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What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It On Android [Complete Guide]

ClockworkMod, abbreviated as CWM, is a popular custom recovery for Android phones and tablets developed by Koushik Dutta (Koush) – a well-known name in the Android dev community. ClockworkMod recovery allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery, and is one of the most common ways used to gain root access, back up device data, install custom ROMs, kernels, themes & mods, and more. However, for anyone new to Android customization and hacking, some of its options might prove to be a tad confusing. In what follows, we will cover all that this recovery is capable of doing, and how to do it.

Here is what we shall be covering in this guide:

  1. About Android recovery
  2. Introduction to ClockworkMod
  3. Installing ClockworkMod
  4. Booting into ClockworkMod
  5. Feature tour
  6. Using ClockworkMod for ROM, kernel, apps, theme or mod installation.

Now let’s take a look at each of these topics in detail.


About Android Recovery

All Android devices ship with a recovery console that is basically a partition on the device’s internal memory and can be booted into. The stock recovery of almost all Android devices provides a few basic yet handy options that allow you to factory reset your device, clear its cache partition, and recover its operating system using an official ROM in zip format, but that’s all you can do with it. That’s where a custom recovery comes handy.

A custom Android recovery basically replaces the stock recovery with one that lets you do all you can do with the stock recovery, plus a plethora of more options to give you a lot more control on your device. With a custom recovery, you can install official and unofficial ROMs as well as other updates including hacks, themes, kernels etc. using zip files, wipe not just user data but pretty much every standard partition on your device, mount the storage card for USB mass storage access without leaving recovery, partition your SD card, wipe dalvik cache and battery stats, fix permissions, perform, manage and restore backups, and so on.

Introduction to ClockworkMod

ClockworkMod recovery is one of the most widely used custom Android recoveries that is available for most mainstream Android devices. It is our custom recovery of choice here at AddictiveTips and almost every custom ROM that we install on our devices is done using this recovery.

ClockworkMod recovery has been developed by Koushik Dutta (also known as Koush) – the same guy who brought us the Android ROM Manager. He can be found at his blog hacking away at Android devices, and at Twitter.

Installing ClockworkMod

For most devices, ClockworkMod has a dead simple installation process. This method does require you to fully root your device in order to be installed but once rooted, installing it is as simple as installing ROM Manager from Market, launching it and using its first option i.e. the one that says ‘Flash ClockworkMod recovery’.

However, in certain scenarios, the ROM Manager method wouldn’t work, or would simply not be the preferred method for your situation. In such cases, there are several other methods available to install ClockworkMod. We have covered the ROM Manager method as well as all these alternative methods in our guide on how to install a custom recovery to your Android device.

Multiple devices:

Booting into ClockworkMod

Once you have ClockworkMod recovery installed on your Android device, booting into it is quite simple. All you have to do is launch ROM Manager and tap ‘Reboot into Recovery’.

Also, if you have ADB installed on your computer, you can simply enable USB debugging mode on your device from Settings > Applications > Development, connect it to your computer via USB, launch a Command Prompt / Terminal window on your computer and enter this command:

adb reboot recovery

The above methods will not work in certain cases though, for instance if you can’t boot into Android in the first place due to some issue, or if you are using a device like the HTC HD2 that doesn’t natively support an Android recovery. Many solutions are available in these cases.

  • Using hardware button combination on most Android devices:
    On most Android devices including ones by HTC, you can enter recovery by powering your device off and then powering it back on while keeping either the ‘Volume Down’ or the ‘Volume-Up’ button pressed, depending on the device. This will enter the bootloader from where you can select the ‘RECOVERY’ option by navigating to it with the Volume key and entering it with the ‘Power’ key.
    On most Samsung devices specifically Samsung Galaxy S series devices, you must keep both the ‘Volume-Up’ and ‘Home’ keys pressed while powering on the device, to directly enter recovery.
  • Using MAGLDR on HTC HD2:
    Entering ClockworkMod recovery on the HTC HD2 can’t be done via ROM Manager or any hardware button combination but that doesn’t mean it is difficult in any way. All you have to do is power the device off, power it on by keeping the Power key pressed till you see the MAGLDR bootloader’s menu and finally selecting the ‘AD Recovery’ option.

Feature Tour

Now that you have ClockworkMod recovery up and running on your phone or tablet, let’s take a look at all the options it offers you to manage your Android device. We are using a Nexus S running ClockworkMod Touch recovery but the details should apply to other devices and versions of the recovery as well.

This is what you see when you reboot your device into ClockworkMod recovery:

ClockworkMod Main

If you are using ClockworkMod Touch recovery, you can simply tap on these options to navigate between different sections and perform all the actions. On the non-touch versions of the recovery though, you can navigate between items using the Volume-Up and Volume-Down button, and use the ‘Power’ button to enter/launch the highlighted option on most Android devices. On devices equipped with a trackball or an optical track pad such as the G1, G2, Nexus One, HTC Desire etc., the trackball or track pad can be used for navigation and clicking it activates the selected option. Let’s review each of these options and their sub-menu options in detail now.

  1. reboot system now
    This one is self-explanatory.
  2. install zip from sdcard
    This option brings up the following sub-menu:
    ClockworkMod Installing Zip

    1. choose zip from sdcard
      Lets you install any zip file from any location on your SD card. The file can be for a ROM, a kernel, an application, a theme or any mod as long as it is in recovery-flashable zip format. This is the most widely used option for installing a ROM that you have downloaded and copied to your SD card. Entering this option will bring up a screen that will allow you to browse your SD card for the zip file and select it for installation.
      ClockworkMod Choose Zip
    2. apply /sdcard/update.zip
      This option can be used for installation of any official or unofficial update, ROM, kernel etc. that is in a zip format installable from recovery, as long as the file is named update.zip and it has been placed on the root of your SD card (i.e. not in any sub-folder).
    3. toggle signature verification
      This turns the signature verification on and off. When signature verification is on, you will not be able to install any custom ROMs that haven’t been digitally signed to allow installation on the device (most custom ROMs aren’t signed). Switching it off skips the signature verification check and proceeds with the installation.
  3. install zip from sideload
    This option puts the phone into the new ADB sideload mode, allowing you to install zip files from your computer using the ADB sideload command introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  4. wipe data/factory reset
    This option wipes all user data on the device as well as cache. Doing this will leave your phone in the state it was in when you bought it or when any custom ROM was first installed. It will also wipe any sd-ext partition that you might have setup (more on this later). Selecting pretty much any operation in ClockworMod (including this one) will bring up a confirmation prompt that can save you from a lot of potential trouble in case you accidentally select the wrong operation.
    CWM Confirm
  5. wipe cache partition
    Wipes the cache partition of the device to clear all the data accumulated there over use. This is often used before installing a new ROM, app, kernel or any similar mod via recovery.
  6. backup and restore Undoubtedly one of the most important features provided by a custom recovery, the backup and restore feature – also known as Nandroid backup – allows you to take a snapshot of your phone’s entire internal memory including all partitions, and save it on the SD card. Here is how it looks:
    CWM Backup & Restore

    1. backup
      Takes a full backup of your device, as explained above.
    2. restore
      Lets you restore a previously taken backup. Entering this option presents you with a list of existing backups from the SD card that you can choose from for restoration.
      CWM Restore
    3. delete
      Lets you delete a previously taken backup to free up space on your SD card.
    4. advanced restore
      This option is similar to the Restore option but once a backup has been selected to be restored, this option allows you to choose the parts of it to restore. You can choose to restore the boot, system, data, cache and sd-ext partitions, as shown here:
      CWM Advanced Restore
    5. free unused backup data
      Lets you reclaim space on your SD card by freeing up any redundant backup data that isn’t required.
    6. choose default backup format
      Allows you to choose between ‘tar’ and ‘dup’ for the backup format. Leave this one as it is, unless you are sure you want to change it.
      CWM Backup Format
  7. mounts and storage
    Allows you to perform maintenance tasks on all the internal and external partitions of your android device
    CWM Mounts & Storage

    1. mount/unmount /system, /data, /cache, /sdcard or /sd-ext
      These options let you toggle between mounting or unmounting these respective partitions. Most users don’t need to change these options.
    2. format boot, system, data, cache, sdcard or sd-ext
      These let you directly format any of these partitions. Take extreme care with this option as formatting any of these partitions will result in losing all data on them, especially the boot and system partitions. Formatting the system partition will remove your ROM and leave your phone without an operating system while wiping the boot partition may brick your phone unless you restore or flash another one before rebooting your device. To learn more about the contents of all these partitions, see our guide to Android partitions.
    3. mount USB storage
      Lets you enable USB mass storage mode for your SD card right from recovery so that you can connect it to your computer via USB and transfer any files to/from it without having to leave recovery.
  8. advanced
    This section contains a few options most users will not require, though these can come handy quite often, especially wiping Dalvik cache, which is required before most ROM installations. Here are the options from this section:
    CWM Advanced

    1. reboot recovery
      Lets you directly and very conveniently reboot from recovery right back into recovery. This is useful option for certain back-to-back installations that require the device to at least boot once between them.
    2. wipe dalvik cache
      Allows you to wipe the cache for the Dalvik virtual machine (the custom-built Java virtual machine for Android).This is required before most ROM installations and at other occasions too, for fixing some problems.
    3. wipe battery stats
      Wipes the saved battery usage statistics and effectively recalibrates the battery. Useful in various scenarios when Android isn’t showing correct battery levels. This option is not shown in the above screenshot, but is present in many versions of ClockworkMod recovery.
    4. report error
      In case of errors, this feature can be used to save a log of recent ClockworkMod recovery operations on the SD card that you can later report from Android using ROM Manager.
    5. key test
      Lets you press any of the hardware keys to see if they are properly functioning, and to see their key codes.
    6. show log
      Shows you a log of your recent recovery operations.
    7. fix permissions
      Fixes the file permissions for the internal memory partitions back to default. This is very useful as a fix for several errors and Force-Closes that start appearing after you or an application you installed and provided root access end up messing up the permissions of important files.
    8. partition sdcard
      This option gives you a no-frills way to partition your SD card properly for use with ROMs that support data2ext (a very handy hack for low internal memory devices that enables an /sd-ext partition on the SD card to be used as the internal user data storage i.e. as the /data partition). Once this option is selected, you will be given options to choose the sizes for the /sd-ext partition as well as an optional /swap partition on the SD card, and will then automatically format it for you, leaving the remaining space for normal SD card usage. This option will wipe all data from your SD card so use it with caution!

Using ClockworkMod for ROM, kernel, apps, theme or mod installation

While in the complete feature tour we have already shown you how to install a ROM, kernel, app, theme or any similar mod from a recovery-flashable zip file using the recovery options, those of you who jumped straight to this section expecting to get just this information quickly are at the right place!

This guide is primary focused on a full feature tour of ClockworkMod recovery but in our previously written guide on how to flash a ROM or app from a zip to an Android device file from recovery, we have already covered in detail how to use ClockworkMod for installing any ROM, kernel, app, theme or mod using a recovery-flashable zip file. While that guide is based on an older version of ClockworkMod recovery, everything in it still applies to the latest versions and should work flawlessly.

That’s all there is to ClockworkMod recovery so far. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!


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  3. Is Clockworkmod an GUI-based (menu-based) enhancement of Android Fastboot? All functions listed here for CWM can be implemented by Fastboot in command line, I think.

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    I am not aware of how custom rom can be used to bring back the phone in it’s original state,that is in factory made mode.
    Is it possible to do with CWM?
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    I formated my boot, system, data, cache from my I9070 and installed JB and now I am not able use Mobile Data on my phone..

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  18. i hv installed ICJ V2 on my motorola fire xt530.

    but after installing this rom i am facing two problems.

    1. google talk login problem.

    error is coming in notification bar that “google talk authentication failed…”

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    2. above all, i am unable to download any app from google play or from google market.

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    if anyone have any solution, plz help

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  19. ok so my samsung galaxy s2 i9100 is rooted on 2.3.5 and has clockworkmod. When i enter it, i can only scroll up and down with the volume button and cannot do anything else. the power button changes screens to a hat with 2 arrows in a circle. How do i click the ok button on it?

  20. I have experience on rooting (installed CM 7.2 on Wildfire) and after reading this post I will say – your post is near perfect.

  21. A cell phone store clerk wiped my sister-in-law’s G2 phone clean and we set it up with my SD and SIM cards. But, now it won’t shut down. If I try to turn it off, it goes back to the ClockWorkMod Recovery pane. How do I make it turn off? Thanks so much!

  22. Hello to every one, i want to thank you for this great guide 😀 Now i finaly start to understand somthing 😀 Thanks Again 😀

  23. Is there formal documentation from the developers somewhere that explains this applications features? The website is kinda sparse. They don’t seem to have ROMs for the Galaxy Y either. Does installing CWM remove the stock recovery image? If I install CMW can I still go back to the factory image. Is CMW uninstallable?

  24. Please help me, i accidentally formatted boot, system, cache and data because i thought it would reset to factory default settings, now my phone stucks on the bootscreen, i can execute button combinations so that i can enter recovery mode but it just stuck on the bootscreen with a recovery mode label in the upper left, i also cant connect my phone to pc because pc doesnt detect my device, please anyone help! I bricked my phone, huhu, my phone is cherry mobile nova simmilar to commtiva z71.Please help.

  25. What is exactly “wipe cache partition” (not wipe cache)? If the cache partition is wipped, will it be automatically created? Who will create it and when?

  26. So if I update CM 9.0.0 to 9.1.0, all I have to do is apply is click Install ROM from SD Card? And obviously take a backup, do I have to flash or anything? I done it once, but I forget how to now..

  27. I have a Droid 2 Global that is currently stuck on the M screen. I backed up using ClockworkMod, but now I am unable to get into ClockworkMod recovery. I am, however, able to get into the stock Android recovery using the hardware keys. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow me to use the ClockworkMod backup. Any suggestions?

  28. Alright, it seems you usually respond to comments, so…

    I’m having an issue with my phone, for some reason I cannot boot into the recovery thing in the “Bios” or whatever it’s called haha…

    I know I have booted up CWM before because, I’ve made a backup with it before when I flashed my phone and unlocked it. I’ll tell you what I’ve done, and hopefully, maybe you can guide me through whatever it is I’m doing wrong.

    First thing I tried was, ROM Manager (because I forgot I had ever already installed it…) I installed it through this app. Then, of course, I touched the “Reboot into Recovery”. My phone restarted. Like, completely back to my home screen…

    Then I remembered “Oh wait, I know I’ve installed this before and ran it before, I’ll go turn my phone off, hold the -volume button down while I power up and choose the recovery thing in there!” Sooo, that’s what I did. My phone restarted, completley, again, and I’m having a really hard time getting into recovery.

    If you could help, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much in advanced!

  29. Hey, i really need some help… All im trying to do is go from a custom recovery that a previos owner of my phone has to the stock, because i need to be able to swap my old phone number to this phone! please help!

  30. i did the same yet havent recieved clockworkmod recovery on my samsung galaxy s2.. please help me!! nothing seems to be working

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  34. I NEED HELP PLZ. After i rooted my phone my phone was working fine. however i went in to clockworkmod recovery, i didnt know what it was. so i just pressed reboot now but it would reboot back in to clockworkmod recovery so i thought i should just format or wipe everything . i have format my system and everything else. But it would still not work so i have downloaded a program that fix and help me get out of clockworkmod because i thought it would work if i get out of clockworkmod. i didnt know if i format my system it would not boot. can u help me how to boot my phone? like put a system back in or install? plz i need it quick!! couldnt use my phone for a month now

    • Whichever are mounted by default when you get there after booting into recovery. Everything gets unmounted and remounted upon reboot so you don’t need to worry about how you leave things mounted/unmounted there. Those changes are for that boot only)

    • Thank You for your answer, it is greatly appreciated! They say that; “A Good Deed never goes unpunished” 😉 so I have a follow up question…. When I run a nandroid backup, at the end there is a message saying that “the external sd (or memory, I can’t remember) could not be found.. skipping”? yet the nandroid backup IS stored on the external sd card?
      Is this correct?
      BTW, my phone is a sgh – i727R which had to use the T- Mobile “image” when I rooted my phone back in December, as CWM does not have any for my phone.

      Thank You again!

  35. I have a big problem. I am in ClockworkMod Recovery, but nothing is working. No mather what option I choose, i just get a picture of the black head and the orange arrow. What can I do? Even after removing battery and restarting, i have the same. Help me.

    • I’m afraid you must be using the wrong button to select the option. If all options disappear and you only see the clockwork logo in the background, that means the button you are using isn’t the selection button. On most phones, the power button is used for selecting the option, though it may be a different one in a few. If you have an older phone with a trackball (like Nexus One) or optical trackball (like HTC Desire), press it to select. Hope that helps.

  36. hi guys does Alcatel One Touch 918N compatible with clockworkmod recovery? Or some link for compatible devices thanks..

  37. after i select any option in the clockworkmod recovery screen it goes to a screen with the clockwork icon and it just stays on that screen, how long should it stay on that screen?

    • I’m afraid you must be using the wrong button to select the option. If all options disappear and you only see the clockwork logo in the background, that means the button you are using isn’t the selection button. On most phones, the power button is used for selecting the option, though it may be a different one in a few. If you have an older phone with a trackball (like Nexus One) or optical trackball (like HTC Desire), press it to select. Hope that helps.

    • i hv installed ICJ V2 on my motorola fire xt530.

      but after installing this rom i am facing two problems.

      1. google talk login problem.

      error is coming in notification bar that “google talk authentication failed…”

      im unable to use gtalk due to this.

      2. above all, i am unable to download any app from google play or from google market.

      different error messages are coming like

      “error (-101) , error 403, error while retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0) etc etc….”

      i am able to surf google play, but when im downloading any app
      whether it is of 50kb or 1 mb or 20 mb or any size, the above mentioned
      errors are poping up.

      if you have any solution, plz help

      ping/mail me- sandeepkumarait@gmail.com

  38. Hi,
    i am from indonesia and i just buy a local new tablet, i want to flash with rom manager but my phone not list in the rom manager..how i can flash using cwm and maybe cwm can make a new list for my tablet.
    some information from my tablet :
    SDK version : 2.2.2
    ID : I700T_P6_T02_AC73_FT_H44_R_0_01_111107
    OS name :Linux
    OS version :

    Model : T1C
    Product : msm7627_ffa
    Board : 7×27
    Brand : ACTION
    Fingerprint : Unknown

    Name : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 5 (v6l)
    Current freq : 800 MHZ
    Max freq : 800 MHZ
    Min freq : 122.88 MHZ
    Cores : 1
    Architecture : 6TEJ
    BogoMIPS : 479.72
    Hardware : QCT MSMX27 FFA
    Revisiion  : 5
    Serial #: 0000000000000000

    Total : 415372 kB
    Free :  216184 kB
    Inactive : 50916 kB

    Resolution : 480×480
    refresh rate : 0.06 HZ

    GPU (OpenGL)
    Vendor : Qualcomm
    Renderer : Andreno 200
    Version  : OpenGL ES-CM 1.1

    Max texture units : 2
    Max texture size : 4096
    Max lights : 8

    VBO : supported
    Frame Buffers : supported
    Cube maps : supported
    Texture combiners : supported
    DOT3 combiner : supported
    Crosbar combiner : supported

    thanks before for your attention
    ronny tri

  39. i just installed CWK to my Galaxy Ace and tapped “Backup” then my mobile power off’d and i it’s not turning on now 🙁 

  40. Its weird but CWM seems to happily create an ext# partition on my card which functions fine but when a nandroid backup is performed the sdext# directory is skipped because it can’t be found.
    Is there any workaround to this?

    • CWM doesn’t automatically creat an ext partition on the SD card. You have to manually create it using CWM’s partitioning features or the program of your choice. CWM just shows it in mounts-and-storage regardless of whether the partition is there or not, but works with it (backing it up and restoring it etc.) only if it is actually there.

  41. how can i uninstall this clockworkmod from samsung galaxy s ?
    i even changed my galaxy s to honeycomb and everything went wrong .
    usb cable not able to be read to laptop,
    no wifi
    no calls
    no texts

    please help !!!

    i want to change back to froyo !!!

    • The easiest way to change back would be to flash a stock ROM using Odin or Kies. Make sure you backup your data first.

  42. Hi nubie  here real quick every thing worked out fine, I’ve backed up my current rom it took out over 500mb of space!!!! how can I get it back? where do I go to delete the backup? please help. thank.

  43. Can mount usb storage allow me move file from SD card to system file via pc?

    It was because I accidentally move my /system/bin/sh file to SD card.

    As a result,any application that require root (include root explorer which I use to move the file can’t access).I can’t move it back.

    So,need advise that,can I use pc to cut the sh file from SD card and move back to /system/bin folder?

  44. Can mount usb storage allow me move file from SD card to system file via pc?

    It was because I accidentally move my /system/bin/sh file to SD card.

    As a result,any application that require root (include root explorer which I use to move the file can’t access).I can’t move it back.

    So,need advise that,can I use pc to cut the sh file from SD card and move back to /system/bin folder?

  45. Help i went to factory reset and now the phone keep going to this menu. I try to restore but every reboot gives this menu  How do i restoes org phone to factory and keep my sd card and remove clock work  Im afraid my phone is now a BRICK from just wanting to factory reset it.. thanks

  46. hello, I’ve got a problem.
    What should I do, if every time I run my Dell Streak 7 it boots in recovery mode?
    It does so after unsuccesful update. I’ve downloaded update.zip for my device, and installed it via clockwork. Please help me

  47. OK, I got a doosie. Bottom line is when I reboot into recovery, I get the exclamation point inside a triangle, with little android guy, and have to hold down power button long time and _then_ boot into clockwork mod. That’s not right, is it? Here is the detail: Got my SGS2, Sprint, rooted, using ZedoMax’s method (Odin, flash his ROM, voila: rooted). But then had trouble flashing Clockwork Mod. Recovery 3e requires signature verification for flashing external files, so it’s barfing, throws error can’t read file signature, hard stop. SO, had the brilliant (?) idea to try replacing the ROM with his new one: SPH D710_Zedomax_EpicTouchKernel-v2.tar. Did that, and now when I boot into recovery it gives me exclamation point inside triangle. Then when hold down power button for several seconds it actually _then_ goes into Clockwork Mod (orange menu). Research let me to  a version that seemed to hold promise it would not hang: acs-eb30-clockwork-epic-touch-4g-sep-20-4-00-pm.tar.Flashed it, and then got  latest build from Zedomax: SPH-D710_Zedomax_EpicTouchKernel-v3.tar. flashed that. But still, recovery doesn’t go straight to orange menu, which is not right, right? I know, I’m a noob, but I can’t even begin to explain how much time this has taken. Thx to anyone who can help.

  48. hi, was trying to update ClockworkMod-Galaxy5-v0.5.tar to my samsung gt-i5510 using I5510_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.34 & CALLISTO_v1.0.ops. though the update appears to have completed with odin displaying “pass” in blue background, i have obviously done something grossly wrong.
    however my device does not boot up anymore. it just endlessly flashes the “samsung” splash for 3 seconds every 5 seconds. if i connect it to the usb of my laptop then the “samsung” splash disappears and the backlight starts flashing every 5 seconds.
    i have tried booting into download mode:
    a. without the battery keeping volumedown+home+power pressed and then inserting the battery
    b. connecting to the laptop usb without the battery &inserting the battery with  volumedown+home+power pressed.
    nothing seems to work, please help me restore my device please, thanx. would like to add the running firmware on my device was ‘i5510DDJK4’btw, my device was rooted using universal androot from the google market. 

  49. I have a BH2 rooted with PDA final Galaxy R12. After installing Rom Manager from market I think install wrong recovery mode from CWM on app …. I think it say Qualcomm CDMA..
    Now phone shows BH2 logo flashing battery icon flashing but not charging,
    I still have a download mode and recovery mode but latest not working.
    Is there a solution or should trash it.
    Thanks anyway

  50. Please Help !

    I have an asus transformer and had clockmod recovery installed and have a backup. After trying to overclock it it my screen is messed up, just weird colored pixels.
    I can still get into recovery mode though, but after restore of backup the start home screen stayes messed up.

    Anybody has any idea how to fix it and get my baby back healthy….

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

  51. can someone please help me? i have a rooted ATRIX 4G running normal 2.3.4 and when i installed rom manager i flashed clockworkmod and when i tried to hit the backup current rom i get 2 different problems i either get a message saying “failed to boot 2 starting rsd mode” or it shows aandroid robot with a warning triangle. and it just stays there

  52. trying to use it as a backup image facility. but my lephone 3gw100 is not a supported model.
    is there anyway around it?? tks.

  53. I am attempting to restore from a backup after being stuck in a continuous loop after installing Cyanogenmod 7 rom. But when I try to reboot from CWM v3.0.2.8 I always go back to CWM? How do I turn off the recovery reboot feature?

  54. Hi, im new to this and i used the “wipe data/factory reset” option with my galaxy s 2 , now it will not boot into the phone and only shows the S screen that is it.Please help me as have tried numerous roms and they all fail!!!!!!


  55. Hi! Thanks for the guide!
    Question: I was checking the memory storage and found that under miscellaneous, Clockworkmod took up 4.5GB of memory. Is that normal? I’m operating on a HC 3.1 3G 10.1 Tab. with 16GB only. Now I have 4GB left. The rest of the other files are less than 50MB.

    Please advise.

    • That is the space occupied on your SD card by the backups you took from ClockworkMod or ROM Manager. You can find them in a folder called ‘backup’ inside the clockworkmod folder on your SD card. You may remove the backups you no longer wish to keep.

  56. thx what a nice guide?, onlu one question: after installing cwm can I backup my stock rom and save it for later? If I installs a other rom fore testing and don`tlike it, will I bee able to recover my stock rom then?

    regards from Norway


  57. hi harron, thank you for sharing a very useful information. I have a query from my side but i am sorry it is completely off the topic of current discussion, and i believe you are one the person where i can get help from.

    I have got my nexus s (I9020T) from bustbuy US and i have updated the mobile from stock 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 and then 2.3.4, now i am in india here i am not able to receive 3G signal my carrier is Airtel but i have tried every other carrier india but no use. the Airtel networking team have concluded that the problem is with my phone not the carrier. when i am browsing through i found in some forum it is something to do with the baseband help that got installed in my phone. i have tried to change the baseband radio of my phone by flashing it from the android recovery manager it says signature verification failed. Please me in getting 3G signal in india.

    here are the details of my phone

    Android version 2.3.4
    baseband version I9020XXKD1
    kernal version: android-build@apa28#1
    Build number GRJ22

    Please help me in getting 3G signal

    Thanks & regards
    T. Sriramakrishna

  58. Does anyone know how to install clockworkmod recovery on the xperia play? I have tried to install xrecovery and clockworkmod recovery with the help with some forums but I have had no luck. Any help would be great, but please leave an explanation that is simple for almost anyone to figure out, cause this is my first android phone and I’m still trying to figure out how to mess with it.

  59. What is up with this ClockMod Recovery program?
    I installed it a few days ago on my Dell Streak 7 and today I decided to reset to factory so I ran the “wipe data/factory reset” and now the tablet only boots into ClockMod Recovery menu…
    I am not a happy camper about this… I tried the hard reset button but nothing seems to work.
    Unless I can find a way to boot into the system this ClockMod Recovery basically ruined my tablet.
    Once I can get it to boot then I certainly will get ClockMod off my tablet. As far as I am concerned it is a piece of crap. My tablet will not sync with my computer, I can’t shell to a terminal so I have no way to get the the HD or the system.

  60. Hello Haroon,

    Thanks for the guide. I’m having trouble with my old Desire.

    Following another guide somewhere on the web (in french, which is my mother language), I rooted my phone (this point seeming ok to be), then used Unrevoked 3 ( http://unrevoked.com/#desire ) to put the latest ClockworkMod for this HW (namely the (I didn’t know at the point that ROM Manager existed).

    When I boot on Recovery mode, I get ClockworkMod, fine… but it keeps giving me these error messages :

    E:Can’t find MISC:
    E:Can’t mount CACHE:recovery/command
    E:Can’t find MISC:
    E:Can’t mount CACHE:recovery/log
    E:Can’t find MISC:

    Not knowing much about this tool, and having found no warning whatsoever in the guide about such a possible outcome, I simply shrugged and went my way with the next steps, which were wipe data/factory reset, plus wipe cache partition.

    Then I went with the procedure to install Ginger Villain… as you can imagine, it went ultra fast, ended with a nice “Installation complete” message (or something very much alike anyway).

    I was already asking myself a lot of questions – I’ve never flashed the ROM of a phone, but I’ve got a degree in computing science so, in a way, I’m not totally a newbie (if only a bit impatient and careless ^^) and seeing such a quick installation made me wonder… I rebooted anyway and … not to my surprise…

    – the custom ROM was not installed

    but much to my surprise…

    – my personal data were not deleted (in other words, no factory reset)
    – all the apps that were on the internal card were still there and fully functional
    – all the apps that were on the SD card were still there, but seemed to the system not to be installed anymore… installing them again from the marketplace solved the problem, i.e. all the parameters were still there “somewhere” (so … I guess the wipe worked less than well ^^ )

    Now, I’m not sure what to do next, and what the problem really is. I guessed from the “E:Can’t mount CACHE:recovery/command” error message that something went wrong with the installation of the ClockworkMod. After a while googling, I came upon this post and discovered ROM Manager, so I went on with the installation, flashed again the Recovery… and it doesn’t solve a thing… and then I took a look at your excellent other article about the partitions and went with a terminal to look a bit at the phone’s internal card… much to my dismay, it seems something is quite not correct or not standard looking :


    As you can see on the shot, I don’t have (or at least don’t see with an “ls -a”) those partitions :


    perhaps they’re not supposed to show up, but it’s already bugging me. Of course, my phone boots and gets into recovery mode, so the partitions are there somewhere. But as Clockwork gives those error messages… perhaps… in other words, I’m completely at a loss even to know where to go now to find a solution to this problem.

    However, the phone is still working 100% well with the stock 2.2 ROM so it’s not exactly unbearable. It’s just frustrating to have rooted the phone, therefore losing the warranty, to no avail…

    Haroon, you seem particularly tech savvy so maybe you have an idea ? Or anyone else of course…


  61. I have HTC Tattoo with Android 1.6.In ROM Manager under the “check for ROM Updates” is a note:your ROM is not set up to recive OTA Updates.Please contact the ROM.What should I do?
    Please help!

  62. I have spice mi 310. I want to install custom ROM on it.
    Can you send me the link of any custom ROM which is available to download.
    Thanks in advance.

  63. I have Galaxy Gio 5660, i upgraded from froyo to gingerbread, then rooted the device. My aim was to install applications to SDcard so i tried to create the partitions on SDcard. I downloaded the ROM Manager and while i opened the application and selected memory size is 512MB and 0MB as swap size, it asked for reboot and it never turned on. Its dead, literally dead, wont show anything as if there is no battery in the cell. Can anybody tell me how can i breathe again ?

  64. I have a Dell Streak 7, the clockworkMod recovery v3.0,2.0 always boots up. I have the custom honeystreak rom on the sdcard and renamed it to update.zip problem is it does not see the sdcard.
    it is reading files from the internal sdcard. at this point I just want to restore back to 2.2.2 anyway of doing this, can you help?

  65. I have a samsung galaxy 5 and I install rom manager just fine, but when i want to flash clockwork recovery I don’t see my phone on the list.. What should I do?? Should I flash clockwork recovery of some other phone model?? And great guide by the way.. thanks

  66. I installed CMW and used it to load the tether update from teamblackhat. The update was not successful (stuck on NV update 1 of 4…), so I have to do a battery pull. After reboot, phone is fine. However, if I reboot the phone AFTER recharging, I’m always thrown in the the CMW reboot screen and I have to select “reboot”. This happens after every recharging I do. Does CMW think that a previous update was not successful and that is why it keeps coming up and how do I stop this strange behavior?

    Thanks for any advice!

  67. first of all thank you so much
    I complete these steps
    install rom manager
    install clockworkmod recovery
    and when i press reboot into recovery mode i get the menu of android recovery
    which is so limited

    my device is wildfire with android 2.2.1 with hboot 1.01 and already rooted

  68. Dear Harun – First of all i would like to say thanks for such a wonderful and nicely explained above article.Just out of the curiosity i wanna know how a Mobile device goes to recovery mode?How the bootloader loads recovery.img instead of the kernel.img?which part of the bootloader is modified and how by the kernel? For ex: “reboot recovery” command.How this command is interpreted and directs to load the receovery.img. Thanking you in advance..

  69. When I reboot into recovery, it takes me to the first clockworkMod recovery screen, but when i select anything it takes me to a page with nothing on it but the clockworkMod symbol, i have a previously rooted optimus V. The os on it atm is VM670-20110516 and I need to go to VM670-20110601 but cannot because i cannot select any option.

    • I haven’t used that device but in my experience, on some phones (especially those with trackballs or trackpads), using the power button does not work for selecting options in ClockworkMod recovery, and you have to use the trackball/trackpad button. Using the power button merely hides all the options and shows you just the ClockworkMod logo. You should therefore try using other hardware buttons to see if they work for selection. Hope it helps.

  70. Just to make sure I understand (and I really appreciate the help) I have another SD card with the barnes and noble OS on it and I have the gingerbread OS on the nook now. I can back up the gingerbread stuff on my current SD, then install the B&N OS on the nook. Every time I change SD cards the OS will change or will I have to go into CWR to install the OS each time? I think I may be a little bit confused but I am willing to learn!

    • If the SD card has a bootable installation of any compatible OS, the Nook Color will boot that OS, ignoring the one installed on the internal memory. You should therefore not require to install it from CWR each time. That’s why you should keep a separate SD card for daily use with the OS that’s installed on the internal memory, and use another SD card for booting into another version of the OS whenever required. Hope it helps.

    • hey idk wat hell happen i got on the clockworkmod and it scoles down but wen i select it it goes to the clockworkmod logo i turn off and turn on and its still there wat can i do????

  71. Thanks! Thats a good guide. The better than I now. You are the author (I ask that because I see that posted on other site)? I want to translate the Feature Tour to portuguese and post on ZTE Blog. Off course than I will post your name as the author? What do you say about that?

    • Glad you liked the guide. Yes, I am the author. You are welcome to translate it and post it on the ZTE blog, provided you give us the credit and a link back to this original post. =)

    • can someone help? i change to cyanogen 7.1 for my galaxy ace and when i want to restore back to gingerbread it will just give me a blank screen after the samsung words appear! really afraid tht it brick or something!

  72. Hi,
    I installed Clockwork Recovery Mod, but I think I may have chosen the wrong image to flash. Is there an easy way to remove this image and re-flash it?

  73. I have gingerbread installed on my nook color (it is awesome!). However, I am a noob and want to try flashing (I think that is the correct term) another ROM on the nook color? The ROM I would like to flash is the original nook software and keeping the gingerbread too? Is this an option or am I way off base?

    Thanks for the help!

    • If you flash the original Nook Color firmware (or any ROM for that matter) to your phone, you will lose the currently installed OS i.e. Gingerbread in your case, so you can’t keep both that way. However, unlike most Android devices, Nook Color supports booting an operating system from the SD card as well, so you can choose to install Gingerbread on a separate SD card and use it whenever required. Some Googling on it should easily get you going.

  74. I got this installed on my HTC desire HD once I got it rooted and rebooted to the recovery screen, I then re-booted my phone it went on normally, I’m just wondering now How can I get back to the recovery screen? I tried power button + vol up dint do the job, also with volume down.

    • Download and install ROM Manager (free) from Market. It’ll have an option on top that lets you boot into recovery =)

    • I just rooted my Droid 1 and downloaded CWM, looed at sum roms and decided to get one. i rebooted into recovery and accidentally hit reboot now (first option). when i tried to put the rom on my sd card and reboot into recovery from CWM again, it takes me to a yellow ! symbol and wont boot up…..

  75. Hi Harron…..and all

    I went ahead anyway, so here is what I did, hope it helps:

    This is for a ZTE Blade, with Custom ROM Swedish Spring 5, GEN2 by TPT!!!

    I went ahead anyway, having read as much as I could about various dodgy SD’s etc……I actually also registered my SanDisk card with them here:


    so I have a warranty until 2016…….!!!

    won’t get that from Hong Kong!!!

    I backed up all data on the original SD

    Powered off phone, removed Battery…2B sure 2B sure

    Replaced original SD with new 16GB card..

    Booted into recovery…..

    Choose: mounts and storage

    Options there are:

    Mount: /data…. /sdcard…. /sd-ext….

    Format: /boot…. /cache…. /data…. /sdcard…. /system…. /sd-ext….

    Mount USB Storage

    So, without any hesitation, I chose the Format /sdcard option.

    Took about 3 secs.

    Then I took Mount USB Storage option, (First connected to Laptop via USB).

    Allowed connection on Laptop, checked the Drive (G: in my case).

    Windoze 7 Confirmed….. empty SD card, formatted in FAT32, no errors on drive:

    checkfor errors by right-click on Drive/Properties/Tools/error checking/check now (disable auto-fix[ first time, just in case).

    Went to Blade Back-up folder on Laptop, copied all files onto SD card, (Removable Disk (G): in my case…..).

    Disconnected USB after copy procedure completed successfully…dismounted by clicking on USB connected notification on PC Taskbar.

    On Phone, still in CWR, go back to main menu, choose Reboot.

    When phone powered up, all OK, no probs with apps, so far…..

    Except, this SD card seems slower, even when using SD Speed Increase at cache-size 2048, or 1024….

    Also, CSipSimple used to run OK from SD before, now I had to move it back to Phone, but this is recommended by the Devs anyway….

    I am not sure what Class the original 2GB card was, no indication on card, but the new one is Class 4.

  76. Haroon,

    You forgot to mention the USB JIG for the samsung galaxy s (and S2) etc. if you can’t put
    your phone in to download mode with all the above mentioned methods.

    Just plug your USG JIG in the phone (when it is switched off) en your phone goes to
    download mode.. then you can go to recovery with vol up!

    Thank you for this manual anyway!

  77. OK, so I got my new SanDisk 16GB Class 4 at last, from Amazon…..

    Now, I know from lots of sources that there are myriad problems with SD cards, and there are variations relating to the actual phone, the card, etc.

    So, I have decided to Format this card right from the off, as I have seen this elsewhere as a necessary preliminary step.

    Now, I only got the liddle teensy weeny card, with no caddy?? or SD cover.

    I have only got SD slot on Laptop.

    There is a format function in CWR, and I am hoping that I will be able to format the new card there, without ever actually booting into the Android system.

    I use the App2SD froyo, which has the apps in /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure folder.

    I have a complete back-up of all on the existing SD, which is FAT32, including the apps folder shown above.

    Am I being over-cautious?? in wanting to format the new SD card??

    I don’t know if it is currently formatted.

    ***(SanDisk say all SDHC cards will be delivered formatted FAT32)

    If not formatted, will there be a problem accessing it for format in CWR??

    TIA for any and all answers, gotta go…..check in later.

    I will have a full back-up of my existing card on PC, ready to restore to the new card.

    Cheers, Danny

  78. I am also new to this entire thing so bare with me please. I found a site the lists detailed instructions on how to update my samsung continuum to the android 3.1 operating system and was wondering if it is a legit site? I do not want it to mess up my phone so have been asking everywhere possible if anyone knows about it but have gotten no response. I found it on http://www.venusvenera.com/2011/05/tutorial-upgradeupdate-samsung_1846.html and if you do not know and it does turn out to be fake/bad is there any way to go back to the stock settings? You seem to know very well about all this, I hope you can help!

  79. Hi , Hope to find someone who could give me a tip or something. I just rooted my T-Mobile G2X yesterday for the first time. As newbie seems i deleted some files besides the unwanted apps.
    At first i lost data service then i reset it. I did backup to clockworkmod app but i forgot to save on my laptop. Now i have internet service but i can not download any application and some other issues.
    How can i download apps now or is there any way i could get a factory data reset or what should i do? Any suggestion ? I would really appreciate it cause T-mobile and LG didnt care about anything .

  80. When I try to download the app for Root Explorer into my Viewsonic g Tablet, I get a message saying ‘There is no android phone associated with this account.’ What can I do to download this app? Thanks

  81. This comment may be completely inappropriate but I won’t know unless I ask. I’m two-days-new to Android so please go easy.

    – Got an HTC Desire Z as a gift (unlocked, and apparently with the Clockwork Mod on it).

    – Am unable to get any data to DL *unless* I’m in a WiFi zone (and yes, the use Mobile for data checkbox is checked).

    – So I thought I’d check if there were firmware updates available. There was; DL it; got a wacky ! inside a triangle when I installed and rebooted to the Clockwork screen. Googled to this page.

    – Now, I told it to run the update with Clockwork and it said no such file.

    – So then I rooted around and found that there is a file in the Downloads directory. I assume this is the file that just DL… however, am a little terrified to run it because:

    a) don’t know anything about Android and what will happen if it’s not the file.
    b) the phone is unlocked and I want it to stay that way and not sure if running the update will affect this (the file name has the name of the official carrier in it, Bell).

    So, should I run it? Is there a way to confirm it’s the file that just DL? (it’s the only file in the Downloads folder). Will the unlock remain without issue?

    And… any idea why I’m not getting any data? I’ve confirmed with my carrier that I have a data plan and it should work (SIM works fine in my iPhone and gets data without a problem).

    Thank you, and sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this.

    • If you checked for a firmware update and installed it successfully, it must have removed ClockworkMod recovery from your phone and replaced it with the stock recovery. Though to get data on your phone, that shouldn’t be a problem. Most probably, your phone doesn’t have the required APN settings for your carrier.
      Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
      You will have to add your carrier’s access point information over there. You can get the information from the carrier or from CyanogenMod’s global list of APNs at http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/wiki/APNlist
      As for the file you found in the Downloads directory, you needn’t install it again if you already did the firmware update successfully. As a rule of thumb, never install any file from recovery that you aren’t absolutely sure about.
      Lastly, if you want ClockworkMod recovery back, you can easily install it with the ROM Manager method mentioned in this guide.
      Hope it helps…welcome to the wonderful (albeit a bit complicated) world of Android!

    • First of all thanks for being there to answer our questions and help us with getting more out andriod.

      Now to the my query, i bought a htc desire HD online which is rooted and running COREDROID V5.4 custom rom. there is titanium backup, rom manager and some other app that i did not find in my previous stock Desire hd also installed on my device.
      Now i am trying to upgrade to a newer Coredroid Rom V6.5 to be precise, which has some of htc sense 3.1 features in it. their website says that i should backup my phone because this newer ROM with erase and reflash my phone and then partitions the drive with ext4. My main concern is my data. can you please advise me how to backup data from the phone. the ideal thing would be to backup then install the new ROM the restore all the data on the phone to the pre install state. so i dont lose any thing at all but i am not sure if thats possible with android yet.

      Now i am new to this whole rooting and customizing android scene but i am usually good with computers and tech.

      I thank you in advance for your help.


    • It is possible to do that with Android, and here is how you should go about it:
      1. Using Titanium Backup, make a backup of all your installed apps and their data. You may skip system apps and their data.
      2. Connect your phone to your computer, mount the SD card and transfer all the content from the SD card that you want to save, to your computer, especially including the folder containing apps and data backed up by TitaniumBackup.
      3. Sync your contacts, calendar entries etc. with your Google account. Most users have it set automatically by default anyway.
      4. In case you want to backup your call logs and SMS messages, use free app SMS Backup+ from the Market for the purpose.
      5. Now download the ROM, reboot into recovery, wipe all data, cache and Dalvik cache, and feel free to flash the new ROM without the risk of losing your data and apps.
      6. Once the ROM has been installed, sync back your contacts & calendar entries using your Google account, restore your user apps and their data using Titanium Backup (which you may need to install again from the Market first) and finally, restore your call logs and SMS messages using SMS Backup+.
      Following this path, you should lose nothing at all…except for some app-specific data of a few apps (that isn’t uniquely your data) perhaps, which the apps will be able to download again whenever required.

  82. Can be expained what format boot, system, data, cache, sdcard or sd-ext does exactly? Wit hthis I mean, when choosing either one, what will stay and what will I be loosing? With explaining this above, the guide would be completed. (I ask this because many tutorials of custom roms explain me to do this without telling me if I loose apps, widgets, MSGs, etc, or not at all. I’ll hope you’ll explain!

    • That my friend, is a superb idea! Instead of further lengthening this guide by adding that information here, I am writing a new guide that will explain all about Android partitions, in detail. Once published, I’ll provide a link here in the section that you mentioned. =)

    • I am assuming once i use cmod to flash a new rom, that i would need to reinstall it from the market to use it again say in the case of a restore.

    • Oh and for a really quick answer to your question…all your apps, widgets and messages etc. are stored in the /data partition and wiping it will mean losing them. Note that if your ROM uses an /sd-ext partition on your SD card for data storage (using Apps2SD+ or data2ext), then /data is basically mapped to /sd-ext and wiping /sd-ext will result in losing all the above mentioned information in that case.

  83. I am assuming once i use cmod to flash a new rom, that i would need to reinstall it from the market to use it again say in the case of a restore.

  84. A superb guide, as clear as a bell, and as extensive as a TAX audit. This is in my humble opinion a must read for anyone who owns an ANDROID and wants to update the OS with a custom ROM.

    I have one question? How did you get screen shots whilst in recovery?

    Kind regards, Anil.

    • I’m glad you found this guide helpful. Regarding taking screen shots while in recovery, the only way is to use a tool called ddms, that comes with the Android SDK. We have a guide on that too, which you can check here: https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to-take-screenshots-of-android-device/

    • Hi,
      I have unlocked the device hTC inspire 4g.ROM has been downloaded.Suddenly i entred in ROM app and selected 2 option.After that the mobile was dipalying the screen exactly like first screen shot on this webpage.In the bottom it was saying “Back Button Disabled” i kept like that for a while.After that i removed battery and inserted again it turned ON. But it is not taking me to the home screen.Could you please suggest me on this issue.

    • Hey I reqest you to give your phone to a authorised service center they will give it to you in 2-4 days which costs 350 rupees or you can download the original rom of your phone with pressing home lock and volume up key .if you want more help and steps email me to aanandvishwa12@gmail.com and I will help you surely , I think you found this helpful.

  85. im trying to install Froyo 2.3 on my HTC EVO KG NIGHT/SHIFT 4 ive read up on alot of the things clock work mod can do i just need some help email me if you have any tips mike.gaxiola@gmail.com

    • sorry dude , but you can only instal froyo as a 2.2 android version. 2.3 is another android called gingerbread.don’t try anymore ,you’ll never
      do it

  86. Please please help. I have just received a druid 2 global, purchased off ebay, that has been rooted using clock work mod. This was not in the description. The phone seems slow, slower than my previous x10. Also force closes and has missed calls whilst in range. Is this due to root? Can it be fixed? I am a park ranger and have no experience with these things. Please please help, any advice that you can give would be much appreciated but please explain it as if I was a three year old. Thanks in advance. Tony

    • Hello Tony,

      Rooting will not cause your device to be slow and buggy, nor will ClockworkMod. Your phone most probably has a custom ROM installed (a ROM is basically the operating system and a custom ROM is one built by an independent developer) that is buggy.
      Do not fret as you can easily fix these problems because you already have ClockworkMod recovery installed. All you have to do is find a more stable ROM and install it on your phone from ClockworkMod recovery. One such ROM can be downloaded from http://www.mediafire.com/?322r819kh6wsf5h
      Simply download this ROM, place it on your SD card, reboot your phone into recovery and install it. You can find the detailed installation instructions at https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to-flash-a-rom-or-app-from-zip-file-to-android-device-from-recovery/

    • I rooted my phone using the the ClockworkMod process and it’s running significantly slow. It’s not because of a custom ROM because I haven’t flashed one yet as there are no stable ones for my phone so far. It’s particularly obvious when locking/unlocking the screen. Already restored it to factory settings but I’m observing the same thing.

      What could have happened? Thanks 🙂

      About phone
      Model: Cherry-Magnum HD (otherwise known as Wellcom A99, Motorola Triumph, Ideos X6)
      Android version: 2.3.4
      Baseband version: PR232
      Kernel version: Apps_2.6.32.9-perf
      Build number: 5019_3_18B

    • hey, is that the phone of cherry mobile ph? is it the same as my phone and star mobile? how did you use CWM because my cherry mobile Tornado tablet and My phone A878 models won’t appear when choosing your device for cwm recovery mode.

    • ROMs, kernels, themes & mods, and more. However, for anyone new to Android customization and hacking, some of its options might prove to be a tad confusing. In what follows, we will cover all that this recovery is capable of doing, and how to do it.

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