up interface… Success
      Beginning session…
      Handshaking with Loke… Failed!

      My Lovely Bell Galaxy Tab is bricked….. it has the following image…


      I saw some comments about flashing the modem file…

      My tab is a Canadian Bell Galaxy tab running 2.2…

      This kinda sucks… any idea of how to proceed from here?

  8. Hello everyone!

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this ROM’s wrong title. It is indeed a Gingerbread ROM and not a Honeycomb one. Fahad had just started writing for us when he posted this and we all make mistakes when new at something. It was my mistake as well for publishing it without confirming the download link, for which I again apologize. The post will be fixed tomorrow. In the meantime, I have added an update stating it is Gingerbread and not Honeycomb.

    Haroon Q. Raja
    Editor Mobile Department.

  9. The samsung usb driver stops working after I update to gingerbread following the instructions above(the 16G onboard memory can no longer be recognized as external hard drive when I connect the tablet to PC through USB cable). Anyone experienced the same? Also it seems to use the Gallery application to play the video by default(for example YouTube) and give me a blank white screen with only sound.

    • I did experience it and what I just did was reinstall android 2.2.I made gingerbread work but I lost the remaining reserved storage after installing it,so i have no choice but to get back to android 2.2

  10. honeycomb not released yet? true. not available yet? wrong!!

    honeycomb preview builds exist and are up and running on the amazing little Barnes & Noble Nook Color 7″ tablet (which IS an android tablet, just that it’s default firmware is a crippled android 2.1 with customized UI targeted at e-reading).

    honeycomb runs VERY well on the nook color – just check the youtube videos of it. it’s also one heck of a little tablet, but the galaxy tab is superior so I don’t understand why we don’t have honeycomb for the galaxy yet?

    if it’s running THAT well on the nook color, why haven’t people at the very least ported that rom to the galaxy tab with the galaxy’s kernel?

    I’m not an android firmware dev (yet) but there are definitely people out there who can do this. Maybe nobody’s aware of what’s been done on the nook color already?

  11. They made us happy with an illusion because this is Gingerbread (2.3) and not Honeycomb (3.0),
    so we still have to wait .
    The only thing I don’t understand why they want us to believe that this is Honeycomb.

  12. 2 complete newb questions

    #1 Does it remove all the apps you have ? Or are they stored on a different partition ?

    #2 are the Android 2.2 apps 3.0 compatible ?



  13. this is onley because the post is all wrong. honeycomb is not even released/leaked yet. so there is no way to get 3.0 running on anything yet. please prove if im wrong.

  14. Salam,

    After flashing the Honeycomb ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab files, I have rebooted my GT-P1000 device to find the new android version has been changed form 2.2 to 2.3.1!!!

    Is it somthing related to my device (GT-P1000) or the Honeycomb ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab zipped file is wrong?

    • Seems like the download link in the article point to Gingerboard ROM (CM7 Gingerbread Public Beta), not the Honeycomb.

      In this case, it’s proved that the procedure works but just with wrong ROM.

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