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How To Root & Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus One

LGOptimusOneIts becoming a trend for hard core Android fans to feel at ease only after their device has been rooted along with a custom recovery flashed and if you’re looking for a way to customize your LG Optimus One to take it a little further than what its stock options offer, we are going to show you how to root your device and flash ClockworkMod recovery to it.

Rooting and flashing a custom recovery to any Android device is like the opening of the big gate of customization and squeezing every little drop from what your hardware has to offer. Here’s how to get started with customizing your LG Optimus One by rooting it and installing ClockworkMod recovery to it. If you don’t know what purpose this will serve or just want to know more about rooting and custom recoveries in detail, see our top 10 reasons to root your Android device as well as what is ClockworkMod recovery and how to use it.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Download Z4Root from the above mentioned link and transfer it to your SD card.
  2. Open any application manager with the ability to install apps from APK files (e.g. Astro File Manager) and use it to install the Z4Root app from the APK.
  3. Launch the Z4Root app and tap ‘Permanent Root’. The screen should go white for around 30 seconds, after which the phone will reboot.
  4. Your device should be rooted now. Go to the App drawer and click on the z4root icon again to confirm. The application should now say ‘Re-root’ or ‘Un-root’.
  5. Now that your phone is rooted, download the ClockworkMod Recovery image from above and extract its contents to the root of your SD card (not in any sub-folder).
  6. Enable USB Debugging on your phone from Settings > Applications > Development and connect it to your computer via USB.
  7. Launch a Command Prompt / Terminal window on your computer and enter the following commands:

    adb shell
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock5 /system
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
    chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
    mount -o remount,ro -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock5 /system
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
    reboot recovery

The recovery flash is now complete, your device will reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery after the last command is entered and will allow you to perform any of the advanced recovery operations ClockworkMod provides.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. I have tried to root my lg optimus one 2.2.1 with z4root, following as told , after clicking on permanent root , it showed rooting for about half an hour then got switched off , and didn’t turn on . After 15 minutes i switched it on and when i clicked on z4root it didn’t showed reroot or unroot , it was same as was first time temporary root or permanent root . HELP !!!

  2. just a note, Z4Root will not work if you have 2.2.2 on your optimus one, which is how they ship these days.  fortunately gingerbreak does work.  took awhile to figure this all out… here’s a post about it with a link to the version of gingerbreak that works (or at least worked for me):

  3. after typing “shell adb”, you must type “su” to get to root prompt #. This wont work from $. If you get an error after “su”, and you are using “superuser” for root, use that superuser app to allow adb.

  4. when i give this command “mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock5 /system”
    I’ve got a message like “mount [-r] [-w] [-o option] [-t type] device directory”
    after that i can’t execute the rest of the comands.
    please help.

  5. A few days ago I downloaded ClockworkMod Custom Recovery on my rooted LG Optimus one. As soon as I clicked “backup” the phone was bricked. I’ve read about people having had the same problem. What’s with that?

    • same thing happened to me. I My phone got stuck in fastboot. And this method is not working either. Instead of opening in recovery, the phone performs a factory reset. So annoying.

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