Rainlendar Is A Stylish, Customizable Calendar And To-Do List Manager

I have a very bad habit of forgetting important events and tasks. For this very reason, I keep a tab on my daily agenda using task managers and to-do list apps. I have used various web, desktop and smartphone apps, all of which have always come in handy to manage my tasks. If you’re in the hunt of finding an elegant yet easy to use task manager utility for Windows, take Rainlendar for a spin. It’s a calendar and tasks based utility that sits right on your desktop. This fully customizable calendar allows you to add widgets with changeable skins, mark events, create tasks, and get notified instantly whenever an event is near or a task is due. Since it can be started during system startup, you can take a peek at your schedule the moment you logon to Windows.Read More

BrightNest Provides You With Weekly Tips & To-Dos For Home Maintenance [Web]

BrightNest is a free web application that helps you take care of your home by providing you with tips, reminders, manuals and more, related to household maintenance. The app only requires a simple signup, after which you will enter a few details about your house, such as number of rooms and types of appliances. Once done, you will be able to add to-dos, tips and more to your Dashboard. In addition to that, you will be able schedule and assign important tasks to yourself and other members of the family. The app will then deliver weekly to-dos to your dashboard and Inbox. These tips can help you save cash and maintain your home in a more organized manner. More details after the break.Read More

Lazy Meter Is To-Do List Manager & Productivity Tracker To Stay Focused

Do you consider yourself profoundly lazy? Or do you often ask yourself at the end of the day ‘What did I do with my time?’ If you’re the former, get your act together, if the later, there is hope for you yet. Lazy Meter is a to-do list manager that helps you realize your productivity. As opposed to a long list of things to do, it organizes tasks as active, paused or not started and does not restrict you to deadlines. It gives you the flexibility to reorder your tasks and change their priority at any time and at the end of the day gives you a productivity graph of which tasks you’ve accomplished.Read More

Organize To-Do Lists With Nirvana, Service For Getting Things Done

Organizing work and home tasks and actually getting them done on time is not easy; people who manage to do both end up writing self-help books for less organized people who can’t seem to remember where they put the grocery list. There are of course lots of ways that people try and get their day to day tasks on track; setting reminders on their phones, reminders in their emails, sticky notes on the desktop…the list goes on. Nirvana is a GTD (getting things done) web service that could make all this much simpler, it not only lets you set your to-do list but will also forward it to your email, is accessible from your phone and updates you when a task is due. Read More

StayFocused Is A Great Way To Focus On Important Tasks, Uses Pomodoro Technique

Managing time efficiently to meet the tight deadlines is arguably not easy, and one who has to finish tasks on time may get distracted easily. For time-sliced task orientation, you should first lay down a plan of distributing total time into slots and then allocate work load to each slot, so you can effectively make use of given amount of time. StayFocused is a small Windows app, designed to distribute work load into time slices through Pomodoro Technique - an acclaimed time management technique. Pomodoro technique not only helps in managing time but also makes you realize the worth of time passing by, so you can perform the required tasks without getting distracted.Read More

Set Your Focus On Important Tasks With Autofocus

Autofocus is an ingeniously simple application for managing to-do lists in a classic yet intuitive manner. The application emulates a traditional notebook paper, enabling user to jot down tasks details and streamline to-dos which are to be performed. The developer worked more on setting user’s mood right and focus straight on task which has to be performed in future. Unlike other time management software, it requires nothing except a list of tasks to be specified. According to the developer, it will significantly improve the volume of work in short timelines while keep your focus on tasks which are important.Read More

Create Countdowns For Most Important Tasks With Free Countdown Timer

Free Countdown Timer is a light-weight application which is developed to remind users about important tasks which they will start in near future. Compounded with basic tasks-editing options, it offers a list of alarms which can be set with each defined task/event with an on-screen notifier to let you know about next listed event. Be it birthdays, meetings, or project tasks for which you wan to start countdown for,  just enter the required details to streamline them through it. Free Countdown Timer can also be used to increase productivity by setting a target and meeting it before the countdown timer counts to zero.Read More

Email Reminders Or Send Them To Your Phone With MemoranDumb

As we rely more on modern technology to pay our bills, remember passwords for us and manage our schedule, we often tend to forget that the same chores that we now do in a flash, used to take us hours of waiting in lines and running from one place to another. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that now we often get in a hassle of remembering which application to use for what task and seldom do we find a unified gadget that combines all our required data for us to conveniently utilize. MemoranDumb is one such software that unifies all your passwords, reminders and the like under a secure master password and even allows users to email or text them to their cell phones.Read More

Wunderlist Is Beautiful And Easy-To-Use Task Management Tool

Task Management tools and To-do list managers can be abundantly found everywhere, and most of them offer a great feature set. They can also be very helpful for most people, simplifying work and making you better organized for increased productivity and efficiency. We have previously covered some really good programs like Task List Guru and GeeTeeDee, each with its own pros and cons. Recently, Wunderlist caught our eye.Read More

Desktop Reminder: Free Task Planner Software [Windows]

Desktop Reminder is a free task planner for Windows that offers quick options to let users manage tasks and to-dos efficiently. You can use this application to keep track of missed, urgent and future tasks. Furthermore, reminders for events can be set several weeks or months prior to the event, just to ensure that you never miss an important task anymore.Read More

mCheck – Free Lightweight Task Management Software

mCheck is a small task management software that allows user to manage tasks easily. Unlike other confusing to-do task managers, it is simple, quick, and easy-to-use. Just head over to File > New, enter the task title, tags, priority, and other details. When done, click OK and it will be added instantly to the list.Read More