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To-Do DeskList Lets You Manage Tasks In A Collaborative Manner

Imagine a situation where a thought comes to your mind and you automatically look for either a pencil or a pen to jot it down or an advanced task management software to retain the memory for later use. Many a times, these notes get lost either physically or in a huge jargon of information. To-Do DeskList is a user-friendly task management utility that organizes tasks on your desktop with emphasis on priority and flexibility. It is a small yet powerful utility boasting auto-arranged sticky notes on your desktop, global hotkeys, synchronization and sharing options equipping you to effectively manage varying workloads over time. The DeskList concept is based on user-friendliness, achieved through accessibility from the desktop. With a comprehensive support document and window, managing life using notes and reminders could never have been this easy.

As soon as the installation completes (using a small duration of time), the Quick Start Guide allows you to fully understand the intricate details of this program. You can arrange sticky notes on the desktop, freely and select the Auto-arranged sticky notes facility to achieve this on the start guide. Similarly, hotkeys can be assigned to various critical tasks in order to save time and simplify access. Synchronization deals with collaboration  to share between all connected computers or Sharing refers to the teaming up of other people. To find more detail on any feature, click Learn more at the right side of the specific item.

Quick Start Guide - ToDo Desklist

The next step is to organize the mode of operation by selecting the respective option from the To-Do Leaf Action feature. You have the freedom to enable the option to trigger actions based on double click only. Similarly, in case of any issue, originated from the managed list, you can respond by editing/deleting or ignoring the relevant note.

To-Do Leaf Click Action

To create a new To-Do entry, specify the title (for identification), the priority (for importance) and extended notes (for information). The extended notes allow you to recall useful tasks overlaid with time. Moreover, you can follow and finish tasks before deadlines using reminders and sticky notes on the desktop.

Add To-Do

Program settings can be configured using Settings that deals with the overall layout, appearance and hotkeys and startup options. Furthermore, to-do lists can then be synchronized with other computers. The sharing feature equips you with a collaborated task management environment, where email addresses of team members can be specified in a listed format so as to maintain privacy and reliability.

Settings - To-Do Desklist

To-Do DeskList’s system tray icon presents the entire feature-set in the context menu. Moreover, you can mark notes as completed by clicking the green check mark on the right corner while extended notes can also be viewed by clicking the relevant icon.

To-Do DeskList systray

All in all, this utility promises to add value to your time management efforts. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit edition and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download To-Do DeskList

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