DiskCryptor: An Easy-To-Use Alternative To TrueCrypt And BitLocker

Those of you who use TrueCrypt or Bitlocker Drive Encryption would be very much familiar with how disk encryption software work. These applications provide one click data encryption to a whole partition or disk drive, keeping your data safe from prying eyes. Both of the aforementioned software contain a slew of features, and may even be called as best in the business. However, the steep learning curve may prevent most folks from using them. A rather easier solution you can try is DiskCryptor. This tool, as its name implies, is an easy to use drive encryption/decryption. Its user-friendly interface isn’t the only thing that left me impressed, but the advanced encryption algorithms are also something to praise, such as AES, Twofish, Serpent, AES-Twofish, and so on. It can help you encrypt your hard drive, thumb drive, as well as an optical drive within a few clicks. The application also supports keyfiles for a full-fledged disk encryption. As oppose to TrueCrypt, which backs up the whole drive - irrespective of the fact that how much data is stored - DiskCryptor would only backup the area where data is stored, proving to be a handsome time-saver. Does it fare well with other similar applications of its class? Let’s find out.Read More

Quickly Find Hidden Or Disguised TrueCrypt Container Using TCHunt

TrueCrypt is a super powerful disk encryption software to secure a set of files as well as entire disk to prevent data theft and like attacks. Apart from encrypting data, it allows users to disguise their encrypted containers, so that external sources can’t even check if the disk contains TrueCrypt containers or not.  However, if you created multiple Trucrypt containers on the disk, and have forgotten where they actually reside, TCHunt may help you find them without having to manually search each location on your disk. It’s a small CLI-based tool that checks the attributes of the files to locate TrueCrypt containers on the disk partitions. Read past the jump for more.Read More

Quickly Mount And Unmount TrueCrypt Encrypted Drives With MTCrypt

MTCrypt – a complementary tool for TrueCrypt, is out to let users easily mount and unmount volumes without following lengthy TrueCrypt methods. For new TrueCrypt users mounting a volume is a bit lengthy and complex task, as basic understanding of mounting and unmounting a drive is required, therefore, this tool enables user to mount a path easily with few clicks. Since it’s based on TrueCrypt, you need to have TruCrypt installed on your system to work with MTCrypt. It comes with UI essentials which are there in TrueCrypt, allowing you to mount and unmount while using only the relevant TrueCrypt based features.Read More

Quickly Create TrueCrypt Containers With TruPax

TruPax is a portable application which aims to bring ease in creating TrueCrypt containers. For those who don’t have clue about TrueCrypt - it is an eminent opensource encryption program which comes with a long list of encryption algorithms to let users encrypt files and drives on the fly. The process of creating a Truecrpt container is simple but a bit dragging, since you need to specify multiple options in its wizard to create one. Trupax is built to shorten the lengthy process to create encrypted containers without demanding any pre-requisite, even TrueCrypt installation.Read More

Mount Configured Volumes With TrueCrypt On Windows Startup

One problem with TrueCrypt is that users have to manually mount the configured volumes every time the computer starts. It can be very tiresome which is why TrueCrypt Password Dialog can come useful. It is a small opensource tool that shows the password dialog box on startup, enter the correct password and it will automatically mount the configured volumes with TrueCrypt.

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How To Encrypt Your Data Easily

Everyone has some private data that they don’t want other to see. It may be a document consisting of all your login passwords, your bank account information that you want to keep out of  your family or some stalker’s sight. In case you are wondering how to encrypt the files/folders/entire hard drive and keep it safe from prying eyes, here is an easy method.

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