Get Windows 8 Themes On Windows Phone 7 With Themes Install [Homebrew]

Windows 8 is all about Metro, the beautiful interface that is full to the brim with live tiles and colorful themes. Before implementing the Metro UI to Windows 8, Microsoft used it in Windows Phone 7. We can’t say that WP7 doesn’t have its critics, but most people tend to agree that Mango has the most beautiful interface among all smartphone platforms. Despite the similarities in Windows 8 and WP7, you have to remember that Windows Phone is a mobile platform, and hence, can’t have all the features available in its desktop counterpart. Consider the accent colors for a basic example, where WP7 sports only approximately half of the themes available in Windows 8. Well, that’s one area where WP7 has caught up with the future desktop OS, thanks to the new Homebrew app named Themes Install. If you have a rooted Mango phone, you can now extend the themes section in your device to include all the Windows 8 color accents!Read More

Timenotes: Reminders & Countdowns In An Elegant Interface [iOS]

Some apps do not bring anything completely new to iOS, and still get insanely popular, the latest example being the Clear app for reminders. There are many factors that might lead to this, with luck not far behind an intuitive interface. No matter how much you are annoyed by this phenomenon, the fact of the matter remains that a beautiful app does have the potential to catch the eye of most users. A prime example of this can be Timenotes, an app which does nothing more than letting users set reminders and countdowns, with the major difference from other apps being its ability to let users apply gorgeous themes to each countdown individually. Timenotes can be considered a perfect cross between a reminders app and a notes one. You can create themed notes using this app, but at the same time it is also possible to associate timers with your notes that will ensure you are alerted whenever the time for action arrives.Read More

Install Boot Animations On Android With One Click [How To]

Boot animation was truly revolutionized with the launch of Android based mobile devices. One of the first things you see when you turn the device on, a true Android fanatic will never take the boot animation part lightly. It’s like the build up in progressive trance lifting you up as the beat kicks in, or for that matter the OS boots up. Bootanimation Manager by D4rKn3sSyS over at XDA-Developers is just the app enthusiasts were looking for to manage their boot animations on an Android device, without getting into the whole ADB mess. Well, still using the ADB framework of course, the application executes all those commands through a simple and easy to use GUI. There are always the boot animations one can flash through a custom recovery to get the desired boot animation, but that’s not universal and you have to do it manually at times. We take a look at the ease and convenience Bootanimation Manager offers, after the break!Read More

How To Transform Windows 7 & Windows 8 Into Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion skin pack hits Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview shortly after the preview version of the OS was released a few days back. Earlier, we had covered skin packs for Windows 7, and more recently, Windows 8 as well, but as Mac OS X Mountain Lion gets ready to take on the computing world by storm, user and fans will have to wait it out. However, if you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and want a taste of Mountain Lion’s aesthetics, this skin pack will do it for you in no time. The skin pack will automatically install a few 3rd party apps as well in order to mimic the Mountain Lion UI and experience. Screenshots and brief guide on how to install it, after the break.Read More

Qute: Cross-Platform Eye Candy Text Editor With Mood-Based Themes

Different text editors offer you different types of options for performing both simple and complex text editing tasks. Simple tasks can be performing using the default Windows Notepad, while for the complex tasks, you can use Notepad++, an open source text editor massively reviewed on the AddictiveTips. Having a proper tool for the job is necessary in order to perform it smoothly and without glitches. Using a complex software to do something simple will only reduce your productivity. You will have to spend more time in learning how to use the tool than actually using it. Qute is a simple, open source, multiplatform text editor available for PC, Mac and Linux with Markdown and TeX support. It allows users to preview text paragraph wise, and lets them switch between editing and viewing modes. If your work requires you to work with text for long hours, Qute offers its users different themes to make looking at a single file for hours more appealing. You can quickly switch themes, as well as font effects. Keep reading to find out more about Qute.Read More

Screen DIY: Get Free Themes & Icon Skins For Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Usually you can differentiate between a jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS device by merely looking at its Springboard. The amount of theming capabilities on offer via the Cydia store is pretty impressive, and the major portion of updates in the jailbreak store consists of themes and other cosmetic stuff for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So, to quell the jealousy of all such iOS users who don’t have access to the Cydia store, there are many apps which can act as an alternative to applying custom themes to your iDevice. One such app is Screen DIY, which brings a lot of themes, icon skins and icon shelves to your non-jailbroken iDevice.Read More

iSounds: Add Custom Sound Effects To iOS Actions [Cydia Tweak]

If you have a jailbroken iOS device, then you should know that the Cydia Store is full of themes for making graphical changes to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but what if you want to make changes to the sound effects on offer in Apple’s mobile platform? There are a few options for that as well, but iSounds is a Cydia app which covers just about every aspect of sound effects related to iOS. This app offers popular sound profiles for your iPhone, including Windows XP effects, Mac OS 9 sounds and a whole lot more. Read on to know how you can use this handy Cydia app to revamp the sounds your iDevice produces.Read More

Bring New Year Joy To Your Desktop With New Year 2012 Skin Pack

2012 has finally arrived, and the New Year celebrations and decorations are in full bloom across the world. In the wake of 2012 celebrations, we have something special for Windows 7 users, i.e., the New Year 2012 Skin Pack. This skin pack has been created by Hamed, who has previously brought us several elegant skin packs, including the Android , Mango, iOS, Zune, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Skin Pack. Interestingly, the New year skin pack has some very similar features to the recently released Christmas Skin Pack, and even the boot screen shows a Christmas tree (perhaps some elements that the developer can modify). Just like our previously-reviewed skin packs, you can install this one by simply launching an executable file, and following the simple setup wizard.Read More

Bring Holiday Joys To Your Windows 7 Desktop With Christmas Themes

Christmas has arrived once again, and all the houses, streets and cities are lit up with the Christmas spirit. While your house is filled with Christmas pleasure and goodies beneath the Christmas tree and you probably have been looking forward to the arrival of Santa Clause, it’s also time to brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and Christmas wonder, as we have four beautiful Christmas themes for your, including a complete Christmas transformation pack to give your PC the snowy, festive look. Read past the break for more.Read More

Themes for WP7: Create & Apply Custom Skins To Unlocked Windows Phone 7

Although the idea might seem laughable for now, but looks like Windows Phone 7 is slowly striding towards getting everything iOS has. Barely two days ago, we got WP7’s version of Cydia (dubbed Bazaar) and today, the folks over at Windows Phone Hacker have launched the first ever comprehensive theming platform for the metro OS. Themes for WP7 is a desktop application using which you can create custom themes for your Mango phone, incorporating any image and color of your choice.Read More

Skinery For WP7: Create & Apply Custom Skins To Start Screen Tiles

A lot of people who have shifted to Windows Phone 7 from Android (or jailbroken iOS), complain that among the main features they miss on the platform, one is the option to apply customizable themes. Even I was quick to notice that some of the Live Tiles on my Start screen do look a bit dull because of the single, solid color which serves as their background color. HTC HD7 owners can enjoy customizable skins by flashing currently available custom WP7 ROMs for their devices. as a huge bonus point. Now, however, anyone using a WP7 device can have a tastefully customized Start screen using a free app named Skinery. Read More

5 Stunning Free Dreamboard Themes For iOS 5

Sick and bored of the conventional Winterboard themes? Not too excited about having to edit files in your iOS device to add some oomph to your otherwise boring themes? We’ve been there and we are right there with you when you say that it can give you a headache. Dreamboard, Winterboard’s counterpart is here to take the possibilities of theming your iOS device to a whole new level. No more manual file editing and downloading multiple Cydia tweaks to form one theme. Less clutter, less headache; this app has it all. The downside you ask? Well, not many themes are available in Cydia at the moment and almost 90% of those are paid, and rightly so; forming these themes can take up a lot of effort. Imagine not being able to pull it off with a step-by-step guide and ready-made tweaks. iNav HD users would know what we’re talking about.More so, those who have moved onto iOS 5 and have their devices jailbroken will find that majority of the themes are no longer supported in iOS 5. This is why we here at Addictivetips, gathered up 5 of what we believe to be some of the finest free Dreamboard apps that are compatible with iOS 5 as well.Read More

How To Install Gnome Themes In Ubuntu 11.10 [Tip]

The complexity of GTK3 themes in Gnome 3 makes it a bit confusing to add desktop themes in Ubuntu 11.10.  This is because, there is no default tool to change Ubuntu 11.10 themes. However, you can change and manage Gnome themes in Ubuntu 11.10 with the help of a third-party application, known as the Gnome Tweak Tool. In this post, we will tell you how to install and manage Gnome 3 themes in Oneiric Ocelot.Read More

5 Awesome Windows 7 Halloween Themes To Make Your Desktop Creepy

The Halloween magic is in the air, and with it have come the Goblins, Witches, Demons and Ghostly entities to go trick or treating (or maybe they're just annoying kids knocking at your door!). Since it’s time for everyone to be wicked and creepy, we decided to join the Halloween 'spirit' by delivering to you some spooky Windows 7 theme packs. Take the jump to discover more.Read More

N3xGen Theme Manager: Market For Android Launcher Skins & CM7 Themes

Android users, in general, simply love customizing the looks of their device through various themes and launchers. This is perhaps the reason why we find the Android Market literally brimming with umpteen number of diverse themes and an equal number of budding theme designers with innovative ideas. Having said that, exploring the Market for themes and selecting one from countless choices is never easy. I mean, circling among themes relevant to a specific launcher is one thing, but what if you were to use a theme from a different launcher without having to scour through the market in search for all the various themes on offer? That is where N3xGen Theme Manager comes in. N3xGen Theme Manager is a free app (effectively, an online theme store) that fetches various Android themes from the Android Market and gathers them at a single place so that you do not have to dig deep into the Market in search of a good one. As of now, the app displays themes for three of the most popular launchers out there (GO Launcher EX, Launcher Pro & ADW Launcher) and Theme Chooser compatible themes for the acclaimed custom ROM CyanogenMod 7. The app supports searching themes by keywords, categories, developers as well as their availability (free/paid).Read More

Transform Windows 7 Into iOS 5 With iOS Skin Pack

Apple’s much anticipated event ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ concluded with mixed reactions from Apple fans. The disappoint came regarding the announcement of iPhone 4S release rather than iPhone 5 and excitement spurred at the confirmation of iOS 5 final version release announcement. Check our roundup to get an overview of what's new in iOS 5. Now, to celebrate the release of the final version of iOS 5 we have something special for iOS fans - the iOS Skin Pack for Windows 7.Read More

Fix Jagged Sense 3.0 Navigation Bar With Modified Theme [HTC Sensation, EVO 3D]

HTC Sensation is a brilliant phone and looks great with HTC Sense UI. However the homescreen navigation bar isn’t crafted very well and you can see it jagged with zero transparency. There are some fixes available to make the Navigation bar image transparent but most of them leave the jaggedness on bar borders intact. Senior XDA member, Binarybulge, has managed to fix the problem altogether. He has tinkered with some stock themes by successfully replacing badly designed Navigation bar with a sleek, symmetrical and semi-transparent one.Read More

Apply Themes To Your iPhone Or iPad Folders With BeautiFolders

Yesterday we highlighted the importance of adding customization to your iPhone’s folder icons to enhance the overall look and feel of the device by using the Cydia tweak named FolderIcons. Looks like the jailbreak developers are really into folder customization for iOS these days. BeautiFolders is living proof of that statement. It is yet another tweak aimed at making your folder icons look better by adding predefined or user-created themes to folder icons. Some people might consider it too small a feature to bother about it, but if you are on a jailbroken iPad, the folder icon size is big enough to be visible to most users. There are some pretty good icon mods available in the tweak, and you are sure to love the new look of folders on your iOS device after using BeautiFolders.Read More