Force Close A Chrome Tab When It Becomes Unresponsive

Chrome tabs can become unresponsive for any reason but usually, often before you notice a tab is stuck, it will crash. You will have the option to reload said tab and work will continue without a hitch. On the rare occasion when this doesn't happen and closing the tab doesn't work either (the tab refuses to close), you have to wait for Chrome to realize there is a problem or you have to close Chrome. The much easier and less drastic measure is to close the tab. Here's how you can force close a single tab when it's unresponsive and the close button isn't working either. Read More

Automatically Mute The Audio Playing In All Inactive Tabs In Chrome

One of the recent versions of Chrome added something absolutely wonderful to the browser; a sound indicator in the tab that tells you which tab is playing any sort of audio. This feature doesn't just work for YouTube videos or other embedded media players but also for those annoying video ads that play on their own making it very easy to identify the guilty tab. Mute Inactive Tabs is a Chrome extension that does something equally helpful in this regard; it mutes a tab playing any sound if it is inactive. Read More

Panel Tabs: Separate Any Chrome Tab Into A Floating Panel

Tabbed browsing is one of the greatest things to ever happen to internet browsers apart from development of Chrome and Firefox, of course. I wouldn't give my tabs up for anything, and all fifty of the ones I have open at the moment are special. That being said, I'd love an easier way to find an important or frequently visited tabs from the many that I have open. Panel Tabs is a Chrome extension that works with the experimental 'Panel' feature and it lets you separate any tab into a floating panel much like the one that Hangouts appears in with the added benefit that you can drag the panel to anywhere on the screen. Read More

Tab Colors: Highlight The Four Most Important Tabs You Have Open [Firefox]

Tab management is one of the struggles that modern browsers come with. Add-ons and extensions exist to help make it easier and it can be argued that Firefox users have a slightly better time with it compared to Chrome users since Firefox has native tab grouping. Tab Colors is a Firefox add-on that lets you mark your four favorite tabs in one of four colors. The point is to make those four tabs easier to find from the fifty other you have open. The color highlight is easy to spot from a line of tabs and switch to without having to try and read the title of the page. Read More

Supertab Brings Windows’ Alt+Tab-Like Visual Tab Switching To Firefox

If you’re like me who constantly faces the need to quickly switch between open desktop files and program windows, then you're likely aware of the Alt + Tab hotkey combination. It is one of the best productivity shortcuts for keyboard junkies like me who can't be bothered to reach for the mouse and move the cursor to the Window's Taskbar button, or minimize the active windows for the purpose - just press the two keys on your keyboard, and Windows immediately shifts focus to the next in line program, or the one highlighted by the user upon repeatedly pressing Tab while keeping Alt pressed. Now imagine if you were given the same functionality for switching between tabs in Firefox. Sounds cool, right? Supertab is small Firefox ad-on that brings this feature to Mozilla's web browser, allowing you to switch between tabs in a similar, Alt+Tab-like visual manner by pressing Ctrl + Tab. Details after the jump. Read More

Better Explorer Boasts Tabs, Ribbon UI, Drive Size Charts & Much More

We have seen Microsoft make certain improvements in the Windows 8 version of Windows Explorer, now known as File Explorer. The options bar at the top has been replaced with a ribbon-based UI that groups similar options together under tabs. While the default Windows Explorer in Windows 7 provides you with seamless file browsing, navigation and search features, it lacks some advanced options, such as tabs, built-in multiple format archive management, folder/drive size charts, history view and advanced conditional selection, to name a few. Better Explorer is an application for Windows that gives you all the features of Windows 8 File Explorer in Windows 7, along with quite a few additional ones. Let's take a look at the features in detail after the jump. Read More

Explorer++ Is A Light, Portable & Multi-Tabbed Windows File Manager

On any computer platform, a good file browser is a integral part of a smooth user experience. Although Windows Explorer provides you with a lot of useful options to view, search and access your content, many power users require more than that to efficiently organize their files and folders, and quickly transfer their content between multiple folders. Explorer++ is a great portable and lightweight third-party file browser for Windows that has been around for a while and has recently received an update, fixing several bugs and making it more stable. It provides you with tabbed browsing, complete integration with the operating system, ability to split and merge files, search files with name and attribute filters, and a lot more. Read More

FileDesk Is An OS X File Manager With Tabbed Browsing & Bookmarks

Finder in OS X is good enough file browser for most users, and it holds up enough in terms of features against the Windows 8 File Explorer. For those who would like to have more features in Finder, there is XtraFinder to add them for you. Though if you’d rather not go with an add-on app like XtraFinder and are more interested in a third-party file browser, FileDesk LITE is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that can prove to be a good alternative. FileDesk LITE supports tabbed browsing and has a quick launch button for the Launch Pad. The tabbed browsing feature is very intelligent; it remembers your open tabs upon quitting it and can restore them upon launching it again. Folders can be bookmarked and when browsing a particular folder in FileDesk LITE, you can view a complete list of folder within that folder from the app’s left side bar. You can add any folder to the left side bar for quick access. Files can be sorted by name, size, kind and label. The app also shows you previews for many types of files, and a ‘Show enclosing folder’ button allows you to quickly open the parent folder of the item. Read More

PDFNut For Mac Is A Great PDF Reader With Tabbed Viewing

Ever since I started using a web browser that supported tabs (something that didn’t happen for me until Chrome debuted), I’ve always felt that tabs were the right way to view any and all types of content. They make browsing and navigation easy and the lack of window clutter is an added advantage. This is one of the reasons why I find the lack of tabbed browsing in both Finder on Mac and File Explorer on Windows 8 to be perplexing. The good thing is, the tabbed browsing trend has caught on and spread to all sorts of applications over the years. PDFNut is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that applies this concept to PDF viewing. The app lets you open multiple PDF files in different tabs, features a bookshelf that you can add files to by dragging & dropping them onto the app, allows bookmarking and annotating pages, searching text within a PDF file and supports table of contents. Read More

jigbrowser+: Android Web Browser With Tabs, Web Clips, Notes & More

When it comes to web browsers for Android, users have plenty of alternatives to choose from. While Chrome for Android, Dolphin Browser HD and Opera Mobile are considered as the leaders in this regard, there are several other names like UC Web Browser, Boat Browser, Web Browser ESP et al, which impress with their unique set of features. The latest to join the club is jigbrowser+, a free Android web browser that enhances your browsing experience through its elegant layout, compact menus, subtle animations and several user-friendly features. The list of supported features is quite long, but the most noteworthy ones are undoubtedly the tabbed browsing, web clipping, built-in image viewer and downloader, smart sharing, convenient bookmarking, note taking and multiple search engine integration. We look at the app in detail past the break. Read More

FileDesk LITE: Tabbed File Browser With Command+X Cut Support [Mac]

Mac’s default file browser, the Finder, isn’t one of the things you hear users complain about. It works reasonably well and for the few things that are missing, you can always enable them via a few simple Terminal commands or apps. For some, the Finder may not be a matter of too few features, but rather too many of them that you might not use or need. FileDesk LITE is a simple file browser for Mac that lets you browse files in tabs. The app mimics how you would use a web browser and has a ‘up one level’ button that lets you return to the previous or parent folder. Additionally, the app has Command+X support for files (cut functionality), which is missing in Finder. The app doesn’t support complex features; labels and shortcuts (aliases) are supported but the app is interface focused and is meant for someone with simpler needs. The app runs in a single window and tabs allow you to view different folders separately. Read More

How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs In Safari For iOS 5

The choice for a web browser is a bone of contention across all platforms and among a variety of users. Some prefer browsers that are fast, while others go for a convenient interface. No matter which camp you belong to, if you are on iOS, there is no way of avoiding Safari. Even if you use a third-party browser, usually other apps still open links in Safari by default, bringing you back to it again and again. So, getting the most out of Safari is absolutely essential. With iOS 5, the browser has got some enhancements too, not the least of which is tabbed browsing for the iPad version. Now, tabbed browsing is extremely handy and all, but what do you do if you accidentally close a tab while a bunch of them are opened? In most desktop web browsers, there are usually keyboard shortcuts for restoring accidentally closed tabs. Since I use Google Chrome, I am aware that you can restore tabs in Google's web browser simply by pressing Ctrl+Shift +T. Amazingly, there is just such an option hidden somewhere in Safari too, and you don't even need to have a jailbroken iDevice in order to apply it. Read More

NewTab – Open Links In New Tab Without Middle Mouse Button [Chrome]

When working on a laptop, a tablet or with a really old mouse that does not have a scroll wheel/ middle-click button, opening a link in a new tab means going through the right-click context menu. Not only is it inconvenient but it gets annoying after awhile especially if you have a fully functional mouse on your desktop but a not so functional touch pad on your laptop. NewTab is a Chrome extension that resolves one functionality that comes with the absence of a middle-click mouse button; it gives you the option to open a link in a new tab when you mouse over it.

Read More

Add Tabs To Windows Explorer [Tabbed Browsing]

Tabbed Browsing is one of the fastest way to browse, every browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer now makes full use of tabs. But sadly Microsoft has not included tabbed browsing feature for Windows Explorer in the upcoming Windows 7 and missed it out in Vista too. Luckily, you can now add tabbed browsing feature in Windows Explorer by using a 3rd party tool if you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista(32-bit). Read More

Windows File Manager & Explorer With Tabbed Browsing

There are plenty of file managers out there, but none has the ability for tabbed browsing, except Nomad .NET. Just like there are tabs in web browsers which makes browsing much more easier and faster, Nomad .NET has full tabs support as well that allows a user to open multiple folders, thus allowing a much more faster overall experience. It supports threaded file operations, such as, delete, move, copy, etc. Read More