Add Tasks To Todo.txt From A Modern UI App & Sync It To Dropbox [Windows]

You can use a simple text file created in Notepad to keep track of things you need to get done. By naming it todo.txt, and using the correct syntax you can track the things you need to remember and the things you've done from this list. If you find entering syntax is tedious give ActionText a try. It's a free Windows app that can add and tracks things you need to get done via the Todo.txt file. You can save the file anywhere you want including your Dropbox folder and have your list of to-dos sync to any device. Read More

Dayboard: Add 5 Important Tasks To The New Tab Page [Chrome]

We’ve previously covered a range of complex task managers for desktop and mobile platforms, but if you’re looking for something much simpler, Dayboard for Chrome is worth a go. It’s a minimal New Tab page extension for Google’s web browser that lets you stay focused on the most important things in your daily agenda. The extension takes over the default new tab page and presents a simple canvas on which you can quickly jot the down five most important tasks and to-dos you want to accomplish on that day. The main idea behind the Dayboard is to keep track of these tasks and their schedules for you so that you won't forget them. Read More

Listhings: Create, Share And Collaborate On Sticky Notes & To-Do Lists

Do you always forget little things or have a hard time remembering important tasks? Do you walk away from your PC, and them come back again only to wonder what you were going to do? One typical thing most people would do in such situation is jot down a sticky note and paste it right on their monitor. But why use physical paper when you can use technology? Just like there’s an app for most things in life there’s an app for sticky notes too; it’s web based, doesn’t ask for any cumbersome installation and it’s called Listhings. This barebones web app lets you create small sticky notes and save them on an online canvas. And thanks to its straightforward interface, it’s dead simple to use too. Read More

InFocus Pro: iOS Project Management Suite With A Sketch Pad For Notes

It’s always nice to see a feature-rich app, but when an app offers way too many unrelated features, people seldom like it. A successful app strikes a fine balance between being full of useful features while maintaining an acceptable level of understandability. You might be tempted to think that InFocus Pro tries to do too much, but all the features it offers are interconnected in one way or the other. Basically, InFocus Pro is a project management app incorporating task lists, notes, sketches and calendar appointments for each project. There might be other apps available for iOS that do the same things, but InFocus has the advantage of accepting handwritten entries for almost any field. It is also possible to make the app read your notes and lists out loud. Read More

WorkFlowy For iPhone: Create & Sync Detailed To-Do Lists And Notes On The Go

It is always nice to see the release of an iOS client for a web service that has been around for quite a while. The good thing about such apps is the way they usually offer cross-platform syncing, therefore making something even as simple as a text editor way more useful than other applications of its kind. We covered WorkFlowy a few months back, highlighting its features as a note-taking and task management utility offering comprehensive bulleting. The service is pretty useful as a web app, but imagine the possibilities if you have access to such a powerful to-do list manager on the go. That’s exactly what the new iOS app for WorkFlowy intends to do. The iPhone app is quite similar to the web one, and pakcs all the simplicity and efficiency that you require from a good note-taking app. You can search through your notes using the app’s universal search feature, and sync all your notes and to-do lists with your account, making everything available across all your devices. Read More

627.AM: Alarm App For Windows Phone With Weather & To-Do List Integration

The alarm clock functionality in Windows Phone 7 is enough to get the job done on most occasions, but it is very basic in its overall outlook, and does not have any extra features included either. You can use any feature phone to wake you up on time as well, so shouldn’t there be something extra in a smartphone’s alarm clock? If you agree with this, then you are sure to love 627.AM. It is a WP7 app that adds a lot of spice and usefulness to the concept of having an alarm clock on your Mango phone. 627.AM doesn’t just wake you up; it helps you get your day started properly. Most people take a look at the weather forecast soon after waking up, and with this handy little app, you will be presented with the temperature stats with each alarm, so that you don’t have to go to a separate app just to gauge the weather. Not only that, you can also create small to-do lists and pin them to the app’s main screen. This way, you can always be aware of your schedule for the day. Read More

To-Do DeskList Lets You Manage Tasks In A Collaborative Manner

Imagine a situation where a thought comes to your mind and you automatically look for either a pencil or a pen to jot it down or an advanced task management software to retain the memory for later use. Many a times, these notes get lost either physically or in a huge jargon of information. To-Do DeskList is a user-friendly task management utility that organizes tasks on your desktop with emphasis on priority and flexibility. It is a small yet powerful utility boasting auto-arranged sticky notes on your desktop, global hotkeys, synchronization and sharing options equipping you to effectively manage varying workloads over time. The DeskList concept is based on user-friendliness, achieved through accessibility from the desktop. With a comprehensive support document and window, managing life using notes and reminders could never have been this easy. Read More

TimeGT: GTD-Based Time Management Utility With Cloud Sync & Backup

Each one of us have our own ways of managing time to get the maximum output. Productivity consultants like David Allens have proposed simple yet powerful methods of achieving efficiency. Through David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) approach, we realize that most of us reserve valuable parts of our memory for remembering the tasks at hand and the relevant details, undermining our individual performance. By getting such details out on paper or the virtual space, you can free up your time for more important challenges. Once, this is achieved, thinkers like Eisenhower have proposed methods of prioritization with respect to the importance and urgency matrices. TimeGT is a free utility that lets you achieve maximum output through these useful techniques. Read More Mini: Group Time-Defined Tasks By Projects & Sync Them [Mac] Mini is a free Mac app for managing your tasks. It allows you to group tasks by projects and runs unobtrusively in the Menu Bar. The app’s interface is just one of the main reasons to give it a try, so elegant and simple it is. To use the app, you have to sign up for a free account. Mini can be accessed easily via the built-in keyboard shortcuts that you can modify to suit your usage. Additionally, the app allows you to quickly add tasks via the ‘Smart Add’ feature, which has shortcuts and syntax support for quickly recording the time and deadline for a project or a task. The syntax is simple and allows you to append time and date to a task in addition to adding a new project. Read More

ToDoPlus: Manage Project Tasks By Organizing Them In A Task-Tree

The best way to complete any given task effectively, is to do it the right way and in a well organized manner. Unorganized tasks simply take more time than they really should, as you don't have the things properly planned right from the beginning. To help you ease this job, we have an application for you called ToDoPlus. It is a task management application that can help you out during working on different projects by allowing you to use its task-tree feature, for organizing small tasks under one hood. The utility offers a smart way of organizing your projects to save yourself from wasting precious time. Although it has a very simple interface, you will rather be more attractive to its usefulness. The application lets you create sub-tasks to achieve small objectives first before you can focus on dealing with bigger goals. You can also filter out unimportant task, so that you can focus on tasks that hold higher priority. Moreover, it has an option to password protect tasks to restrict unauthorized users from accessing them. Other features include universal task search, auto-resuming of tasks on your next login, and import/export of project files. Read More

Note&Do: Take Notes And Maintain To Do Lists In Microsoft Office [Add-In]

While working on computer, it is not unusual to forget about something you had to do. It often happens that while working on a document, we get brilliant ideas to add to it, but can't recall them later. The usual thing to do is to either get a sticky note and jot down the idea on it, but finding a sticky note and pen or a pencil can take a lot of time, and distract you from the task at hand. If you create a text file on your desktop, there’s a fat chance that you will completely forget about the file after some time. Note&Do is an add-on for Microsoft Office that integrates with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, & enables a Notes and To Do bar in the right side of the applications, allowing you to take quick notes by typing or dragging & dropping text, noting down tasks that need to be performed. Each note and task is universal, in the sense that when a note is added to one application, it is viewable in all supported four Microsoft Office utilities. Read More

Maintain Your To Do List In Ubuntu Terminal With Devtodo

devtodo is a program aimed to help developers manager their to do lists from the Ubuntu Terminal. It maintains a list of items that are yet to be completed, allowing programmers to track outstanding bugs or items by adding them to a to do list. You can prioritize items according to importance (e.g., low, medium, high etc), and display them in a hierarchy within the Terminal window. With the use of some small shell scripts (scripts.* in the doc directory of the source distribution), Devtodo can also display the outstanding items in a directory as you make changes to it. For example, if you use the cd command into the source directory for todo itself, you can see a list of outstanding items (if any). Read More

TaskBadges – Manage Todo List & Add Number Of Open Tasks Badge On Text File

Task management tools are developed to give users a more convenient way to keep tab on both completed and unfinished tasks. You can use a task manager to check how many important tasks are still in queue and what tasks can be skipped to save time for relatively more important tasks. If you hate going through long winded process of configuring time and task management utilities, try out TaskBadges to keep all open tasks under your scrutiny. Read More

Thoughtboxes Offers A Different Way To Organize Your Train Of Thoughts

Everyone thinks differently and how you organize thoughts can differ from person to person which is why you might not be as nuts about the same to-do list manager or brainstorming app as your friends. If you’re still looking for the perfect app to help you manage your to-dos, try Thoughtboxes. Thoughtboxes is a take on brainstorming without mind maps and is perfect if you prefer to-do lists free of timelines. The web service comes with both a free and premium version. The free version lets you create up to three trains of thought and add unlimited number of boxes to each. The premium version allows you to create an unlimited number of trains of thought and collaborate and share them with friends. Read More

Lazy Meter Is To-Do List Manager & Productivity Tracker To Stay Focused

Do you consider yourself profoundly lazy? Or do you often ask yourself at the end of the day ‘What did I do with my time?’ If you’re the former, get your act together, if the later, there is hope for you yet. Lazy Meter is a to-do list manager that helps you realize your productivity. As opposed to a long list of things to do, it organizes tasks as active, paused or not started and does not restrict you to deadlines. It gives you the flexibility to reorder your tasks and change their priority at any time and at the end of the day gives you a productivity graph of which tasks you’ve accomplished. Read More

Kindletodo – To Do List, Calendar And Notepad For Your Kindle

Kindle may be great for reading eBooks on the go but for what it costs, people definitely prefer to be able to use it for something other than just reading books and while browser integration might have improved things, they can still get better. One of the features lacking in Kindle is some means of creating a to-do list. While there are online to-do apps available, they do not render well in Kindle and are useless. Kindletodo is a web application that is designed to render properly on Kindle. It is a to-do list, calendar and notepad, all in one. Read More

Do It (Tomorrow) For Android & iOS – Personal Task Management Redefined

How many times have you told yourself you’ll do something the next day? And how many times have you made good on that promise? Not too many times, right? Worry not, because that's what all those umpteen smartphone to-do list and task managers out there are to take care of. It's just the users' to choice to pick whatever alternative they deem appropriate to their needs. While some apps come jam-packed with all sort of options, other focus on keeping things simple. Do it (Tomorrow) for Android and iOS is a free, multiplatform task organizer that redefines the way you plan and manage your todo list. The app lets you plan today and postpone tasks until tomorrow, in case everything doesn’t go according to said plan (which, in my case, is almost always). Equipped with a new, effectively implemented concept, the capability to sync tasks to a user-defined email account and a sassy yet easy-to-use interface, Do it (Tomorrow) makes planning (and pending) tasks fast and convenient, even enjoyable. Initially released only on the iTunes App Store, the app is now available on Google Play Store as well. Read More

Create, Share And Collaborate On Your To-Do Lists With TODOFeed

Work, no matter how important or simple it is, will always be put off as long as it can by procrastinators worldwide. You can set alarms, highlight dates on calendars, or write something important and double underline it; but remembering to do something and then actually doing it isn’t always easy. TODOFeed is a web service that helps make those long lists of tedious tasks easier to remember. If you were to take out all the distractions from Facebook and Twitter and add to it a list of all the important stuff that needs to be done, you’d end up with TODOFeed. The service lets you add contacts (friends and family) to help you with tasks, it lets you add any number of ToDos, collaborate on tasks with friends and keeps you posted on what your contacts are currently working on for smoother collaboration. Read More

SmallTasks Is Mac To-Do List Manager With Dropbox Sync Support

SmallTasks is an elegant to-do list manager for Mac with an in-built notification system to keep you updated with up coming scheduled events. SmallTasks takes a simple yet effective approach in streamlining day to day important tasks. Be it office meetings, birthday events, appointments, etc., you can jot down jut about anything which you can’t afford to miss and it will keep you notified about all pending tasks. SmallTasks offers direct synchronization with Dropbox app installed on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. You just have to specify the Dropbox folder where tasks are to be saved, it will automatically sync them across all the Dropbox configured platforms, including Macs and other iOS  devices. Read More

Synchronize Tasks Across Multiple PCs, Macs, And iPhones With ccToDo

In the wake of hundreds of cloud based services, applications using online servers to save and retrieve data are no longer considered to be innovative. What really matters now is how an application which is providing a utility to perform some tasks can be accessed and handled. If you love to use cloud based services to synchronize data across different PCs, you should sign up for ccToDo. It’s a cloud based to-do list management service which offers task handling from multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, and iPhone, whilst direct web access is also provided to view and manage tasks on the go. Read More