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How to install the Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme on Linux

Cameo Ubuntu is an exciting twist on the default Ubuntu GTK themes. They modernize and add a new look to familiar Ubuntu themes, while not changing too much. If you love the default Ubuntu themes from the past but wish they were updated, follow our guide to learn how to set up the Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme on Linux.

Downloading Cameo Ubuntu

There are several releases of Cameo Ubuntu to download. To get your hands on any of the versions of the theme, start by heading to Gnome-look.org. Then, find the “Files” tab and click on it with the mouse.

Inside of the “Files” tab, look through the different themes to download. Currently, you can download Cameo-Ubuntu-Light-DS.tar.xz, Cameo-Ubuntu-Light.tar.xz, Cameo-Ubuntu-DS.tar.xz, Cameo-Ubuntu-Dark.tar.xz, and Cameo-Ubuntu.tar.xz.

Once you’ve found the release you want to download, find the blue icon in the “DL” column and click on it. Then, click on the blue “Download” button in the pop-up window that appears.

Extracting Cameo Ubuntu

The Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme is distributed to Linux users via TarGZ archives. To extract any of these archives, start by opening up a terminal window and using the CD command to move into the “Downloads” directory where you downloaded Cameo Ubuntu to your computer.

cd ~/Downloads

Inside of the “Downloads” directory, the extraction can begin. Enter the commands below that correspond with the Cameo Ubuntu TarGZ archive you need to extract.


To extract the contents of Cameo-Ubuntu-Light-DS, run the tar xvf command on Cameo-Ubuntu-Light-DS.tar.gz.

tar xvf Cameo-Ubuntu-Light-DS.tar.gz


Need to extract the contents of Cameo-Ubuntu-Light? Run the tar xvf command on Cameo-Ubuntu-Light.tar.gz.

tar xvf Cameo-Ubuntu-Light.tar.gz


To fully extract the contents of Cameo-Ubuntu-DS, run the tar xvf command on the Cameo-Ubuntu-DS.tar.gz archive in a terminal.

tar xvf Cameo-Ubuntu-DS.tar.gz


To extract Cameo-Ubuntu-Dark, you will need to run the tar xvf command on the Cameo-Ubuntu-Dark.tar.gz archive.

tar xvf Cameo-Ubuntu-Dark.tar.gz


If you want to extract Cameo-Ubuntu, run the tar xvf command on Cameo-Ubuntu.tar.gz.

tar xvf Cameo-Ubuntu.tar.gz

Installing Cameo Ubuntu

Installing a GTK theme on a Linux operating system can be done in two ways. The first way of installing a GTK theme on Linux is by setting it up as a single-user. Single-user means that only the user that installs the theme has access to it, perfect for those that do not share a PC. The second method is the system-wide installation. Setting up a GTK theme system-wide means that all Linux users and not just the one that installs it will have access to the theme.

In this guide, we will cover both the single-user installation and the system-wide installation. For best results, we highly recommend going with the single-user installation method, as there are no system-directories that need to be modified, and everything is much safer.


Setting up a GTK theme on Linux as a single-user starts by creating a new folder. This new folder is the “.themes” directory. This directory is hidden in your home folder and will house all theme files for your user account.

To create the new “.themes” directory in your home folder, make use of the mkdir command below. Be sure to use the -p switch to ensure that the “.themes” folder inherits the permissions of your home directory!

mkdir -p ~/.themes

After creating the new “.themes” folder, move into the “Downloads” directory if your terminal window is not there already using the CD command below.

cd ~/Downloads

Inside of the “downloads” directory, use the mv command to install the theme files to the “.theme” directory.

mv Cameo-*/ ~/.themes/

To confirm that the theme files are installed, run the ls command below.

ls ~/.themes | grep Cameo


To install the Cameo GTK theme on Linux via the system-wide method, start by opening up a terminal window and moving to the “Downloads” directory using the CD command.

cd ~/Downloads

Once you’re inside of the “Downloads” directory, elevate the terminal session to the root account using the sudo -s command below.

sudo -s

Finally, install the Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme on your Linux PC with the mv command.

mv mv Cameo-*/ /usr/share/themes/

Confirm the installation was successful by running the ls command.

ls /usr/share/themes/ | grep Cameo

Enabling Cameo Ubuntu

The Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme is installed on your Linux PC. However, it is not in use as the default theme, as it needs to be enabled first. To enable the Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme on your Linux PC, open up the “Settings” area and do the following.

Inside of the “Settings” area, locate “Appearance” or “Theme” and select it with the mouse. In the “Appearance” or “Theme” area, look for the Cameo Ubuntu theme and select it to change to it as your default desktop look.

Are you having issues getting the Cameo Ubuntu GTK theme set up on your Linux desktop? Check out the links listed below to learn how to customize the theme settings on your Linux desktop environment.

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